CNN’s Van Jones: ‘White-lash’ Against a Changing U.S. Led to Trump’s Win

Jones’ commentary sums up the fear and pain of many Americans as a result of Tuesday’s election — a “nightmare.”

UPDATED: Nov. 10, 2016, 7:50 a.m. ET

Jones’ commentary sums up the fear and pain of many Americans as a result of Tuesday’s election — a “nightmare.”

By Sheryl Estrada

Republican candidate Donald Trump defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s presidential election. He is the first person to win a U.S. presidency without having served in the U.S. Armed Forces or having held elected office.

CNN commentator Van Jones gave an emotional commentary Tuesday night on the pain many Americans are feeling due to Trump’s win. Jones brought the issue of race to the forefront. He called the win “white-lash” against a changing country and eight years of President Barack Obama in office.

“People have talked about a miracle,” Jones said. “I’m hearing about a nightmare.

“It’s hard to be a parent tonight for a lot of us. You tell your kids, ‘Don’t be a bully.’

You tell your kids, ‘Don’t be a bigot.’ You tell your kids, ‘Do your homework and be prepared.’

“And then you have this outcome of people putting children to bed tonight and they’re afraid of breakfast. They’re afraid of, ‘How do I explain this to my children?’

“I have Muslim friends who are texting me tonight saying, ‘Should I leave the country?’ I have families with immigrants that are terrified tonight.

“This was many things. This was a rebellion against the elites. True. It was a complete reinvention of politics and polls. It’s true.

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“But it was also something else. We’ve talked about everything but race tonight … this was a white-lash. White-lash against a changing country. It was a white-lash against a Black president, in part. And, that’s the part where the pain comes.

“And Donald Trump has a responsibility tonight to come out and reassure people that he is going to be the president of all the people he insulted and offended and brushed aside.

“When you say you want to take your country back, you’ve got a lot of people who feel that we’re not represented well either. But we don’t want to feel that someone has been elected by throwing away some of us to appeal more deeply to others.

“This is a deeply painful moment tonight. I know it’s not just about race. There’s more going on than that, but race is here too and we have to talk about it.”

Jones further elaborated on his views Wednesday night in a Facebook live video.

Trump, who said in his victory speech “I will be president for all Americans,” earned the votes of 63 percent of white men and 53 percent of white women.

“Trump did best among white voters without a college degree, beating Clinton by the enormous margin of 72 percent to 23 percent,” according to a CBS News exit poll.

He also won among white, non-college-educated women 62 to 34 percent and white, college-educated men 54 to 39 percent.

Millions of white, working-class voters who live in rural and suburban areas across the country voted for Trump. In Ohio, a larger percentage of non-college-educated white voters than in most other parts of the country voted for the businessman and reality TV star.

Trump rode a wave of anger toward Washington insiders. His voters felt alienated by globalization and cultural change, and many also had racist ideals as he had the support of white supremacists.

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The demographics for Trump voters mirror those in favor of the Brexit vote, the successful campaign to get Britain out of the European Union, which he praised. The vote occurred in June.

The Trump campaign held a rally in August in Jackson, Mississippi, a predominantly Black city. His headline guest speaker was Nigel Farage, an anti-immigration key figure in the Brexit vote.

Trump tweeted on August 18:

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  • Van Jones is going to need to get over himself very quickly. Stop tearing up!!! I watched it last night and thought, “really”?

    Did he tear up when Hillary and Bill Clinton enthusiastically destroyed hundreds of thousands Black people with their 1994 Crime Bill? The Clinton’s damn agenda may have prevented scores of Black people and Latino from voting her in this election if they weren’t locked up or currently in prison because they needed to be “brought to heel” as some dogs.

    Was there shock and significance with him of the Clinton Foundation disenfranchising non White people globally and taking donations from dictators and brutal theocratic nation state leaders?

    I find this election striking of the significance of racism resonating within America. President-Elect Donald J. Trump and Democratic Party Nominee Hillary Clinton are the true representation of America, especially White America. Van Jones needs to quickly come to grip with this and begin talking about ways of rebuilding and maintaining the Black community encouraging entrepreneurship to create generational wealth building instead of running behind the Democratic Party blindly as a fool.

      • Good article, but it shows the flaw in your reasoning. There were a lot more Black and Latino eligible voters (fewer whites, which is the demographic trend of our nation), but 10% fewer democrats voted in this election versus four years ago. Clinton failed to motivate the democratic core of Black, Latino and progressive white voters. Trump did a great job of motivating undereducated and low income whites.

        I don’t think Clinton understood who her core constituency was. She’s a pampered, privileged loser. Today in The New York Times, she blamed Comey for her loss. Wrong. Comey didn’t have a top aide with an internet pervert for a spouse and sloppy email habits. Comey didn’t pick an unknown over Warren or Bernie for her running mate. Comey didn’t set a tone deaf campaign that avoided any of the difficult issues facing our society. Comey didn’t take six-figure speaking fees from Goldman Sachs and refuse to release transcripts. Comey didn’t set up an off the record meeting with the AG.

