DOJ Seeks to End Affirmative Action — Claiming Discrimination Against Whites: NYT

Trump throws more fake red meat to his base, diverting attention from repetitive management failures, uncovered lies, Republican legislator push back and the lowest approval ratings of any president at this point in his term.

The U.S. Justice Department is potentially planning to redirect resources of its civil rights division to investigate and possibly sue universities over admissions policies deemed to have discriminated against white applicants.

In an exclusive report published by the New York Times late Tuesday, the newspaper cited an internal memo that seeks lawyers in the department’s civil rights division who are interested in working on a new project on “investigations and possible litigation related to intentional race-based discrimination in college and university admissions.”

The move by the Justice Department only fuels a myth supported by affirmative action critics that colleges and universities continue to focus on gender and race in an effort to meet quotas.

The DOJ appears to want to use civil rights division funds to investigate what the U.S. Supreme Court has already settled.

In 1978, the Supreme Court rejected racial quotas in college admissions. And, in 2016, the Supreme Court ruled in a landmark case on diversity and admissions that the University of Texas could use race as one factor among many in evaluating an applicant.

The 2016 ruling does not override an amendment to the Michigan state constitution prohibiting the use of race as criteria in admissions.

In reality, in an effort to have a more diverse student body, public and private universities now use a variety of factors to determine a student’s admissibility, beyond race and gender.

“Many institutions are now taking a more comprehensive approach to admissions, recognizing that students bring many different attributes, interests, experiences, and skill sets that contribute to the learning environment on campus,” Jonathan Alger, president of James Madison University (JMS), told DiversityInc on Wednesday.

Courtney McAnuff, vice president of enrollment management at Rutgers University, echoed Alger’s assessment.

“I do think most schools are complying with the law and using race as one factor in a holistic review,” McAnuff told DiversityInc.

“At Rutgers we use primarily socio-economic factors in the review process. What I do think will happen, is that many schools will be much stricter in interpreting guidelines because of concern about federal reviews and sanctions.

“Above all, most institutions realize that the only path to reducing expenditures for poverty programs, such as public assistance, is education.

“It is the one true economic leveler, and for every low income student who graduates from college, the quality of life in the community and the tax burden are positively improved.”

Education being the “one true economic leveler” is what many Black and Latino parents teach their children.

According to a Pew Research Center survey released last year, Latino and Black parents are significantly more likely than white parents to believe it’s essential that their children earn a college degree.

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Survey: Black, Latino Parents Believe College Vital for Success

But has an increase in Latinos and Blacks earning college degrees decreased the racial wealth gap?

The survey found 86 percent of Latino and 79 percent of Black parents with children under the age of 18 said it is either extremely or very important their children earn a college degree. However, only 67 percent of white parents said the same.

Since 1993 college enrollment has grown among all races, but gains have been biggest among Latinos, a population the Trump administration has targeted in regard to immigration.

Myth: Affirmative Action Diminishes the Likelihood of a White Student Being Admitted

Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger presented “Seven Myths about Affirmative Action in Universities” during a symposium at the College of Law at Willamette University in 2002.

He said a myth about affirmative action is that the policy, “well-intentioned and even important as it is, materially diminishes the likelihood of a white student being admitted, and is therefore unfair.”

Bollinger deconstructed the myth.

“It is not mathematically possible that the small numbers of minority students who apply and are admitted are displacing a significant number of white students. In their book ‘The Shape of the River,’ William Bowen, former president of Princeton, and Derek Bok, former president of Harvard, looked at the nationwide statistics concerning admissions to selective universities.

“They determined that even if all selective universities implemented a race-blind admissions system, the probability of being admitted for a white student would only go from 25 percent to 26.2 percent.”

Alger told DiversityInc that institutions such as JMU “seek to provide opportunities for students to provide a more complete picture of their entire background.”

“At the same time, we are also looking to remove barriers to access for students of all backgrounds,” he said.

This year, JMU has gone test-optional in admissions.

