Dave Chappelle is ‘Sorry’ for Giving Trump a Chance

The widely popular comedian said he regrets rooting for President Donald Trump on a “Saturday Night Live” appearance.

During a November 12 hosting slot on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” comedian Dave Chappelle suggested to millions of American TV viewers to give President Donald J. Trump a chance. For that, Chappelle said he is sorry.

It was the first post-election episode of SNL when he said at the end of his opening monologue:

“I’m wishing Donald Trump luck. And I’m going to give him a chance. And we, the historically disenfranchised, demand that he give us one, too.”

On Monday, in New York City at a benefit for the Robin Hood Foundation, Chappelle said, “I was the first guy on TV to say ‘Give Trump a chance,’ I f***ed up. Sorry.”

NBC’s Willie Geist was at the gala and tweeted Chappelle’s statement:

In a New York Times Style Magazine interview in April, Chappelle actually defended himself against critics who said he “softballed” Trump on SNL.

“I said, we demand he gives us a chance,” the comedian said. “I didn’t softball ’em.”

It was Chappelle’s first time hosting SNL and his first late-night appearance since 2014 when he was a guest on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

Since leaving “Chappelle’s Show” on Comedy Central in 2005, the comedian had been keeping a relatively low profile. So, his appearance on SNL was highly anticipated.

The ratings for the show delivered season highs in adults 18-49 and total viewers, as well as the show’s highest 18-49 rating since 2013, according to Live+Same Day ratings from Nielsen (No. 32 on the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies list).

In the beginning of his monologue, Chappelle made commentary on race and the outcome of the election.

“I think I speak for all of Black America when I say we are all praying for Omarosa,” he said.

Omarosa Manigault is the director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison for the Trump administration.

On “Chappelle’s Show,” the comedian tackled issues of race in America. One of his well-known sketches was about a Black white supremacist named Clayton Bigsby. He could not see and didn’t realize he was a Black man being racist against himself.

In his SNL monologue, Chappelle also took a few jabs at Trump:

“America has done it,” he said. “We’ve actually elected an Internet troll as our president.”

The political sketches on SNL have recently included commentary on members of the Trump administration, such as actress Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of White House press secretary Sean Spicer and SNL actress Kate McKinnon as U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Prior to his SNL appearance, during a comedy routine at the Cutting Room in New York in November, Chappelle noted that he wasn’t pleased with either Hillary Clinton or Trump. He admitted that he voted for Clinton but “didn’t feel good” about it.

In his appearance at the Robin Hood Foundation benefit Monday night, Chappelle noted that — each day — Trump’s presidency has been unpredictable from his tweets to his policies. Chappelle also implied that the negative expectations for the behavior of the first Black president — Barack Obama — didn’t come to pass.

“Every day we wake up, and you don’t know what he is going to do next — Donald Trump,” he said. “He’s exciting — like we thought a Black president would have been.”

Below is video captured at the event:

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  • “He’s exciting.” ???? He’s terrifying. PLEASE somebody impeach this man.

    • He’ll resign shortly. I doubt there is any direct collaboration between the Russians and Trump personally and his campaign. The Russians are too smart. But as the investigations evolve, his business will be imperiled- and he’ll resign before he’s completely ruined.

      The Russians have been cultivating Trump by enabling his business operations. Just google trump real estate and Russia. After he busted out his casinos, American banks wouldn’t lend him money – so who jumped in? Russians.

      When he needed help, they helped http://www.mypalmbeachpost.com/business/trump-palm-beach-why-did-russian-pay-much-for-his-mansion/IjTzoMcu12Tp9H02L6RimO/

      I’m sure he’d tell you what a genius he’s been, just like he bragged about the good deal he got when Manafort told him he didn’t need a salary (hahahaha just google Manafort and Russia). They certainly interfered with our election (an act of war), but Putin is far too smart to leave fingerprints, unlike our ham-handed president who can’t seem to help himself from looking like a complete dope.

      • I hope you are right sir. I would hope that Trump would have the sense and take the advice of those who would ask him to leave if it got to that point. I am going to bring up “the elephant in the room” option. Trump’s personality is not that of “giving up”, and I won’t be surprised to hear that he has fatally taken the matter into his own hands. I pray not, but if this gets any more critical, for him and with his displayed personality, it’s another option we may have to keep in mind.