        There are two white people mostly responsible for getting Trump elected: The Clintons.

  • While I hate trump with a white hot passion that knows no bounds because he didn’t earn it and because I see him for what he is, for black people nothing’s changed.

    Another rich, old racist white man in power.

    What else is new?

    So, black people and Hispanic people who look too brown, you were getting stopped for DWB and WWB and you’ll get stopped. The cops were shooting you with increasing frequency and you’ll still get shot.

    Remember, community college is open enrollment and you can transfer to a four-year college and get a degree.

    Save as big a portion of your paycheck as you can. Emphasize education, education, education to your kids.

    We’ve survived Nixon, the Bushes, and Reagan. We’ve survived 550 years of slavery, operation, Jim Crow.

    • Hes less racist than Clinton. Trump actually has several Black friends. Hillary called them super predators. You shouldnt look at people race and make assumptions. The myth of the old rich white man being racist is just a myth. The old rich white women was more racist in this case.

  • ??????????????
    Well hopefully those who voted for him feel the sting of his incompetence and Presidential decisions just like the rest of us. This is a true turning point in AMERICAN POLITICS and sends the wrong message that it’s ok to be incompetent, dishonest, a racist, a divider and a swindler. And you can still be the President elect. Very scary for those of us with common sense.

    • Time will tell. Let the countdown to the next election begin. In the meantime, we better hold on tight and stay vigilant.

    • I agree, Mr. Trump may surprise us, but given some of the things he has said and done on the way to winning the Presidency this is indeed very scary.

  • continued (correction)… discrimination, Jim Crow, oppression, suppression, intolerance, racism, lynchings, jury nullification, fire hoses, and fire bombings.

    We’ve been saying this is a racist country and were told we were too sensitive, living in the past, or misinterpreting events. We know when they say “American”, they never mean us. Now we have video and 51% (the popular vote) of Americans didn’t vote for trump. The other 49% have ALWAYS been there and have becoming more emboldened.

    Trump made a lot of promises he can’t keep. The public is dumb, blind, and fickle with very short memories. It’s their problem now. They own this.

    Carry on.

    • Meh, your words brought me to tears! You make a very valid point! However, America did herself and its Black and Brown people a disservice – that I am struggling with an America that said no matter how far we’ve come, there are just some that so don’t want you to go further. That is a hard pill to swallow. This country is supposed to be better than this. Or, so I thought!

      • NADIDA–Remember that our country was FOUNDED ON GREED AND AVARICE.
        The soaring, lyrical introduction to the Declaration of Independence–with all its
        stirring beauty–was NEVER meant for anyone other than wealthy white male

        The oratory of the Preamble of the Constitution was not intended to secure blessings to women or any progeny of poor white folks, Blacks, Native Americans or poor, penniless immigrants of any kind.

        America has NEVER lived up to any of these documents, and this last election
        is simply a reminder that RACE CARDS are available for all who have not
        chosen their parents carefully enough!

        It is simply easier to commit Genocide of Irrelevant Humans, either by neglect
        or violence.

    • Is it coincidence that 50% of Americans pay no Federal Income Tax? They may have it withheld in payroll but get every penny and more back as credits and refunds. We cannot sustain a country where 50% do not pay their fare share of taxes.

      • You are absolutely correct. We need to repeal all the tax breaks that allow 1%-ers like Warren Buffett, Mitt Romney and Donald Trump to pay a lower effective tax rate than their secretaries. I guess I shouldn’t have included Trump In there, since he pays zero taxes.

        • Granny Bunny, I agree, although the “effective tax rate” is semantics as 5-10% of $100 million still amounts to more than paying their fair share. I would be all in favor of a flat tax rate that everyone pays, on all income without exclusions, deductions or credits. It could be a lower rate, say 5% for income under a certain level, and go up to say 20% at the highest income bracket. It would be withheld at payroll, or whenever income is paid out. That way we would not have 50% of our population paying zero federal taxes. It could also rid us of the IRS.

          • I think everyone should get $30k a year. No more SSI, Pell grants, unemployment, disability, food stamps, etc. The floor for income tax could be $50,000. Everyone above that pays 25%, including businesses and estates, no deductions. All those bureaucracies can be folded.

            It would probably self fund based on current expenditures.

  • I am so tired of this black/ white shit! give it a rest. Your the one dividing the country not the White people, every day someone is bringing up the past racism crap Mr. Van Jones. We need Change, change can be scary but also positive we will just have to wait but stop with the racism shit everyone.

    • WOW racism as a myth. This myth was just proven last night. The worst candidate in recent history just won and you dispute racism???????????????
      WOW. It is people like you that got Trump elected.
      Hopefully he will affect your life just as negatively as the rest of us.

