‘Completely Plausible’ Obama Staged Charlottesville Events to Smear Trump, Says Republican Lawmaker

Rep. Bryan Zollinger wrote that President Trump “was in the public spotlight for 20-plus years with zero allegations of racism.”

Representative Bryan Zollinger / FACEBOOK

Republican State Rep. Bryan Zollinger of Idaho Falls spread conspiracy theories against former President Barack Obama and Democrats on his Facebook page regarding the white supremacist demonstrations in Charlottesville, Va., on Aug. 12. Zollinger is now receiving campaign contributions for each critical email, Twitter mention or Facebook comment he receives.

After President Donald Trump’s press conference on Aug. 15, when he equated the actions of neo-Nazis with the actions of counter-protesters and blamed “both sides,” he was rebuked by Democrats and some Republicans. In response to criticism against Trump, Zollinger posted on his Facebook page a conspiracy-laden blog post published Aug. 18 on a website called “American Thinker” titled “Charlottesville and Its Aftermath: What if it Was a Setup?”

The blog post suggests that there is a campaign to “label Trump some kind of racist and Nazi sympathizer,” and that Obama and his “inner circle” have set up a resistance movement in Washington, D.C.

The author suggests Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and billionaire George Soros orchestrated clashes between white supremacists and counter-protesters, and that “the media” is also to blame.

Not only did Zollinger post this blog on Facebook, he added the following comments obtained by the Idaho Statesman:

“I am not saying it is true, but I am suggesting that it is completely plausible. We know that many protesters were Soros funded and we also know that Donald Trump is not a racist.

“The man was in the public spotlight for 20-plus years with zero allegations of racism.

“He has clearly and unequivocally denounced by name these hate groups as he well should have. The media has chosen to push this narrative until even the president’s own party are sucking up to the media, mind you only those that know they are part of the swamp that Trump avowed to drain.

“So while I’m not saying I believe this article, I’m glad to see someone out there asking people to think for themselves and use some logic and reason rather than spout what the media, otherwise known as the communications branch of the Democratic Party is selling.”

The statement that in “20-plus years” Trump has had “zero allegations of racism” excludes instances such as Trump placing full-page ads in the four daily papers in New York City in 1989 calling for the return of the death penalty and the execution of Black and Latino teens known as the “Central Park Five.” The teenagers from Harlem were wrongly convicted of viciously assaulting and raping a white woman, Trisha Meili, in New York City’s Central Park.

Another instance is the Department of Justice suing Trump; his father, Fred; and Trump Management for alleged racial discrimination at Trump housing developments in New York in 1973. The company would not rent apartments in one of his developments to African Americans. The DOJ pursued a settlement in which the Trumps would promise not to discriminate. Two years later, the case was settled.

On Monday, Zollinger doubled down on his nod to a conspiracy theory on the white supremacist demonstration, which resulted in an act of domestic terrorism leaving one woman dead and 19 others injured.

“At first, I felt genuinely bad that maybe I had offended somebody,” Zollinger told The Spokesman-Review. “Since then, the amazing amount of hate and the despicable things that have been said about myself, my wife, my kids, I’ve doubled down.”

He continued, “[Obama] was a community organizer before he was the president of the United States … I still do think it’s plausible.”

Zollinger referred to a video circulating featuring a Charlottesville cop saying police were ordered to stand down. The original source of the video is YourNewsWire.com, according to The Spokesman-Review.

Apparently, that’s a fake news site.

A project of The Annenberg Public Policy Center, FactCheck.org, found that Your News Wire is a website documented to have carried fake or satirical articles.

Snopes.com also states that the claim “Police in Charlottesville were issued a ‘stand down’ order and told to let violence happen” is false.

Zollinger is receiving money from donors for every negative social media comment about his conspiracy theory post.