“We learned over time that standardized test scores were not a significant predictor of success for our students, and because these tests can impose costs and barriers for many students,” Alger said.

“We have also joined with other colleges and universities in using the Coalition Application, which, like the Common Application, makes it easier for students to apply to multiple schools.”

Privilege of Rich Whites: Alumni Relationship

Bollinger also mentioned in his speech that alumni relationships (parent, sibling or grandparent) could be a factor in admissions.

One could argue that consideration of alumni relationships in the admissions process is a form of bias benefitting wealthy, white families, including President Donald Trump’s family members.

Daniel Golden, author of the book “The Price of Admission,” published in 2006, blatantly says, “The rich buy their under-achieving children’s way into elite universities with massive, tax-deductible donations.”

In 1998, New Jersey real estate developer Charles Kushner pledged $2.5 million to Harvard University not long before his son Jared, Trump’s son-in-law, was admitted.

“At the time, Harvard accepted about one of every nine applicants,” Golden wrote.

He also said that a former official at Kushner’s high school, The Frisch School in Paramus, N.J., told him:

“There was no way anybody in the administrative office of the school thought he would on the merits get into Harvard. His GPA did not warrant it, his SAT scores did not warrant it. We thought for sure, there was no way this was going to happen.”

A spokeswoman for Kushner Companies denied that Kushner’s father’s donation helped him get into Harvard.

Trump spent his first two years of college at Fordham University and then was admitted to the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

“Students [at Penn] have recoiled at being linked to a wheeler-dealer whose business record suggests more skill at financial chicanery than genuine company-building,” according to Politico.

“The Trumps became the archetypal Ivy League legacy family — well-known, well-heeled, ‘brand loyal.’”

Donald Trump Jr. graduated from Wharton in 2000, followed by his sister Ivanka Trump, who entered Wharton in 2002 after spending two years at Georgetown, and graduated in 2004.

And in 2016, Tiffany Trump, the president’s daughter with his second wife Marla Maples, graduated from Penn as well.

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  • Some day you will publish a colum that does not use 15 year old studies to justify an issue for your divisive publication. Affirmative Action has evolved from its original intent to actually discriminating against those who were considered before. Both cases being considered by the Supreme Court are from Asian Americans. Where is that mentioned? Correct it is not. You prefer your relentless attacks against rich white people and the President’s family. Who is being divisive?

    • Bollinger’s seven myths still hold up. That was the point.

      Like practically everything else in Trump’s life, this initiative is a FRAUD.

      And I understand that people, who fervently wish the US could go back the days when Negros knew their place, consider this publication devisive. I serve a different audience. My circulation is growing.

    • JOHN–

      1. Asian American students are discriminated against by WHITE admissions officers, but they
      are NOT losing their places to other minority applicants.They are losing their places to WHITE students,
      with whom they compete for admission. Asian students DO NOT COMPETE with Black, Latino
      or Native American students, who make up TINY PERCENTAGES of the student body at
      most Ivy League and competitive public and private colleges, graduate and professional schools.

      2. Asian-American students usually have academic records SUPERIOR to their WHITE counterparts;
      but they cannot compete against WHITE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, also known as “LEGACIES.”
      At all IVY LEAGUE colleges, private selective colleges, the LEGACY SYSTEM works to keep
      WHITE UPPER-CLASS STUDENTS always represented in the student body.

      3. Asian American students would AUTOMATICALLY BE ADMITTED TO ANY Historically
      Black College or University, AND MANY OF THEM ATTEND HBCU SCHOOLS, You will
      find Asian students on many of these campuses, especially in the GRADUATE and

  • After a 400-year headstart with all their white privilege, these lazy, unmotivated ignoramuses STILL NEED HELP from racist, Nazi presidents! What more do dumb whites want that they should have and could have had ALREADY!