      • is having a Uni degree the guarantee of enlightenment..Trump has one!

        overwhelming racism..but a black man was elected TWICE as president..with solid majorities

    • Poor HopeforUnity — Please take a walk or journey back through the last 24 months leading up to this election (live in the moment) and then I challenge you to express your desire for Hope for Unity and live up to that name. That is my greatest challenge to you.

    • Spoken from someone who has CLEARLY never experienced the racism of a Black or brown person. When you are be born black and live to the age you are now, then you will be qualified to give your opinion of racism. You think it doesn’t happen now? Open your eyes.

  • I agree with Van Jones’ comments, but also believe there is an even bigger elephant in the room. In addition to “White-lash,” there was also “Man-Lash,” as the gender divide in the voting was unprecedented, and we saw the first credible woman candidate viciously attacked through this seemingly-interminable campaign, just as she has been — on and off — throughout her decades in public life. There were clear double standards at many times during the campaign. Even worse, Clinton was called — among other pejoratives — a witch, a bitch, even the “C-Word,” and vilified for her husband’s sexual misconduct. We saw those same double standards during the 2008 campaign, only it didn’t get as vicious then, probably because Hillary’s opponent then was Barack Obama and not the no-holds-barred Trump.

    • Had she avoided criminal influence-peddling, making her family a hundreds million $ or so, and lied less, It could have helped her. Also, insulting people as “deplorables” is hardly ever an detective way to win them over!

        • And the president-elect didn’t? Besides groping women, degrading women, persecuting Muslims, demeaning Black Americans – president-elect Donald had no other public life to vilify. Yes, HRC and the Clinton Foundation made millions, and GAVE just as many away. This dude took billions, and kept them for himself. She used a server that she shouldn’t. Yet not one of the leaked emails was from her. And for that poor, uneducated Americans handed this country over to a bullying coward. A joke! A pondered of flesh and others he determined was beneath him.
          HopeforUnity – this country has been racially divided since Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. It appears that you want Black Americans, any other Americans that are not white, to simply rollover. Well, that can’t and will not happen. First, step could be that we admit that the ideology of too many White Americans – MUST change, as it relates to race and get rid of that word when we talk about the ethnicity of others. There is one race…called the Human race!
          Too many white Americans still thinking and hoping that we just get over it need to get over it. It is not going to happen. Ask a person of Jewish descent to get over the holocaust. You wouldn’t dare! So, may be another way to heal this divide is to start by reparations to persons of African descent. Start treating African Americans like you treat and have treated Jewish Americans, skipping the part when white Americans discriminated against them too.

          • So democracy is acceptable only when your preferred candidato prevails.
            Do you have proof they gave away as much? Seem pretty damn 0.000001% of The 1% for supposed “públic servants”.

        • Visconti:

          Oh, come on—if anything, trumpf is the real elitist–he just knows how to hide it better than others,that’s all. He put on that “tough guy” image throughout the campaign, but the truth is, he was born into more wealth than Clinton even was, and has always had a silver spoon in his mouth,as they used to say,from day one. . Funny how people forget how trumpf used his famous name and his (unaccredited) fake Trump University seminars to bilk hard-working people out of thousands of dollars for five years straight, which prompted at least three class action lawsuits. (All of whom he was forced to settle recently—since he’s claimed that he never settles, I guess that was hard for him to admit.)

          • All of the president elect’s faults underscore how incompetent and unqualified she was. Hillary and that ghastly husband of hers are responsible for what happens next. Bernie, Biden, maybe even Booker would have won.

    • Charity Dell

      GRANNYBUNNY–You got the TRUE revelation!
      So many folks were scared to death of a female in the Oval Office. But they just
      traded their dreams for another NIGHTMARE.

      But guess what? Now we have an under-educated, unexperienced wannabe in the
      Oval Office, who has never had to work with anyone before….and all those Washington
      insiders The Dumpy Don scorned will now be HIS bosses. All those territorial right-wing
      Hitlerians are not about to work with anything they don’t think worthy of their time.

      Donald is ALONE and has NO friends or real mentors to help him learn the job
      he was never qualified to do. There is no time to earn an MPA (Master’s in Public Administration) and no time get a crash course in public policy analysis.

      He will not have the luxury of pursuing some stupid emails nobody cares about!
      How will Malibu-Barbie Blond Ocean Wave Comb-over fix Wall Street?
      What happens when the CIA and NSA get tired of his Bromance With Putrid Putin?

      The Dumpy Donmeister is literally up the creek of the Potomac, and he does not
      know how to row, even if he owned a kayak!

      • Charity Dell:

        So true, so true. He needs to get a reality check from his staff and be told that the job is something he’s going to have to actually DO, not just pass on to others when he’s tired of it. He talked the talk,now he’s going to have to show and prove by walking the actual walk, since he obviously dosen’t know where the heck he’s going..This is not an episode of the “Apprentice” he can just walk out of .