On Monday, he posted the following on Facebook:

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  • This is comical. Can’t believe I wasted time reading this article. I am definitely not saying Trump is a racist. But for this dude to say “The man was in the public spotlight for 20-plus years with zero allegations of racism.” – I would want to know how many minorities does he have around him? How many does he employ that he interacts with on a daily basis? If you NEVER come across people that are different than you, then we would never know if you are racist or not. AND Saying “he has a lot of minorities that work for him, is not the same as him interacting w/them daily. They work at his organizations, but he doesn’t know them. He didn’t hire them. He doesn’t sit down to have coffee with them. Again, I’m not saying he’s a racist, I’m just making a point to this dude here…

    • This guy is just jumping on the pro-trump bandwagon to get his own campaign for re-election started. If he actually believes the stupid BS nonsense he’s peddling/pushing, he needs to have his head examined. Especially since that is the same kind of nonsense these conspiracy theory have been promoting for some time. And claiming trump has never been racist–a five-second check on the net will completely disprove that. If this guy spent as much time looking into trump’s background as he does kissing trump’s behind, he wouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

  • What a mean spirited focus!! I say that, believing that reactions matter, and dialogue matters, so my response matters as much as his comments, and some of my response is for general public including him and people like him – who have previously been in positions to hear little responses. Times have changed with social media – and while the white leading/ America first groups are not used to having their perspectives challenged, today those challenges are heard, and our conversations I think, can yield better outcomes. For nobody learns when they don’t hear feedback, negative as well as positive.

    The reason that Trump’s words signaled his lack of awareness of African American perspectives and experience, is because he was defining incidents as a “law and order” issue – assuming that white-designed law, is the best model for moral order. Yet law and history are written by the victors – today we have opportunity to learn from each other, new approaches, and have so much to learn from others who have used different approaches. Being able to hear dissent – not dissent that tries to outnumber or kick anyone out – but objections that stands on their experience, which has gone under-reported and misunderstood for centuries – yet contain compassion for struggling people.

      • Thanks for reference Luke. Another wonderful book, so important today to share different experiences, and this book is another good addition, focusing on the historical approach to policing black men, with an objective of maintaining a chokehold on them by seeing them always as a threat or likely threat. I learned of the constant need for wariness,
        from from black male friends, even professionals, 40 years ago. And I learned of different communication styles when I drove Black students in Busing Desegregation, that this culture in its own arena, expected social alertness and collaborative input into ongoing planning than I was used to in my Irish culture, where “respect” was expected to be shown by silent compliance, not conversation to assess situations together,by adding views from different angles. Historically, interpretations were one sided with regards to them – cultures “on the top” in a ranked system, judge and interpret cultures below, and are not aware of perspectives of underneath groups.

  • This is atrocious! Not only is he falling back to the tired Republican standby of blaming Obama for their own faults, but by “receiving money from donors for every negative social media comment about his conspiracy theory post”, he’s trying to benefit from our freedom of speech! People in the public eye are beholden not just to their supporters, but to the entire public and shouldn’t expect everyone to agree with everything they do or say. Profiting from my disagreement with your racist post is unethical and shows what kind of person you are.

  • If it weren’t for the fact that people are donating to him for these comments, I would have fallen out of my chair laughing at the idiotic theory.

  • Wow. Just when you think this situation couldn’t get any worse – up pops Zollinger from Idaho Falls. If his perspective wasn’t so bizarre, it would be laughable. That said, racism/bigotry is no laughing matter. Seems like this guy is trying to keep the pot stirred and he needs to go away for a very, very long time. And he’s a State Rep – damned disgrace.

    • Agreed. There are plenty of prior instances of Trump racism. One example is denial of rental opportunities in New York. Zollinger needs to shut up.

  • why are these so called non racist so obsessed with Obama and Hillary.?? Did/does our former president intimidate them that much.?

    • President Obama was the very antithesis of how Trump thinks of Black people (educated, accomplished, poised – with a beautiful family), so he perfected his own white dope minstrel show – denying the President’s citizenship, educational accomplishments, religion. It was all projection to cover for his own inadequacies: questionable education, refusal to release tax returns, draft dodger, tax cheat, serial philanderer, bankrupted casinos, sued by thousands of customers, contractors and business partners.

      An act guaranteed to gain support from people who use the n-word at home. 35% of the country. People so profoundly ignorant that they’ll accept an argument that there are good Nazis.

