Donald Trump Jr. Says His Father is Not Racist Because He’s Taken Pictures with Rappers

In an interview, Trump Jr. said the proof is in the pictures.

Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of President Donald Trump, said the reports that his father is racist are fake news and that the proof is in pictures of Trump with several Black rappers, among others.

In an interview Sunday with Daily Caller, an online publication that the Southern Poverty Law Center stated has a “white nationalist problem” as it employed one of the organizers of the deadly “Unite the Right” neo-Nazi march on Charlottesville in August, Trump Jr. expressed his feelings.

Interviewer Ginni Thomas asked, “What do you think about the left’s efforts to frame your dad and anyone who supports your dad as a hater, as a racist, as a fascist?” Thomas is married to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, according to ABC News.

“Well, I think it’s terrible for a couple reasons,” the exotic animal hunter responded. “I spent this on the campaign trail when it was so obvious that was sort of the game plan. You know, ‘we’re gonna smear you with racist, fascist, whatever.’ The real problem is those things exist. Certainly, racism exists but if it’s your response to any argument you can’t win, you actually do [a] real disservice to those people actually afflicted by it.”

Before and after Barack Obama became the first Black president, Trump fueled the “Birther Movement” claiming Obama was born in Kenya. Yet, Trump Jr. said his father taking pictures with Black entertainers means he’s not racist.

“It’s been terrible to watch,” Trump Jr., 40, said. “I see, I know him [the president], I’ve seen him my whole life. I’ve seen the things he’s done. You know it’s amazing — all the rappers, all his African American friends, from Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, have pictures with him.”

That sounds similar to the cliché, “I have Black friends, I can’t be racist.”

“It was only when he got into politics that all of a sudden, ‘Oh, he’s the most terrible human being ever,’” Trump Jr. added.

Yes, Trump has taken photos with rappers including Diddy, Ja Rule and Snoop Dogg, and he even had a questionable meeting with Kanye West in 2016 to “discuss multicultural issues.”

However, he’s not friendly with all Black rappers, as he blasted Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter on Twitter following an interview where Carter discussed the Black unemployment rate.

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Trump’s pictures do not negate racist rhetoric and actions going back to the 1970s, before he was a reality TV show star and president.

In 1973 a federal lawsuit was brought against Trump and his company for racial discrimination against Black people at Trump housing developments in New York. The Justice Department sued Trump; his father, Fred; and Trump Management in order to obtain a settlement in which Trump and his father would promise not to discriminate, according to NPR.

The New York Times reported, “Trump treated Black employees at his casinos differently from whites, according to multiple sources. A former hotel executive said Trump criticized a Black accountant: ‘Black guys counting my money! I hate it. … I think that the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault, because laziness is a trait in Blacks.’”

In 1989, five Black and Latino teenagers from Harlem were wrongly convicted of viciously assaulting and raping a white woman, Trisha Meili, in New York City’s Central Park. Trump placed full-page ads in the four daily papers in New York City, calling for the return of the death penalty and the execution of the teens.

“Muggers and murderers,” Trump wrote, “should be forced to suffer and, when they kill, they should be executed for their crimes.”

He spent $85,000 on the ads.

More recently, while campaigning for president and after he took office, Trump continually used negative rhetoric, as well as the term “inner cities,” when referring to Black communities. In March, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), a senior member of the Congressional Black Caucus, had to tell Trump that some of his language directed toward African American communities has been “hurtful.”

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Shermichael Singleton, a young, Black conservative Republican, was a top aide for Ben Carson, the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) secretary. Singleton lost his job in February 2017 for criticizing Trump’s rhetoric about the Black community while campaigning for president. During his vetting process to work with the Trump administration, an op-ed Singleton wrote for The Hill surfaced and he was fired.

Trump has retweeted alt-right leader Richard Spencer. The president said there was fault on “many sides” following the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville. He did not take a hard stance against white supremacy. Instead, in essence, he said neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members trying to incite a race war was equivalent to those who protested their hate, like 32-year-old Heather Heyer — who was killed by a 20-year-old white supremacist who ran her over with his vehicle.

Trump called the predominantly Black NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem in protest of police brutality “sons of bitches,” and he reportedly referred to Haiti and several African nations as “shithole” countries during an immigration meeting in January.