        • I don’t think he’ll allow his family business to be destroyed.

          An alternative would be (next month) to mint a 4 foot gold medal with “best president ever” on it, thank him for his eight years of service, throw a farewell dinner (where he gets a better entre than anyone and THREE scoops of ice cream) and send him home. He’d go.

          • Trump is not going anywhere and with the corpses the Dems will roll out on 4 years, he likely will be reelected. I guess you can hope though.

          • Is that what Pravda’s saying?

            I agree that if the democrats dont get rid of the two least inspired and most cringeworthy leaders on the national scene- Pelosi and Schumer- they wont take the house back, nor will they win when Pence runs for reelection in 2020.

          • Luke, who do you think killed the Dem staffer that was tied as Wikileaks source? Shot in the back steps from his door but still had his wallet. Sounds like classic Clinton to me.

          • I don’t know who killed him, but I do know Wheeler is a crackpot.

            The Clintons couldn’t beat a spray tanned 12 year old mean girl stuffed inside of a 70 year old fat man suit – following the most popular president since JFK, with the economy rising like an untethered balloon.

            If those incompetents tried to kill someone, it would be like a North Korean missle launch, the gun would either blow up in his hand or the bullet would kill somebody three miles away.

      • “During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald J. Trump downplayed his business ties with Russia”. So who is the hell is “RUSSIA”? Some company or person, and what is illegal about doing business with a private business. So the cry that “BLACKS” don’t do business with “BLACKS”, is this “BLACKS” a government of some “BLACK” land? Or maybe the reason “BLACKS” only spend 6 cents of each dollar they have with other “BLACKS” is due to the possibility of being put in jail. Ignorance is so popular and far fetching.

        • Pianki:
          Just shut up with your stupid racist ramblings. Take that nonsense somewhere else.please. And,yes, trumpf definitely had some help from the Russians in throwing the election his way—he’s too arrogant to even cover his own tracks–that’s why he’s got so much trouble in the WH—besides trying to deny virtually every problem that he has. That’s another thing I never liked about trumpf from the beginning of his campaign—the fact that he refuses to ever admit that he’s wrong about anything or that his judgement of anybody is wrong. Most mature grown adults don’t have a problems admitting they made a mistake and misjudged somebody or something, but trumpf will rarely admit that. That bothers me,because it’s like he’s in a complete state of denial about any real problems he has. That’s sad,and frankly lacking in maturity, which is pretty pathetic at his age.

      • Deirdre Myers

        I agree that he will resign. Trump sees things in terms of winning or losing, impeachment would be a loss to him. He doesn’t appear to see right/wrong. I can’t imagine him waiting around to be impeached. If he leaves he can do what he’s been doing the entire time, blaming others for his decisions and actions. He can frame it to make it appear he was ‘pushed’ out by hostile forces and that he’s leaving on a high note and touting his ‘accomplishments’. Congress doesn’t have the stomach right now to begin impeachment proceedings but if his approval ratings continue to drop, I estimate that if he gets to the low 30’s Congress will start to look at their own interests and act to save themselves.

  • I don’t think Chappelle f*cked up at all. I think he said what needed to be said. We the historically disenfranchised did give Trump a chance and we are right to demand he do right by us. Who would we be if we didn’t give him a chance to succeed, or fail. We’d be no better than others we accuse of not giving us a chance to succeed or fail, on our own.

    • Wynns;
      The reality is, trumpf isn’t qualified to be in the WH,period, so,no he dosen’t deserve a chance. Because he dosen’t have the background or experience to even prove that he should be given a chance. People who say they voted for him because he wasn’t a politician make me laugh. Basically, they actually were gullible enough to think that someone who had virtually NO experience in politics or government could just walk in off the street and run the country with no problems. I mean, that’s like letting you know someone walk in off the street, and handing them the head position to run a car dealership, and saying, “Oh well, they can run it, because they’re not a car salesman or woman.” Even though they have virtually NO experience running a car dealership and have rarely set foot in one, and don’t even know anything about the business. That’s basically what happened with trumpf. And trumpf didn’t really earn the chance to be in the WH—he just slid on in there by playing on people’s frustrations, and let’s face it—the fact that a lot of people didn’t want to see a woman as president, and that a lot of them just wanted to see a white man back in the White House,plain and simple,no matter how incompetent he was. It didn’t help that Clinton was investigated to death during most of the campaign, which really hurt her more than anything. Also, trumpf dosen’t give a damn about the disenfranchised, and he’s clearly an old-school racist and sexist who dosen’t deserve a chance, as far as I’m concerned.

