Eminem Rebukes ‘Racist’ Donald Trump in Awards Show Rap

“Racism is the only thing that he’s fantastic for,” Eminem rapped in the video that was taped on Friday in a Detroit parking garage.


(Reuters) — Rapper Eminem derided President Donald Trump as a racist and a reckless leader in a rap video that aired on Tuesday night during the Black Entertainment Television Hip Hop Awards.

Eminem told his fans in the four-minute unaccompanied vocal they must choose whether to support him or the president.

“Racism is the only thing that he’s fantastic for,” Eminem rapped in the video that was taped on Friday in a Detroit parking garage.

Trump has previously dismissed accusations of racism. For example, he said in February he is “the least racist person.”

Representatives for the White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment about Eminem’s rap, which was one of the most watched videos on YouTube early on Wednesday.

The rap also mentioned Barack Obama, Trump’s predecessor in the White House, and Hillary Clinton, Trump’s Democratic rival in last year’s presidential election.

“But we better give Obama props / ’cause what we got in office now is a kamikaze / that’ll probably cause a nuclear holocaust,” Eminem rapped.

Eminem rebuked Trump for his strong criticism of National Football League players who kneel during the national anthem before games. The gesture is a form of demonstration that began last year in silent protest against police violence against black people.

“He gets an enormous reaction / when he attacks the NFL so we focus on that in- / ‘stead of talkin’ Puerto Rico or gun reform for Nevada,” Eminem rapped, referring to a devastating hurricane that hit Puerto Rico last month and a mass shooting in Las Vegas that killed 58 people on Oct. 1.

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  • He gets it. We are living in very dangerous times with this clown at the helm. But then you can ask some people who voted for him and they think he is doing a wonderful job. I AGAIN feel like those people live in an alternate universe.

    • I don’t understand how anyone could think trump is doing a wonderful job. The division he has created and not being able to bring his campaign promises to fruition looks more like a “loser” to me.

      • Here’s a question for the group:
        Where is the Twitter firestorm from Cheeto45 trashing him like he’s done with all of the others who dare criticize him in public? Notice that he’s said NOTHING…not one tweet about it? He knows he’ll become the next Eminen rap hit if he does that and the song would probably sell in record breaking levels! Besides, the one thing about music is that it’s a permanent medium; once it’s out there, you can’t hide it! He’ll just keep tweeting about Jemele, Colin, or any other dissenters until this goes away. That’s what he does instead of taking care of the nation and truly making America great (again)…

    • What’s true is , we ( white people ) will always follow what we believe is good for our pockets . We don’t care that others are being affected in the worse way . We’ve Always know who Trump was and is today . We knew then and we know now what he represents . Yet , we follow the dream of being as successful as he is someday . We Truly want to Believe that every White man is for us . Just look at how many US soilders were killed in Iraq , and for what ? For who ? It was to make 1% of White men Richer . Not to mention what we did to the country or Sadam . We would rather believe that he was whatever they told us he was . And we All know , that there weren’t any weapons of mass destruction .

      • Ironically, most of Trump’s positions — if actually implemented — would financially harm the bulk of his supporters. In other words, he was able to evoke emotions in them that motivated them to vote against their own economic self-interests.

  • Em used his white privilege to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves . How Shameful that this country with its rich history and present racism doesn’t believe that people that look like them shouldn’t speak up ( NFL ) . In my lifetime , I have Never seen So Many White guys come out on social media and cable news to express that Black men should remain silent while their Heros , Good Ole Boys , Honorahable , Good guys in Blue , kill off and round up their brothers , sisters , children , fathers , uncles and grandfathers , put them in jails that lead to prison , while they roll through their neighborhoods at night , Jack the drug dealers , use drugs , rob them , have sex with the women who are afraid and threaten the prostitutes with jail time if they don’t comply with their sexual demands . All the while , these people have to remain silent and we can point out fingers at them and tell them how rotten they are . If you can’t read and you dong believe them . Check out YouTube Videos . If you already haven’t and you don’t believe what you see on those either .

  • The video was strong and so relevant on so many points.

    The best one however, I thought, other than his general focus on the importance of dealing with race in very different ways – but at the end he said defiantly, “We love America, but we hate Trump!” It seemed so good to hear someone say that back to Trump, since Trump is always saying he is speaking for all real Americans – implying that if we disagree with how things are being done in America, we are not loyal Americans. That’s not true. Taking a knee or peacefully marching are the most respectful ways I can think of, to say, I respectfully and sadly disagree with some important things, not with everything or everybody.