    • Smoke/Fire. She is attacked based on her illegal actions. However, she has never been held responsible until Tuesday night. Enough people finally woke up and paid attention. This has noting to do with race. Contrary to popular belief, white people do not sit up at night trying to create ways to keep blacks down. THAT is the myth. Are there racists out there? You bet, but they come in all colors. Some of the hateful comments I see on this site are proof. Give me a self reliant, engaged person that is accountable for their actions and that’s all I want.

      • That’s an amazing fantasy that you’re spinning. More than half of prisoners are Black and Latino, household wealth for Black people is one eleventh that of white people ( How would your family do if daddy was either in prison or convicted felon?), of the 420 former death row prisoners exonerated by DNA reassessment of their conviction, two thirds were Black. The entire subprime crisis, which caused the worst recession since 1934, was built on discrimination against Black and Latino households – billions of dollars in fines were paid for that discrimination.

        No measurement of any center of power – governmental, corporate, clergy, military, law-enforcement are Black people represented fairly. Either Black people are inferior/defective or our system is.

        So which is it? Are you an ignoramus or a racist?

        • Neither Luke. Everything you point to is a cultural issue. How is it that so many blacks are successful, employed, parents, etc. Are they the outliers? Or is it that that just elected to use their freedoms to be self sufficient and self accountable. I can tell you that companies go to great length to ensure that pay is fair and equal among all employees. If someone is earning less its due to choices they have made. I know people will get pissed at that. There are plenty of blacks that come from low income areas that are successful. There are plenty of blacks that come from high income areas that are successful. Those in prison, the vast majority of the time, are there due to their own actions and crimes. I don’t care what your color is. If you want to work hard, take care of your home and family, then come live next to me. Until the culture that denigrates education and labels people as uncle Toms is eradicated, there will always be victims.

          • “I can tell you that companies go to great length to ensure that pay is fair and equal among all employees. If someone is earning less its due to choices they have made”

            Funniest thing I have heard all day!

          • Luke,

            How is it arrogance? If I choose to see a person for who they are and not label them, that is wrong. If I see someone for the content of their character vs the color of their skin I’m a bigot? Its how you live your life. If I want to associate with people that choose to do good work, for themselves and others, race does not come into the equation.

          • Luke, maybe you misunderstand me. Its not that I don’t care. Its that to me the race does not define the individual. Its how they live their lives. Do they operate with integrity. Are the self reliant. Are they accountable for their actions. My point was that I do not automatically discount someone based on race, gender, etc.

          • But it’s not up to you. It’s up to the individual.

            Nobody gets to decide if race, gender, orientation or any attribute of another person is important or not.

          • “Nobody gets to decide if race, gender, orientation or any attribute of another person is important or not.”

            Except Luke and the other SJWs here! (LOL). (rest edited out)

          • Kyle;

            FYI, black people have ALWAYS had to deal with racism, no matter how intelligent,hard-working and how much they play by the rules. That’s what you obviously don’t understand. Being good decent citizens didn’t keep Philando Castille or Trayvon Martin from being shot and killed, or many other black people who were shot and killed by the police.

      • Kyle:

        Oh, come on. Clinton had already been investigated for Bengazi and those e-mails for damn near three years. She was not found guilty of ANYTHING, period and no charges were pressed against her. trumpf kept harping on that because he knew he rally didn’t have a lot to offer candidate wise, and he knew it.

        • The emails got her in the end – as I predicted when the problem first surfaced. You can’t have an email problem and a nonprofit problem and a Goldman Sachs speech problem and refuse to have press conference problem and a fainting spell problem and a creepy spouse meeting with the AG problem AND a failure to talk about the pressing issues (Flint, Ferguson, voting rights) that are concerning people. The president elect has all sorts of problems, but he consistently talked about the problems of his core constituency.

          She ran as an entitled “shoe-in”, he ran as a candidate.

  • They believed trump’s hype & drank the koolaide. Father forgive them for they know not what they did.

  • For me, the election wasn’t about race. It was about values, conservative values. It was about freedom of religion, abortion, gay marriage and turning back from a godless liberal agenda.

    Before you start labeling me and calling me names, please remember, we need to listen to one another. Freedom of speech is an important right and these are conversations we need to have. We should not immediately label or bully one another. We can have different views but must figure out how to work together going forward.

    • I agree but we are supposed to forget that he is a racist, a divider, pervert, xenophobe?? Are these conservative values?? Must be.

    • Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

      Patti, “freedom of religion” does not mean the power to force YOUR religion’s beliefs on abortion, gay marriage, and other topics on the rest of America. All those of us who disagree with you on these issues (for many of us, BECAUSE OF our own religious beliefs) have a right to live a full life too as full American citizens, without being subjected to refusal to license marriages, refusal to end an unwanted pregnancy (or even provide birth control), etc., because of YOUR religion’s opinions.