  • And just who is the heck is He for me to pay any attention. I never has view any of his shows and know very little of his business.

  • Why all the Clinton bashing up in here? After all, she did win 3M more votes than tRump. And she accomplished that despite being the target of a sustained, intense, professional cyber-campaign of negative propaganda engineered by tRump’s Russian benefactors…who were aided and abetted by the unrelenting assault of Republicans on HRC, with ideologically pure Bernie and Jill supporters gleefully piling-on as though they didn’t care whether tRump ended-up winning. How short-sighted and counter-productive were those so-called “progressives”? (I won’t even get into the effect of the Electoral College, gerrymandering, and voter suppression; and don’t get me started on a life-long *Independent* running as the candidate of a party that he has *always* despised.)

    HRC was a strong, smart, highly qualified candidate fighting to knock-down a gender barrier. There’s no doubt in my mind that our country would be on a much better course if she were POTUS.

    BTW, I thought this e-zine supported DIVERSITY.

    • I support diversity, not privileged, pampered cheats. Bernie should have been the nominee, but he was cheated by the Clinton-Pelosi-Schumer machine. Hillary ran a completely incompetent campaign. A bag of peat moss could have beat Trump given the head start President Obama gave the democrats. If the young people who voted for third party candidates voted for hapless Hillary, she would have won – but she did not earn their support. She assumed their support because she is disingenuous and apparently has lost touch with regular life. The New York Times ran several articles about what a wonderful person she is behind the scenes. People aren’t two people, they’re one person all the time.

      Bernie would have won. Biden would have won. Warren would have won. Gabbard or Duckworth (both veterans) would have been aggressive and popular VP choices. But no, the Queen picked Senator Tapioca, so her beige personality wouldn’t be upstaged.

      Now we have an orange fraud in control of 9,000 nuclear weapons and Jeff “Bull Connor” Sessions as AG. Thanks a bunch Hillary. Her ego is so vast she gave Trump in excuse to fire Comey. It didn’t wash with the public, but think about it. Comey had to investigate that laptop. Is wasn’t his fault that Queen Hillary could not follow email procedures in dealing with classified material. It wasn’t his fault that Queen Hillary could not do without her trusted foootmaiden Huma, even though Huma was married to a serial pervert. Dude wore RED pants to the democratic national convention after getting caught twice playing with his genitals on social media. That doesn’t throw up a warning sign? Hillary please.

    • Thank you. The Hillary bashing is getting old. She lost the election, for God’s sake; it’s over. She’s moved on, and we need to also. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to get to the bottom of what happened: why a highly-qualified candidate lost to one that even those who voted for him recognized as unqualified. If Russian interference occurred, we need to fight that tooth-and-nail. Comey’s injecting himself into the political arena is already being investigated. Sexism is a genuine concern and continuing struggle, as is fake news.

      • If Russian interference occurred, we need to fight that tooth-and-nail. And if (former, fired) Democrat National Chair Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary conspired and colluded against Hillary’s main Democratic primary opponent, Bernie the Socialist Sanders, we should just ignore it?

  • Phillip Seeberg

    No one should have to apologize for saying that he would give Trump a chance after the election. You can make a different argument about Jimmy Fallon, because his statement/interview came before the election.
    As to Trump saying that no politician has ever been treated worse, well that reflects on his lack of knowledge. And it seems to me like someone who robs a bank and complains that the police treated him worse than the other “customers” after they subdue him.

  • I don’t think Chappelle has anything to be sorry about. His remarks came after the election, so didn’t influence the vote. And, most Americans want their President — even if they voted for an opposing candidate — to be successful in running the Country and representing all of us.