    Only 67% of whites still believe college is imperative for success because with their white skin privilege, a white ignoranamus with a GED could still be hired before any Black with a PhD, J.D. or M.D. Proof? George Boy Bush graduated from Yale and tRUMP from Wharton. What a JOKE.

    • ZAZIJAMS–The irony of this is the fact that white students DO NOT COMPETE WITH Black, Latino and Native American
      students. Asian-American students have ACADEMICALLY SUPERIOR RECORDS AND TEST SCORES; therefore,
      they compete with WHITE students. Most minority applicants are a TINY PERCENTAGE of all the students applying for
      entrance in IVY LEAGUE colleges/graduate schools. Asian Americans are well-represented in all the STEM programs
      and colleges/universities and again, tend to be SUPERIOR to their EURO-AMERICAN counterparts.

      1. Even if ALL Black, Latino and Native American high school graduates applied to, and got accepted into the college
      or university of their choice, they would STILL make up small percentages of students at the Ivy League schools; selective colleges (public and private) and public universities. Plus, many minority students attend the HBCU’s.

      2. Asian American students compete against WHITE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, known as LEGACIES.
      The children and relatives of alumni STILL RECEIVE PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT IN ADMISSIONS.
      This is how the upper-class white elite insures that they will always control admissions and have a steady stream
      of upper-class white students at the college or university.

      3. It is ASTOUNDING that The Dumpy Trump NEVER prepared himself in any way for political office
      or public service. He is functionally illiterate and neither he nor his kids attended ANY graduate school–
      the EPITOME OF LAZINESS. Only TIFFANY–the child he NEGLECTED his whole useless life–is
      attempting to attend Law School. Good for her–at least she’ll have a JOB SKILL and the ability to do
      something CONSTRUCTIVE.

  • Karl Strandberg

    I think it is time to let Affirmative Action go! It is time to focus on ensuring that we have operable processes in place to avoid discrimination. The ‘shelf life’ of Affirmative Action is gone and only invites reverse discrimination suits as well as casting negatives on those who have, already, been discriminated against for years.

    • Most, if not all, competitive universities gave up on old school affirmative action in favor of socioeconomic and full jacket review.

      This is more BS from the Mexican rapists, sharia law, immigrants taking your jobs, coal is coming back, the Boy Scout leader said it was the best speech ever, Donny Junior talked about adoption, Mooch administration.

    • KARL STRANDBERG–The first beneficiaries of Affirmative Action was WHITE FEMALES.

      1. If the United States went to a system of OPEN ADMISSIONS and TUITION-FREE STATUS at all PUBLIC COLLEGES
      and UNIVERSITIES, then ALL American students could CHOOSE their college/university and attend ANY institution
      that met their needs. OPEN ADMISSIONS does NOT mean “anything goes.” Schools with open admission policies

      2. Colleges and universities use an ARRAY of admissions strategies in order to balance their classes and insure
      representation by ALL ethnic groups and both genders on their campuses. “Affirmative Action” is but ONE of
      SEVERAL ADMISSIONS TOOLS used by officers to admit students. Students are admitted for these reasons:

      A. Sports/athletics–schools compete for athletes in many sports to build their programs. For example,
      some colleges/universities need swimmers, gymnasts, track & field athletes; lacrosse and field hockey
      athletes; tennis players, etc.

      B. Performing arts–colleges/universities will admit students to balance their bands and orchestras; for example,
      bassoonists, oboists, tuba players; violists and cellists; french horn and lower brass performers and timpanists
      are typically ADMITTED FASTER THAN OTHER MUSICIANS, because the number of people playing these
      valuable instruments is small and they need them.

      Colleges also admit talented dancers and actors to their programs–again, these students will receive preference
      in admissions, regardless of ethnicity.

      3. Asian American students COMPETE WITH UPPER-CLASS WHITE STUDENTS.
      However, they CANNOT compete against WHITE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, also known as LEGACIES.
      TREATMENT at all the Ivy Leagues colleges/universities and top public colleges/universities.