      • Thank you. “Conservative” used to mean in favor of limited government. Many of today’s so-called conservatives want a theocracy, with Government controlling the most intimate areas of our lives, based on the teachings of a single religion, the exact opposite of true conservatism.

        • Grannybunny, how ironic, I have been called a liberal, and that the Liberals want too much government intrusion also!

    • Patti –

      No name calling. But I would like you to explain to me how the following are conservative values. Or values of any kind. And without bringing religion into it, please. Because not everyone is Christian, but good people everywhere can/should agree that hating others for their otherness is not a good thing.

      1. Racism
      2. Misogyny
      3. Xenophobia – when you say it’s about freedom of religion, let’s be honest. What you’re really saying is Christianity should be elevated above all else. You don’t give a flying flip about anyone else’s freedom of religion. How about freedom from your religion? How about separation of church and state?
      4. Homophobia – why are you so afraid of love? What does it even matter to you personally? It really doesn’t affect you – you’ve just been brainwashed to think it does. A gay couple being married is a sign of their commitment to one another. Just like your marriage to a man.
      5. Sexual assault
      6. Pedophilia / child rape.
      7. Dishonesty in business
      8. Making fun of disabled people

      This is what your candidate represents. He allowed people to show how truly ignorant and cruel they are/can be. He was endorsed by the KKK. Even if he pivots and shows that he was just shining you all on, it’s still terrible for kind, rational and thinking humans who love people for and in spite of their differences.

      • Michelle.
        You are right on and I couldn’t have said it better. The God that I believe in treats everyone equal regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, class, religion, etc. The God that conservatives believe in is completely opposite. The right of freedom of religion and the free exercise clause provides the ability for all people to practice or not practice any religion and prohibits any one religion from forcing their beliefs on others. If people claim to be Christians or religious they should follow the teachings of God who said to “love your neighbor as yourself.” There was no caveat on that lesson that required them to be white, Christian, Republican, cisgender and heterosexual.

        Your religion does not get to dictate what I do with MY body, who I love, or what gender I am. We need to accept everyone for who they are as a person not who they love, what color their skin is, their immigration status, their gender identity, political beliefs or their religious beliefs.

    • The election, like most issues in this country was most certainly about race and real christian values, not just political issues – of abortion and gay marriage.

      There is a reason, that God asks us not to judge others.

      And “Godless” is ignoring the tenets of being good to our neighbors, helping the poor, etc. and treating anyone that doesn’t look like you as less than human.

    • Patti,

      Please do not think I am bullying you, but when you say “freedom of religion” do you just mean Christianity or freedom to choose the religion of my choice? There are hundreds of religions in the world but it seems that most Americans wants to promote only one religion which is what we tried to escape when we came here from England years ago.

      I agree that we can have different views but must figure out how to work together going forward, but it has to be an open an honest dialog and we must get past the I am right and you are wrong mentality which has been so prevalent in this election cycle.

      I saw family members viscously attacking one another verbally for having different views, and it is continuing today. This has absolutely got to stop as it is tearing the country apart.

    • Charity Dell

      PATTI–Even if you see your values become reality in legislation, that still won’t fix all the economic problems faced by most Americans. I hate to disappoint you, but when the Republicans controlled both houses under Reagan, they did NOT overturn Roe vs. Wade.
      That was back in the 1980’s; and the Republicans did not even TRY to overturn the
      abortion laws.

      The simple reason for that is–abortion had to be an option available for their white daughters when these young ladies became pregnant with Jamal’s baby; Omar’s baby; Kicking Bear’s baby; or any other non-white father’s baby. ABORTION HAS ALWAYS EXISTED FOR WEALTHY WHITE GIRLS TO DISPOSE OF EMBARRASSING BABIES.

      ABORTION ALSO EXISTS FOR ECONOMIC REASONS, especially if Daddy ain’t got
      a job to support little Meghan or little Michael; or Mommy cannot or will not marry
      Daddy; or state/county welfare agencies have no money TO SUPPORT THE CHILDREN
      BORN OUT OF WEDLOCK. And conservatives who claim they are “pro-life” typically
      REFUSE TO SUPPORT THE BABIES–poor white and non-white–WHO DO ARRIVE.

      Do you honestly believe White America will give up that option?

        • Charity Dell

          DAWN–Which part was naughty? Which paragraph? :-)
          Naughtiness to speak the unvarnished truth has sometimes unbridled
          my otherwise well-bred and refined keyboard….LOL:-)

    • How much listening are you doing when you say things like “godless liberal agenda”. That is not keeping an open mind, that is called labeling. Follow your own advise to not immediately label a perspective “godless” or anything else. That’s when the real listening begins. That my view.