  • I don’t understand why the white- controlled media gives any credence to dumb, ignorant-az comedians like Chapelle, Steve Harvey, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart and Bill Cosby on political and social issues anyway. They’re beyond stupid and ignorant, but suck-seeded by coonin’, clownin’ and acting like overgrown, thuggish boys with filthy mouths. What juvenile delinquents Spike Lee and Justin Simien are to low-budget, mindless films, they are to comedy.

    Like other Black male race-traitors [the late Sammy Davis, Jr., the late James Brown and now the human troll doll Don King and KongYeh West who forget their roots once they become rich, Chappelle is a bought and paid-for slave who was saying what his white masters told him to say. It’s too late to apologize–he wasn’t f*cked up– that was deliberate. A Trump win makes all those black sellouts richer.

    • ZaziJams – your comment seems to imply that if you are a black man, you must think a certain way politically. I think that thought is absurd and potentially racist. Can a black man not hope that his president will be successful? The reality is Trump’s economic agenda has the potential to significantly improve the prosperity for all Americans (yes, including black Americans). Tax reform and reducing overly burdensome regulations should grow the US economy which is good for everyone. In contrast, Trump could also enact tax reform that blows up the deficit so badly we are all screwed (read the CBO long term budget deficit report and you will understand).

      • Trump has no plans except serve his big money masters. That’s how we end up having meetings with Russians that only the Russian press is invited to, 4 guys from Goldman Sachs running finance and commerce, the ceo of Exxon as Secretary of State and Wilbur Ross as traveling companion to kiss the robe of a Saudi King.

        Do you think that charlatan could get a meeting with any of those people when he was a reality TV host and peddler of tough steaks, cheap wine and a bogus university?

        Go worship false idols as he cuts millions from healthcare and cuts the taxes of his overlords. I’ll bet they’ll laugh as they send your children to get ground to mush in their next war.

      • Jerome:
        Get real—trumpf screwed up the health care plan because he wanted to rush it through and didn’t even bother to find out how it was actually going to work,let alone actually read it—he just dumped the whole thing on Paul Ryan, who didn’t have a clue about how it was going to work either, but wound up taking the heat for it anyway. What makes you think that a man who had to file for bankrupcty near four times is actually capable of handling the U.S. economy? You sound just as delusional as all these other people making excuses for the stupid mistakes he keeps making. trumpf has virtually NO experience as a politician—that’s why he keeps screwing up and falling flat on his face every time he calls himself trying to do something. He dosen’t even have a basic grasp on how the government works, or how to even act around other world leaders—he left such a bad impression at the NATO meeting (pushing another leader out of the way so that he could be out front, like a spoiled child wanting more attention than the other little kids around him) that we’re lost one of our crucial allies in Europe—Germany. He’s so ignorant about what being a president entails (he thinks he can run the country like one of his businesses, which, if you’re seen his track record, is a pretty scary thought.) He’s a careless,thoughtless selfish old fool who dosen’t care about anyone but himself and his own bottom line, and he obviously had no compunction about throwing our country under the bus to be a Russian stooge for his own business interests. He also dosen’t care about our country and its core values—it’s all about him and what he can do for himself. It’s sickening to watch, and even more sickening that people actually believe this idiot-in-chief is going to do anything good for our country that dosen’t involve his interests.

    • ZaziJams:
      I agree with what you are saying half the time, but just because you disagree with all these famous black folks, that dosen’t make them “toms,coons” or “shuckers and jivers”. Stop all your ridiculous generalizing about all black people who don’t agree with you. And if you know anything about Spike Lee (which you obviously don’t, or you wouldn’t have made that senseless remark about him) he has NEVER been anybody’s “tom or coon”—he’s always been very outspoken about white racism and supremacy literally from day one, to the point where I think it actually did hurt his career at one point—and still is to this day. So you need to do your research on some these folks and what they think before you pop off calling them stupid names—thank you very much. And Justin Simien has recieved a lot of flack from crazy trolls online simply for calling his debut film “Dear White People” (as well as the new series based on it) with them claiming that he’s promoting “white genocide” or some such nonsense. He’s been very upfront about issues of racism, which is what the film and the show deals with. So slow your roll, and quit slamming everyone who dosen’t think like you.

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