      • Unfortunately, under the fake cover of attacking so-called “political correctness,” they’re now using the N-word everywhere and not limiting it to their homes or hate-group meetings. I actually saw a survey that said that 9% of those polled say that it’s OK to be a Nazi.

  • What is there to say after such ignorance. He is an elected official, God help us.

  • Charity Dell

    OK–Has our Befuddled Baffled Bryan been:

    1.Drinking the Electric Kool-Aid?
    2. Staring at the Solar Eclipse too long WITHOUT his Eclipse Goggles?
    3. Neglecting to take his Brain Pills?
    4. Consuming Devil Dogs instead of hot dogs?
    5. Talking to the Crypt Keeper?
    6. Starting a bromance with David Duke?
    7. Sniffing too much chlorine from Them KKK Sheets and Hoodies?
    8. Inhaling charcoal fumes from those Titillating Tiki Torches?

    Inquiring minds want to know! :-)

    • Charity Dell:
      Probably all of that and more,lol. And claiming Obama was behind it (which is one of the most stupid things I’ve ever heard.) I guess this Zollinger dude thinks he can play upon the stupidity of the people who voted for trump because they were taken in by his idiot clown show—unfortunately, he might just do that.

  • So, 45 was in the public eye for 20 years or more with no hint of racism? Well, I live in New York, grew up in NY and I beg to differ. 45 and his father, Fred, had been accused of selective racist practices when renting apartments that they owned. They were mostly in Queens and Brooklyn. According to the US government, white applicants would be approved for the same apartment that a black applicant would be denied. They had a code on each application. If it were a person of color, the rental office would put a “C” on the application. This meant “colored and the person would be told there were no apartments available.. The Trumps were fined by the US government. I don’t recall if they ever paid the fine, because during this time 45 was in deep with Roy Cohen, who told him to contest everything. So, Mr. Idaho, talk what you know. I don’t think that President Obama has either the time or inclination to taint 45. 45 seems to be doing a pretty good job whenever he opens his mouth.

  • “Rep. Bryan Zollinger wrote that President Trump ‘was in the public spotlight for 20-plus years with zero allegations of racism.’”

    Absolutely untrue statement; failure-45 and his dad were sued for discriminating against minorities by not renting available apartments to them.

    “He continued, ‘[Obama] was a community organizer before he was the president of the United States … I still do think it’s plausible.’”

    Funny how these people love to leave out the fact that Barack Obama was also a State Representative for 7 or 8 years, and a U.S. Senator for nearly two years before becoming the President.

    • All you have to do is look at the people around him. Not quite as diverse as our country in 1950, and the diversity that is there are characters like the “angry Black woman” Omerosa, who Trump keeps around as a modern day Amos and Andy show.

      • To be fair, Omerosa had been interviewed about her time on the Apprentice, and she said that the cameras only came around her when she was going off on someone, and that they weren’t interested in and didn’t show the times when she wasn’t angry and calm. In other words, she said, it was the show that pushed that stereotype about her more anything else. As a black woman, I think that whole “angry black woman” stereotype completely ignores the fact that black women do have legitimate issues to be angry about—like the fact this negative stereotype even exists in the first place. There’s a recent book that points that out called The Sisters Are Alright, by Tamera Winfrey Harris.

  • So Obama, a person of color, negotiated with neo – Nazis, white supremists and the klu klux klowns to stage a march / ralley what ever it was to make a person who thinks grabbing women by their private area, calling women fat pigs and making other remarks about women regardless of color and being endorsed by the grand wizard for the presidency look bad??? and the person making the statements is an elected official for Idaho Falls Idaho??

    • Yes, Lois. And that’s the problem. Anyone can run for office as long as they have empty-headed supporters and cash.

    • What kills me about this rep. being from Idaho is that Idaho has long been known as a place where white supremacists (or white people just tired of living in the city) go to get away from people of color, and hole up in their own little areas, Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s who he’s getting his donations from. And to refer to Obama’s days of being a community organizer as proof that he somehow pulled this off, just really proves how ignorant and stupid this rep is (and how much of a trump suck-up he really is.)