  • Stop the racist talk? Really this “race” issue is not an issue of the past it is very much current! Unless you’re dumb enough to think that the “ending” of slavery was really the end. It was a turning point yes but racism should never be illustrated as “past.” It is very much current, black people are being shot, under paid, bullied by the media. This is not an issue of the past it is present. So how can we stop?! Trump’s win alone glorifies that you can be racist and sexist and it’s ok. This is not ok at all. Running a Trump tower is not the same as running a freaking country. This is not Comedy Central this is not Twitter it’s real life!

  • My father used to tell me you will learn more about a person’s character in defeat than you ever will in victory. Everyone that voted for Trump is not a racists, uneducated or a ‘sell out’ he carried more minority votes in many areas than Romney. Clinton failed to match the minority and women votes President Obama obtained in ’12. Without hard statistical facts to support my next statement, but I would venture to say that some of those voters that went to Trump are not racists or any other negative adjective being thrown at them. Hopefully, over time many of those upset at Clinton’s loss will remember that each person is allowed to vote their conscious and values even if you don’t agree with them. No elected President ever won 100% of the electoral college or populace vote. Hopefully, the mood will lighten once we realize the sun will still rise in the morning by Inauguration.

    • Andy, good comment. But why are people continuing to compare HRC’s numbers to those of President Obama’s? She was never going to get the same or better numbers as the president in some demographics. Her unlikeable numbers, if polls are to be believed (this is a joke), because she wasn’t as “likeable”. Whatever the hell that means. In addition, this political cycle was about personality. Some folks don’t even know why they don’t like her. Yet, she rec’d more votes then he did. But that too didn’t matter. The electoral college be damn! While many who voted for him may not be racists, but he appears to be. He appears to be a lot of things, and NONE of them are good. And while those that voted for him feel good about their choice, the MAJORITY of those that didn’t must live with the choice of the MINORITY! Who never mattered, until now!

  • What is The proposed solución? Remove The right to vote from “uneducated” ( non brainwashed?) White males? Or females Too?

    • Absolutely not! But when we cast a vote is it not our responsibility to consider the masses, as well? To want for my sister or bother, the same things that I want for myself? To put a person in the White House that is not only capable, but willing and desiring to make everyone’s life, a better one? Someone, acknowledging that they may not know everything; someone capable of apologizing? This guy is not going to do that – not because he is unwillingly to, but he is incapable of…..

  • Betty Pizarro

    Oh my ! These are dangerous times. Many will behave like Trump and will try to degrade, bully and intimidate minority. These next four years may be worse than Jim Crow era.

    These Trump voters will have to deal with this divisive and corrupt leader who grops women without permission, bully and degrade others.

    Now we need to deal with his illegal wife exactly as he wanted to do with immigrants. Let’s kick her out and send her back since she broke the law by working without a permit.

  • Could someone please explain what conservative values Donald Trump represents?

    • Trump isn’t much of a conservative, he’s maybe more of a traditionalist patriotic authoritarian populist. His main appeal to many true conservatives was his list of potential Supreme Court nominees. Neither Trump nor Clinton seem to be decent human beings, but for conservatives, Trump’s election seemed less harmful to the nation.

    • NEILL–These are Trump’s “conservative values”:

      1. Worship MAMMON at all times, in all places, in every arena of human life.

      2. Think with your genitalia, at all times.

      3. Civility is unnecessary for life. Micro and macro-aggressions are the
      spice of life!

      4. Only your tribe is important. Forget your neighbors of other tribes.

      5. Make war, not logic. Empty your nation’s coffers for endless wars.

  • This election result has proven that for those whose hope was places in a more inclusive America were dashed by the forces that have fought against that INCLUSION from the beginning of the country. These are the same people that were at the Constitutional Convention that counted male slaves at 3/5’s a person and thought of Native Americans as savages. These are the same people that perpetrated the business of slavery and fought a war to separate from the country to protect their “states rights”. These are the same people that reverted to White Supremacy after they lost the Civil War and imposed Jim Crow on African Americans for almost 100 years to protect it. These are the same people that killed off most of the Native Americans and put the rest of reservation. These are the same people that set up restrictive covenants and set up laws that prevented African American servicemen returning from World War II from enjoying the fruits offered by the GI BILL for veterans, and argued that everyone should “pull themselves up by their bootstraps”. These are the same Dixiecrats that fought Civil Rights bills, Voting Rights bills, provided excuses to fly the Confederate battle flag and prevented Anti-Lynching legislation from coming up in Congress. After those bills were passed by northern Democrats and moderate Republican, jumped ship in protest to form the modern Republican Party and support Nixon’s Southern Strategy. These are the same people that fought Gay Rights and Marriage Equality. These are the same people that were the “party of NO” to every idea that President Obama put forth, whether they once supported the idea or not. NOW, these same people have elected a sexist, racist, misogynistic, bully to be the president of the most DIVERSE country in the world. We ALL have to live with your choice. History is a funny thing, the FACTS are there in the books for all to read and interpret. As a person of color, WE have overcome all obstacles that were placed in our path before. If history serves me correctly, right may have setbacks, but always wins in the end. Enjoy the “White-lash” This TOO shall pass…….