    • Cassie , you are so spot on ! I’m just wondering when will white America wake up and realize that we too have been duped by a system that only supports the very rich and wealthy . We go to war on countries to support the 1% . We will Always do well and a whole lot better than other races but we too are being sold a dream . That’s why we stay so busy hating black people . It’s an easy distraction , not to mention , a convenient one . Black people pay taxes for police to kill them , go on paid leave or vacation and they pay to put them back to work again . All the while , they have to figure out a way to pay for their sons funeral . Ain’t that ironic !

      • Your comments are spot on. As a black woman, I always wondered why so many white people vote against their best interests. I came to the conclusion that they were feeding into the mind-set that they, too could eventually gain the stature that the 1% of whites in this country have. No matter that these people for the most part inherited their privilege on the backs of not only black people, but them( Whites), too. Its the old Horatio Alger story that you too, could have this, if only you would do that. The fact that you vote against what is good for you, is immaterial. Its what you wish, or hope for that you are supporting. So vote against health care for everyone and then lose your home to bankruptcy when you cant afford the health care that you need to stay alive. Trump inherited, no matter how he spins it. Million dollar loan from papa Fred to start his business. How many of us- black or white, can get a loan of this magnitude from ANY family member? Ignore that small fact. At Trump University, he told us that we, too could be just like him. Oh, wait ,Trump U was what- a scam? Well, there’s a sucker born every minute. Need I say more?

        • I don’t think most trump supporters think they can achieve the top 1%. I do think, however, that the core Trump supporter – and their vape shop, un/underemployed, Golden Corral bloated, ignorant and overall miserable state in life can only be made worse by proving that Black people are equal.

          That is why 45 keeps talking about Obama. Racist hate is better than the miserable truth: With a 250 year head start over black people, they are still miserable losers. That is why the ignorant white trump supporters, who are about to lose their health insurance, will go down in (medically preventable) screaming agonizing death fervently believing it was Obama’s fault.

    • Yet you have a corporate raider thug, p**sy-grabbing serial-cheating, porn-star married (third marriage, btw) man in office running things as POTUS. I’ll take Eminen every day of the week and twice on Sunday and I don’t even care much for his music!

      USA Trump-ites hate getting their dirty laundry exposed for the world to see…

    • The President is “a homophobic, misogynistic, rape-approving punk” whose political views are allowed everywhere, and yet Eminem’s should not be? Apparently, you support the Administration’s highly-unAmerican efforts to silence dissent.

      • Eminem can absolutely express his political views. We should all feel free to express our political views. I just wouldn’t expect that his opinions would be promoted on this platform given the disgusting content of his “music.” His lyrics promote rape!

  • Kudos to Eminem for his politically correct rap. My question is: Where are the thuggish Black (Kanye, JayZ, Lil’ Wayne) rappers that rap about b!tches and ho’s? The late thug 2Pac’s rap “Wonda why we call you b!tch!” could have substituted “b!tch” with racist, but denigrating (Black?) women sells more CD’s. Where’s Seattle’s Macklemore’s rap condemning tRump’s asinine policies? [pun intended].

    Black rappers and mega-preachers [TD Jakes, Al Sharpton, Creflo Dollar] are sellouts and Uncle Toms getting paid to destroy the morals and pick-pocket the wealth of the Black community.

    • You’re not holding your breath, are you?? If people knew the truth about what really goes on behind the scenes with these entities, they’d NEVER go to another concert, buy another record/CD/download, and they’d NEVER show up at another so-called Christian church again! Biggest hypocrites ever and only there to fleece the sheep instead of feeding them like God commanded them to do. Don’t even get me started….

    • Umm…plenty of black rappers have dissed Trump. Here is just one list:

      I appreciate Em’s rap (maybe it will help some of his fans who are Trump supporters wake up), but my main problem is that he gets all of the Kudos, while black rappers are mostly dismissed. As someone said above, Em knows and used his white privilege. And not one peep from Commander Bonespur, because he is hesitant to attack other white men, unless they have a disability or were wounded in war.

      As for preachers, I am sure there are those who have dissed Trump as well…but I am a fan of rap, not Christianity. After being exposed to Prosperity Gospel as a child, I left that ship long ago.

  • Did not Marshall Mathers, first rap about his mother in his debut single, “My Name Is,” claiming, “My mom smokes more dope than I” which resulted in her suing him … her son for 11 million. So this sort of human being is attacking President Trump?

    • It is easier to attack the person than analyze the words. I don’t like Em that much, and I don’t excuse his personal behavior, but his words made sense and he is clearly trying to influence his followers.

  • More voices need to be raised. More noise need to be present. More protests, more, more, more. He is a menace to society. He is un-American. He is unfit.. The list goes on and on. When he leaves the WH (and it can’t be soon enough), all us should celebrate.

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