  • Frank McCloskey

    To be systemically advantaged as a white person and remain disadvantaged of getting into college (or another other comparison such as income, employment, homeownership, as examples) is nonsensical and oxymoronic.

    What some of us see before our eyes is white denial in full bloom.

  • You can always tell when someone doesn’t understand what Affirmative Action is. They immediately go to reverse discrimination. What they don’t realize is the demographic who has benefitted the most from Affirmative Action is white women.

    • And the group most harmed by Affirmative Action, currently, is Asian American college applicants.

      New York Times, today: “By most standards, Austin Jia holds an enviable position. A rising sophomore at Duke, Mr. Jia attends one of the top universities in the country, setting him up for success.

      But with his high G.P.A., nearly perfect SAT score and activities — debate team, tennis captain and state orchestra — Mr. Jia believes he should have had a fair shot at Harvard, Princeton, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania. Those Ivy League colleges rejected him after he applied in the fall of 2015.

      It was particularly disturbing, Mr. Jia said, when classmates with lower scores than his — but who were not Asian-American, like him — were admitted to those Ivy League institutions.”

      • REIBSON–Most Asian students can get into any college or graduate school they apply to.

        1. Asian students are NOT competing with Black, Latino or Native American students. They are directly
        competing with WHITE students, who still make up the MAJORITY POPULATIONS not only at IVY LEAGUE
        colleges, but also at the COMPETITIVE PUBLIC COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES. Selective private
        and public colleges do NOT have huge numbers of Black, Latino and Native American students applying,
        or enrolled in their programs. The top STEM colleges, for example, have huge numbers of Asians
        among their student populations, and MINISCULE minority populations.

        2. Asian students are typically SUPERIOR to the WHITE STUDENTS they compete with. However,
        ALL Ivy League and selective private and public colleges also have another “affirmative action tool,”
        known as LEGACIES. White students whose forbears have attended the college RECEIVE

        3. Asian-Americans may believe they are being “harmed” by affirmative action–but what they are really

        • Divide and conquer? Asian Americans aren’t real minorities in the same way that black, latino/a and native American students are? And if, as you say, Asian students are typically SUPERIOR to WHITE STUDENTS, do you also say that Asian students are SUPER SUPERIOR to black, latino/a and native American students? Might that be part of the reason why, as you say, selective private and public colleges do NOT have huge numbers of black, latino/a and native American students applying or enrolled in their programs?

          • reibson – Deflect and distract?

            As typical of people of your ilk, you completely bypass the point, in favor of offering a irrelevant attack on people of color.

            Regardless of the “reasons” for the small number of students of color, the point is, if one is truly interested in going after discrimination in college admissions, there is a potentially HUGE untapped bounty of beneficiaries of discrimination that these people could be targeting.

            So why are they going after the scraps, when there is literally whole smorgasbord of discriminatory admissions they could be attacking? Huh?

            Just like with your comment, the answer is obvious.

          • Charity Dell

            REIBSON–I’m not sure what you mean by “divide and conquer….”

            1. Asian-Americans ARE “real minorities” in the overall American population. Just because the
            media do not constantly tell us about discrimination patterns that affect them, that does not
            mean that discrimination AGAINST Asian-Americans is non-existent. They may be perceived as
            a “model minority”, but Asian-Americans will tell you of ALL the places they’ve experienced
            discrimination, including housing, education and the workplace. Look closely at corporate America
            that hires SOME of them, but DOES NOT ADMIT THEM TO UPPER MANAGEMENT.

            2. When I say that Asian students are “superior” to white students, I am referring specifically to
            test scores and grade point averages. I am NOT implying that they are superior in intellect to
            every other ethnic group.