  • I don’t see this as White-lash, I see it as a total rebuke of the insider ruling class.

    I’m no Trump lover…. and I certainly don’t think he champions my conservative values.

    But I think people looked at the Clinton Foundation, and Chelsea getting a $600K job she wasn’t qualified for, and the state of the middle East, and the clear pay-to-play connections between the State Department and her family foundation, and The tons of lies she’s been caught in and voted for an “outsider”.

    It’s just too bad that Trump was that supposed outsider…….. He’s just as much a part of the machine, just feeding from a different teet.

    Personally, I’d have no issue voting for a Black person or a woman who held the same values I do. There just wasn’t one running.

    Two of my sons just participated in their first presidential election, and we had a lot of discussion about the fact that both major parties put up such undeserving candidates.

    We need to do better. If the Democrats put up an honest/honorable person and the Republicans put up another Trump, the Democrats will have my vote.

  • The world is now laughing at America we just put a buffoon in office. No longer are we a nation with dignity and self-respect.

  • America is doomed. The Devil is hard at work. Yes there needs to be change, but Donald Trump is definitely not it. God bless us all. By tge way the commentators on this site who claim it is not a race issue, it sure is. When you are not the oppressed it is so easy to say it’s not about race. Look at all the racial tensions that were seen during this presidential campaign… freedom of speech was only created for certain Americans. Let’s be honest, Blacks were Never meant to be citizens of this country. We have been fighting for equal rights since slavery ended. Yes conditions have gotten better, but just because we are not wearing shackles doesn’t mean the unfair treatment and injustices have ended. Trump has shown us who he is and yet certain Americans has given this inexperienced man power over our lives…. I am just praying for the best.

  • Lee, grannybunny and Patti present a plethora of relevant issues and profound perspectives. Van Jones needs to think with his mind instead of his emotions. His mischaracterization of the election as “WHITELASH” fails to acknowledge the “BLACKLASH” (and BACKLASH) Blacks experienced with that betraying Obamanation. After he helped decrease double-digit unemployment for white folks, he reneged (or reNIGGed) on his promises to decrease double-digit BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT and consequently forced many to welfare. He was president for ALL PEOPLE except Blacks.
    . Then, he was the bi-poster child for LFBTQ rights and forced GAY RIGHTS down our throats threatening to cut school funding because a transgender pervert wants to use the bathrooms of the opposite sex. While this was NORMAL for him, it’s NOT for Christians whose rights are being abused and trampled in a Blitzkrieg by the Gaystoppel (aka The Gay Nazi Brigade).
    . As a Christian, I have no illusions about racist AmeriKKKa being a country established on “Christian” or biblical principles. But to Michelle, unlike radical, hate-filled, terrorist Muslim countries, in America, you are allowed to practice any other GUTTER or. FALSE religion without being killed for apostasy. When President Beelzebub forces Christians to pay for some broke-ass slut’s and baby daddy’s abortion and mislabel it “healthcare” (instead of DON’T CARE) that is an Obamination. This perverted pimp of a president has enough money in his trust fund to pay out of his own pockets for Sally’s, Shaqetha’s, Tyrone’s and Tyler’s abortions. If he can pimp rich white folks out of $119 million to get into the White House, he can pimp them for his private abortion clinic.
    . I’m sick of Black folks crying and pandering to the lowest morals; start thinking with your minds and develop strategies for whatever comes with tRUMP.

    • ZAZIJAMS–Here’s a few thoughts for you:

      1. Roe vs. Wade will most likely remain, simply because these so-called “Christian conservatives” do not think out-of-wedlock babies deserve to live. This is especially true after the 2010 census showed that 50.4 per cent of children one year old and younger
      are non-white and/or multiethnic babies. Abortion MUST remain an option for young white
      girls and women.

      Please see what I wrote to PATTI.

      2. LGBQT rights will be rendered a non-issue, because in the overall scheme of things,
      the LGBQT population is much smaller than other minority populations. That’s exactly
      why that legislation was “allowed” to get through by the Republican conservatives.

      3. By the time The Dumpy Donmeister shows up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he
      will wish that he HAD a religion other than UNBRIDLED AVARICE, which is his TRUE
      religion. There is no one available to save the Malibu-Barbie Blond Trickster from
      himself. He did not prepare in 48 years of living for anything OTHER than stealing from
      workers and contractors, and hiring herds of LYING LAWYERS to do the rest. The
      Dumpster does not have a CLUE about running a government and is not likely to get
      one within the next four years.

      4. With the Republicans in control of the HOUSE OF REPREHENSIBLES and SINNIT,
      YEARS. They will not be saved from themselves, as they will be DRUNK with the ELIXIR
      OF ABSOLUTE POWER. Those who get drunk on power will become its victims.