During his late night talk show on Tuesday, Stephen Colbert slammed Trump Jr. for defending his father:

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  • Donnie, do you know the definition of a racist? It is a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another. After you read it slowly, this describes your father and the rest of the Trump family. Just because you take a picture with black rappers, which is a dumb excuse for not being a racist, doesn’t mean you are not a racist.

  • Trump’s being photographed with African-Americans is as much evidence of his true attitude toward them as Donny Jr.’s being photographed with that severed elephant’s tail is evidence of his feelings toward elephants. Neither Blacks nor elephants — nor anyone else — should turn their backs on the Trumps. We’re all endangered species at this point in time.

    • It’s why we use the images we do. Trump implied that President Obama was lazy because he’s Black and golfed as much as he did. That, as well as his birther lies, spoke directly to racists.

      Now we see what a lazy SOB really looks like – orange. I refuse to picture trump presidentially. He’s not. He’s a golfer and “executive time” diddler. And Fredo Jr. has no accomplishments that should rise to the attention of anyone but the dean of students at his boarding school. He’s a no-account jackass son of one.

      • His “lazy” comment really resonates with me, especially with all the rumors that the alleged president does not even read! Of course, after seeing many of his tweets, speeches, and comments, that is totally believable. And I see the ignorance is also genetic based on Bubba (Don Jr.) Trump’s insights on racist/not racist. Laughable!

        • BBKay–The “rumors” are TRUE! I heard Trump say on a video (available on YouTube) that:

          “I don’t have time to read to read books and articles. Others read them and tell me what’s in them.”

          (You can find this by putting in “Trump” and “reading” in the search field of YouTube.)

          This would explain why he NEVER got any kind of graduate level education, unlike most modern presidents,
          who typically earned law degrees. If you look at the roster of today’s “up and coming” politicians at
          local, municipal, county and state levels, you will observe that they often have earned other graduate
          degrees in various fields, such as law, public administration, social work, finance, business/management,
          urban planning, international relations/foreign affairs and non-profit management. Many politicians of
          color–and their counterparts in law enforcement and public safety–are also earning graduate degrees
          prior to running for office, and often return to college for other programs and/or certifications after serving in a
          particular office or position. Many of today’s legislators study public administration and urban planning,
          and I know graduate students who study public policy and related subjects, in addition to currently serving in
          local public office positions.

          Unfortunately, our Tweeter-in-Chief has NO graduate-level education or preparation for his office. Now,
          CONTRAST #45’s lack of academic preparation and professional experience with that of other heads of state,* who DO educate themselves beyond the bachelor’s degree:

          The new president of France, 40-year old EMMANUEL MACRON, for example, has EXTENSIVE graduate and
          post-graduate academic credentials, including a master’s degree in public affairs, AND a diploma from the prestigious ENA–the Ecole Nationale D’Adminstration–the elite post-graduate school that prepares all French civil servants and politicians for public service. While Macron’s former political service was not that lengthy,
          his academic preparation was very thorough. He also worked as an investment banker and as an economic
          minister under various government ministers.

          You can read Macron’s extensive “curriculum vitae” or résumé on Wikipedia or any of the umpteem articles
          archived on Google. #45’s BA in economics simply pales in comparison to the more stellar academic record
          of President Macron, who has packed in extensive education, musical training and government experience
          in his short time on the planet of only 40 years!


          • The vast majority of people with only undergraduate degrees or less communicate much better orally and in writing–at least those I know… And remember, he was at the top of his class. :)

    • I’m so glad you DID use the image you did, Luke!!!! A racist – or an animal killer for sport – is someone who is so focused on their own goals and ideas, that they refuse to look, listen, to the worlds of others, follow and learn about their paths, vulnerabilities, struggles and strengths, for to them, their own world view is all that matters! And if it’s individual responsibility as the ideal of business, they contrast any other idea as “opposite”, or other instantly damning labels, not as adding insight and potential worth looking at.

  • First, which one is this?

    Beavis or Butthead? I always get them confused. Maybe, they all look alike.

    His comments speak only to – racists. And confirm what we already know.

    Oh, how I wish there was another universe, where these over privileged asshats, who have never worked or served anyone or purpose in life had to live like the rest of us.

    They found a niche – racism and in this country – it works.

  • Son you know your father is a rascist. Rappers are not the cymbal of black Americans. He is rascist against any non-white (include his wife). And if you dig deep he isn’t from America either. And the true Americans are native Americans, the Indians.

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