            3. There are not HUGE numbers of Black, Latino and Native American students applying to Ivy
            League schools and selective public and private universities for MANY reasons, including the
            number one reason: LACK OF FINANCIAL RESOURCES. Most selective schools and colleges
            have HUGE PRICE TAGS, which ALSO deters many poor white students from applying. It is a
            known fact that some private colleges PREFER TO ADMIT THE RICH, because they want the
            guaranteed dollar coming in to fund the programs. Guess who most of the rich are?

            them continue the LEGACY SYSTEM, which always gives preferential treatment to the SONS,
            DAUGHTERS and RELATIVES OF ALUMNI. These schools–with some exceptions–were not
            founded to “educate everybody” or “give everyone a chance.”

            5. By way of contrast, the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) were founded
            to give educational opportunities to DESCENDANTS OF SLAVES–people who did NOT have
            a “fair chance” in either private or public Euro-American institutions. Today, many white
            students DO attend HBCU’s, as do many Asians, Latinos and Native American students.

  • Charity Dell – Your comments and the knowledge you are imparting are greatly appreciated. The fact that NO ONE has attempted to meaningfully challenge you, speaks to their veracity.

    You are right of course, and I am certain the Asian students and their advocates know full-well that it’s not the minuscule number of Black, Latino, and Native-American affirmative-action students that are causing them “harm”. But as typical in these (“reverse discrimination”) cases, rather than pursue remedies against the actual culprits (i.e. unqualified white legacy, and big-donor progeny), they choose to go after, and attempt to further victimize the REAL victims of discrimination…Who of course, happen to be people of color.

    If they went after the TRUE beneficiaries of racial discrimination in college admissions, they could possibly shake loose so many additional admissions, that every Asian student would easily be admitted to the college of their choice. But no. Instead they go after the tiny scraps thrown to students of color, because they’re easy targets.

    They’re pathetic cowards.

    What I want to know is what are they going to do when they claw the tiny number of Affirmative-action admissions from students of color, and they STILL lose out to the comparatively large number of lesser-qualified legacy and big donor white students? I’m thinking they’ll probably just STFU and go away, because that’s what cowards do.

    I find it ironic that people alleging racial “discrimination”, would exercise racism themselves in seeking redress.

    • I agree with you Tony.

      This – and the Mexican wall – and the Muslim ban – and the pending “war” with North Korea – and the ban on transgender service people- promoting police thuggery- and all the pussy grabbing language while sucking up to the American Taliban – is just a ruse. It’s whipping up his base – the 35% of Americans who use the n-word at home.

      The suckers who went to the rally this week and coughed up their cigarette money so Trump can pay his lawyers (yes, that’s where those campaign contributions are spent) and Donny Jr.’s too.

      The republicans are already starting to cut this racist sexist miscreant scofflaw narcissist off. What happens next should scare the daylights out of all of us. My bet is another war (another one, the current one won’t do – we’ve been losing in Afghanistan for 14 years!). The children of the American flag t-shirt, MAGA hat wearing crowd will get ground up in another meaningless destruction. Hopefully we won’t also get radioactive dust all over Seoul – or Honolulu.

      • “It’s whipping up his base – the 35% of Americans who use the n-word at home.”

        Absolutely, and let’s not forget to also distract the simpleminded from his painful incompetence and ineptness, and collusion -if not outright treason- with regards to Russia.

        It’s obvious these rubes are so miserable and hopeless, that they’d rather see the entire country and themselves burn, just as long as the people they hate (Democrats, people of color, LGBTQ, etc., etc.,), burn along with them, rather than try to improve the lot of themselves, and others…They are the textbook-definition of anarchists.

        RE: “Trump’s coming war” – Exactly! With the mainstream media (MSM) SLOWLY (and I DO mean SLOWLY) getting wise to Trump’s “tactic” of distracting the MSM, and controlling the news cycle with an absurd tweet whenever the coverage of one his myriad scandals, immoralities and crimes becomes too intense, it’s becoming less and less effective. So what greater distraction than the “ultimate distraction” of a war?

  • Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

    Who was it who first said, “This is not an administration. This is revenge porn for white supremacists”?

  • How about taking Gender and Race off of applications and bring people in based on what type of student the school is looking for.

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