  • When President Obama was in office, people like Zollinger said he wasn’t smart enough to pull off something like this, but now that he is out of office he’s a super strategist trying to make them look bad. Zollinger is ignorant and should be treated as such. As T-rump says, “Sad”.

  • As always, blame Obama because Trump idiots will believe it even if it makes no sense.

  • It’s just as plausible as the Russian collusion with the Trump administration. Still, no proof yet. I am surprised this makes “news” but no mention of the democratic state senator who called for Trump’s assassination. No condemnation whatsoever? What about the left’s self proclaimation that they have the high ground? When the Republicans go low, they dems go even lower. If Trump wins again, can all the dems please move to Canada this time? The propaganda is getting quite tiresome.

  • This is absolutely comical! Former President Obama is too busy making a difference in our world to be thinking about this ridiculous person whom I shall call #45, let alone plotting against him. America made a huge mistake in electing this ignorant excuse of a human being and we are just seeing more of his true colors. No need to stage who he really is. The truth will always come to the light!

  • Whites are getting desperate.

    Trump was sued by the government and lost for discrimination against black people in housing. Maybe this clown forgot, but facts don’t matter. There’s also YouTube vids of trump years ago talking suspiciously about superior DNA, not to mention taking out ads against black men falsely accused if rape, imprisoned, and then exonerated – by DNA – that they should still be in jail, because, well, they’re black. Then there’s the Mexican judge thing and the Mexicans are rapists thing. Then there was three Indian and casinos things. Should listen to that dialog from trump.

    White people – victims of rich white people and their own racism.

    They’re going to eat each other alive.


    Obama – a super negro – able to be born on two separate continents, worship two different religions, have a bigger inaugural crowd than trump, a successful marriage to one woman and two great kids who don’t kill animals, an education, intelligence, a work ethic, AND become the first black president AND win a second term, and can still corral dead people and illegal aliens to – help trump win an election, while orchestrating the media to pick on poor beleaguered trump, make neo nazis be violent – all while hanggliding.

    This racism business is even more lucrative than the evangelical business.

    I’m beginning to think white people are genetically crazy AF.

      • Look at it this way…When a black person commits a crime, all black people are criminals.

        I guess everyone else is an individual.

        Oops, forgot, Mexicans are racists.

        I’m tired of being reasonable, fair, and circumspect. I’m mad as hell. I thought we’d be past this by now.

        Snark makes me feel better.

        If it’s not you, then it’s not you. Took me a long time not to feel ashamed of what *other* people do – black or white.

    • Meh227:
      Bwahahahahaha! Yeah, some white folks are still losing their minds over the fact that a black man even became president at all, and they still haven’t gotten over that yet. And they wanted a white man back in the White House so bad, they didn’t care how stupid or ignorant he was. Now we’re all paying the price for that–especially the Republican party–they’re taken a big hit in credibility since they threw all their weight behind that orange idiot clown. Not that I really give a damn about them—I really don’t, they made their own bed with trump, and now they’ll have to lie in it.

  • This weasel doesn’t even have the balls of Trump, who will state a bald-faced lie as fact, then double-down on it when challenged (although he does — frequently — contradict himself later with a conflicting lie claiming the opposite is fact). Zollinger — on the other hand — hedges by saying these crazy things are “plausible,” not outright asserting them as true. In either case, both are passive-aggressive methods of floating trial balloons to see which benefit them the most. One of the challenges — with which we are all struggling — when dealing with such manipulative BS artists is trying to avoid “playing their games” and, inadvertently, rewarding them (once you figure out the nefarious reward they are seeking: money? notoriety? street cred? creating a distraction?, etc.).

  • FrankieJo Ellis

    How were so many of these completely ignorant individuals voted in? In 1973, both Trump and his father were sued over housing discrimination. He was also on the Larry King Show when he began talking about his “superior genes”. 0 allegations of racism? Trump has always been racist. When, if ever, will it stop being President Obama’s fault?

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