Cop Who Stomped on Handcuffed Black Suspect’s Head Returns to Work

“Everyone knows he’s going to get his job back,” Jason Pappas, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge No. 9, said previously.


Columbus Police Officer Zachary Rosen was fired over the summer after video footage showed him stomping on a suspect. Now he haws been reinstated.

At the time of the incident Rosen approached the scene where DeMarco Anderson was already restrained and handcuffed on the ground. Anderson, the suspect in a shooting, reportedly elbowed an officer during an attempted arrest and attempted to flee the scene. But by the time Rosen got to Anderson, he was laying on the ground, restrained, at the end of a concrete driveway. Depsite this, Rosen ran over and stomped on Anderson’s head.

Throughout the video Anderson is heard asking, “Why are you being aggressive?” and at one point says, “Are you serious? I got cuffs on, sir.”

Drugs and a weapon were later discovered in Anderson’s backpack. But Columbus Public Safety Director Ned Pettus determined that Rosen’s use of force was still excessive and fired Rosen.

Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs had called for a suspension, not a firing, and the Fraternal Order of Police supported Rosen from the start.

Jason Pappas, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge No. 9, said in a statement, “This union will not tolerate their brothers and sisters being used as political pawns or scapegoats for the benefit of the administration.”

The Fraternal Order of Police appealed the firing, and this month arbitrator Mitchell Goldberg agreed. Goldberg acknowledged that Rosen did use excessive force but does not believe Rosen meant to injure the suspect.

Pappas said at the time of Rosen’s firing: “Everyone knows that he’s going to get his job back.”

According to a Washington Post analysis, a little under a quarter of police officers who were fired for misconduct, “from cheating on overtime to unjustified shootings,” were reinstated.

“Most of the officers regained their jobs when police chiefs were overruled by arbitrators, typically lawyers hired to review the process. In many cases, the underlying misconduct was undisputed, but arbitrators often concluded that the firings were unjustified because departments had been too harsh, missed deadlines, lacked sufficient evidence or failed to interview witnesses,” the Post reported.

In Rosen’s case, this was not his first brush with violence on the job. In 2016 he was dressed in plain clothes along with another officer. The two men approached Henry Green, who was carrying a gun, and ordered him to drop his weapon. All three men fired shots. Green was shot seven times, according to an autopsy, and succumbed from a gunshot wound to the chest. Rosen fired his weapon 15 times.

Rosen and the other officer, Jason Barre, initially said they identified themselves as police officers when they approached Green. But they later backtracked and said they could not recall if they did. A grand jury ruled that the use of force was justified in this case and the officers were not indicted.

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  • Emilio Verdugo

    Just another of the thousands of images showing police brutalizing and disrespecting African Americans. The police in this country are out of control. They get away with crap like this and have a sense of impunity. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a police officer act in a controlled and humane way. Police officers seem to think that they should not have to tolerate any risk. This translates to shooting people who are unarmed, or who appear in any way to represent a threat. There is simply no reason for them not to go ahead and shoot people. The overwhelming percentage of police killings exonerate the officers.

    • What even harder is the good cops if they tell on this ass hole they find out they have not back up and are put in harms way by these bad cops . Systemic reform is needed

    • You are exactly right. It seems no matter what proof there is, the cops are always going to come out on top.

  • Columbus Public Safety Director – Likely an appointed official. Will defer to the person who appointed them, an elected official, who will make a determination based on sway of public opinion. Needs to get re-elected.
    Columbus Police Chief – Likely an appointed official – while he/she must pay deference to the elected official, they also have to have the confidence of those they lead. Play it down the middle and hope for the best. Needs to keep job.
    President of the Fraternal Order of Police – Elected by the union members – Will not support any punishment. Needs to keep job and perks.
    Mediator – Will find nuance to support wherever any pressure will come from. Elected official vs union/police of the streets they travel – “Excessive force” placates the official;
    ” no intent to injure” – placates the union. Hopes to get more work; and not get their head stomped.
    Oh, and the aggrieved party……… He won’t get justice but at least his victim did.

    Therefore the general public is generally satisfied and will sit idly by waiting for the next one to happen.

  • James Wilhelm

    Embarrassing… Absolutely no excuse for reinstating this officer. I have witnessed similar situations with my brother, it is very frustrating that police are above the law.

  • Should we expect any difference? The police act this way because they can and because they often have a low regard for human life and dignity anyway. I’m not defending the criminal, I’m defending the treatment of a human being after he’s been cuffed and controlled.

  • Just more of the same. It’s actually very sad for us as a “civil” society.

    Some individuals were more upset over someone taking a knee during the singing of the national anthem than the social injustice and brutality that was being protested.

    Our country’s “leader” used that peaceful protest as another political football to sow more seeds of division. As he also did during the budget sessions – trying to pit veterans against the Dreamers and their supporters.

    Old as time – divide and conquer.

  • Patricia-“GOOD COPS” is an oxymoron. To call them “PIGS” is an insult to the animal that wouldn’t stomp on another pig’s head to get to the trough. “ROACHES” best describe KKKops because they are filthy, nasty, cannibalistic pests who eat their young [i.e., American citizens’ rights] and are always unwelcome. Why don’t the Fraternal Order be more honest and call themselves the KKK or Nazis since they have no shame. When a KKKop reaps the violence that they have sown, I will not have any sorrow or sympathy.

  • I have so much more respect for REAL Officers who can professionally take down a suspect with pure calmness and not let their badge or personal issues get in the way. This officer (small ‘o’ undeserving of a badge) is a perfect example of the weaker link!
    Stay on the job buddy, I’m sure you’ll have more surprises coming your way, and don’t forget to shine that badge!

  • Now this case speaks many problems in the justice system . #1 the grand jury in my opinion give the benefit of doubt to the public servant . I feel strongly that most grand juriors were/or a part and have had some kind of relationship with law enforcement . This deems them ( grand juries )biased when police violate ordinary citizens ( or are we blacks ordinary or extraordinary🤗) citizens ?!! #2 I only noticed all white cops/pigs/klans/evangelicals whatever their affiliation is not good and no black law abiding citizen can trust . They stick together as a pack of cowardly wolves to witness against the innocent after they abuse and violate a citizens rights . # 3 How safe is the black man or any man when reporters are afraid to call out people that look like them ( white ) because it might cost this wrongdoer his job , when actually they are costing innocent people their life . # To the good white folk other that keep turning a deaf ear and blind eye to the black mans injustices , these injustices will soon be in your neighborhood and you still will try and blame the man ! Oh yeah , I forgot about the jew that said it was wrong but the person didn’t deserve to loose their job . So much for the holocuast survivors having empathy for our black men , this one made a decision to keep the establishment from interfering with his job ( coverup police wrongdoing ) !

        • Bernard was insinuating that because a man had a handgun in his backpack, it was somehow ok for the police to stomp his head while he was in handcuffs.

          Police assuming and punishing for intent is only ok for Black people in this country. When the shoe is put on the white foot, it sure is distasteful to white people, isn’t it?

    • Excuse me- whatever happened to his constitutional right to bear arms?! Having a gun in and of itself does not give police officers the right to shoot someone. My God! What is WRONG with you!?!

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