Polling data shows the traits and attitudes of Trump supporters fit that definition.

Under fire over calling half of Trump’s supporters “a basket of deplorables,” Clinton said she regretted using the word “half,” but New York Times columnist Charles Blow has another perspective: “Donald Trump is a deplorable candidate — to put it charitably — and anyone who helps him advance his racial, religious and ethnic bigotry is part of that bigotry. Period.”

Research conclusively shows that deplorable views are in fact held by a significant number of people who identify as Trump supporters.

• “Nearly half of Trump’s supporters described African Americans as more ‘violent’ than whites. The same proportion described African Americans as more ‘criminal’ than whites, while 40 percent described them as more ‘lazy’ than whites.” (Reuters/Ipsos poll)

• 81 percent of Trump supporters feel resentment towards Black people.

• 59 percent of Trump supporters believe President Barack Obama was born outside of the United States, and only 13 percent believe he is Christian — the majority believe he is Muslim, a religion they don’t hold in high esteem. (Public Policy Polling survey)

• 67 percent of people who identify as Trump supporters do not hold favorable views of Muslim Americans, compared to 35 percent of all voters. (NBC News/SurveyMonkey survey)

• Almost nine out of 10 Trump supporters — 87 percent — agreed with Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the United States.

• Sixty-nine percent of Trump supporters feel “immigrants burden the country.” (Pew Research Center study)

• About 43 percent of people agreed with Trump that a judge should recuse himself from overseeing a case against Trump University because of his Mexican heritage.

• 20 percent of Trump supporters did not approve of Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation to free all slaves. (YouGov/Economist)

• Nearly 40 percent of Trump voters wish the South had won the Civil War. (Exit polls in South Carolina)

“Few people embrace the ‘racist’ label, so let’s help them,” wrote the Washington Post’s Milbank. “If you are ‘very enthusiastic’ about a candidate who has based his campaign on scapegoating immigrants, Latinos and African Americans, talked of banning Muslims from the country, hesitated to disown the Ku Klux Klan and employed anti-Semitic imagery — well, you might be a racist.”

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank this week cited a new Washington Post-ABC News poll that found 46 percent of Trump supporters say they are “very enthusiastic” about his candidacy.

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  • I just can’t believe those poll numbers. There can’t be that many whacky people out there…..

  • The majority of AmeriKKKans are RACIST. Period! tRUMP represents AmeriKKKan values: Hatred, ignorance, stupidity, illiteracy, and white supremacy.

    • I just want to let you know, I wish I could turn it all around. I am so sick that I am a part of this group assumed ignorant, and in most cases accurately so. Just know we aren’t all in that camp. Let’s hope there is awakening and this all turns into a bad joke before November.

  • What is the truth. Statistically do Blacks commit more violant crimes per the general population? I guess Im missing some data from this article. If there is more crime in these populations what do we need to do as a society to fix this?

    • If law enforcement were equally focused, we’d find out the answer to your question.

      Law enforcement data shows one thing – Black people are preyed upon by law enforcement.

  • Stephen J. Barden

    One cannot draw a conclusion about a population beyond which one drew the sample. When you only poll South Carolina voters, at most you can talk about South Carolina voters, not voters in general.

    Have we sunk to the point where it is impossible to express preference for a religion without being labeled as some kind of bigot? I don’t hold Branch Davidians in high esteem, does that make me a bigot?

    Tolerance is the act of persisting in the presence of something noxious. I do not have to believe, accept, or approve of something to tolerate it. Wish more people understood that.

  • This makes me very sad but I have had to accept that a lot of the people I know are racist. It’s been a journey the last few years for this white middle aged woman to understand white privilege, to understand that BlackLivesMatter is about hearing the voice of people who have legitimate grievances within our society and have a right to speak up, to understand that a lot of people are afraid of diversity in their neighborhoods and our president could be the anti-Christ. Now however I am an angry white middle aged woman who is finding ways to force conversations within my social circle and make people think about the beliefs they hold. I can also say that I am not alone in white America and hopefully the conversations will continue way past January when Hilary is sworn into office.

  • Brenda Thomson

    Thank you Ginnie. Initiating conversations may open the door to greater understanding…one person at a time. Godspeed.

  • It’s nice to see there are still people that can see the real issues and not blame all Brown people for all the problems in the US. To answer the question” What do we need to do as a society to fix this problem?” Educate all people equally and not judge a person by the color of their skin when applying for a job or looking for housing etc. Stop incarcerating Black men for little to no reason and do away with for profit prisons that’s just a start.

  • You don’t encourage very much discussion when you call the person you want a discussion with deplorable or irredeemable.

  • My experience has been that the name callers want no discussion…and name calling almost always ends discussion.

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