      5. Dumpy Don is now a target of assassination from an array of actors, domestic and
      foreign. He is not safe now, nor will he ever be. He enraged and mocked all those
      other Great White Male Hopes, who ALSO have huge egos and territories to protect.
      He will experience EVERYTHING he shelled out to others, including his flagrant disrespect
      for the Office of the President. There are already spontaneous protests by all these
      millenials in America’s streets. Inauguration Day is NOT going to be a party….

      6. That Alt-Right Neo-Nazi/Neo-Aryan/KKK/White Brotherhood Horse he rode into
      the election has now evaporated, and will not follow him to Washington, DC, where he
      is, and always will be, an OUTSIDER. The White Racist Cabal has gone back home
      to their jobless communities and bare cupboards. Dumpy Don cannot and will not give
      them a job, and may cut their welfare benefits and social security checks. General Motors just announced they will layoff 2000 workers in guess where? OHIO.

      7. The Dumpster is alone with no friends–and no education or relevant experience–in a hostile ocean full of orcas and sharks who will chew him up and spit him out, sacrificing
      him to THEIR career ambitions. If he survives assassination attempts, he will NOT survive
      the effects of severe stress on his body–and more than Clairol will be needed to retain
      his hair.

      The Dumpy Donmeister is now at his highest level of incompetence. It just gets worse
      for him, from this day forward. It’s hard to navigate without a compass; it’s harder
      still to survive an ocean of treacherous currents, massive waves and super storms
      without a boat!

      • Abortion is murder, plain and simple. With modern ultrasound technology, anyone that sees the 3 D pics and says otherwise is truly the devil. If it comes down to saving a mother’s life, she should be the one to choose. Any other option is murder.

        • You have the right to hold and disseminate that opinion and to guide yourself accordingly. However, you do not have the right to force others who do not share that opinion to abide by it.

          • Granny Bunny, when its murder, its not forcing my opinion. Its murder. You can see the heartbeat, finders and toes, even a thumb in the mouth at 4 months. People will do partial birth abortions at 9 months. When my wife was pregnant with our son, I used to sing my college fight song to her tummy. He would start kicking as he reacted to the stimuli. That was at 5 months. Where do you draw the line on life. Abortion should not be used as a contraceptive. If you make a baby, you should deliver it. Put it up for adoption but at least don’t murder it.

  • I am so disappointed after hearing this. There has been a double standard threw this election. This by far is the most racist thing I have heard yet. When I was a young boy reporters reported and now it’s mostly a left wing view and if you don’t agree your a nut. If a white reporter had something like this when Obama was elected they would be fired. What makes America great is everyone can have there oun view. You don’t have to agree but at least respect for each others choices. Whites, Blacks, or Latinos didn’t elect him Americans did.

    Getting beat is just part of life but the vote is over. You can spend your time complaining or do something constructive. All I every hear in this site is excuses and no solutions. If you spent as much time helping your fellow man the world would be a better place.

    I’m sure some will say after reading this some racist remark like white privilege. Does anyone really think that helps or brings use closer together. All I know is this I am white/Native America raised in a poor black neighborhood by a good mother and married to a good woman and both are black strong woman. I don’t see them as black They are just the woman I love they just happen to be black. Truly wish people could see each other the way I do. When I see someone of color I just see another person and don’t even think about color.

    I spend a lot of my time teaching my trade to young men in my old neighborhood. A lot of these young men work for them self now. Stop complaining and do something that helps.

    God bless all.

    • Mr Flanery, just the fact that you mentioned that what Van said was racist means you just dont get it. So no matter how many black people you associate yourself with and the fact that you had to mention the races of the black women that you are associated with and the fact that you mentioned what the left wing media does means you just don’t get it. Most people who give the argument ( I have black friends) end up being hidden bigots. The truth about Donald Trump has nothing to do with the media Mr Flanery, it is who he is. Please don’t talk down to folks when you really dont know what you are talking about. The stop complaining talk was really uncalled for as you identified yourself as White and Native American. But I am sure it is White first as most African Americans also have native American somewhere in there background but I am really just black as apparently you are really just White. None of thsi was said to be mean, just wish people would get their facts right because the one advantage/disadvantage that black people have is we see things as they really are.

    • Ray – “You don’t have to agree but at least respect for each others choices.” The biggest problem is….we do not – and should not – have respect for the choices of the man who is now going to be president. He chooses to belittle truly anybody he wants to, for whatever reason he wants to. He chooses to use his “power” to sexually abuse whatever woman he wants to. To “do something constructive” or “do something that helps” – HOW DO WE HELP? We’re stuck. He will be president. It is appalling…embarrassing…scary.
      I agree. God bless all. And God help our nation.

  • I find myself struggling to understand how people who say they voted based on their conservative and Christian values voted for this man who displayed none of those things during his run for President. I’m not sure we all watched the same thing and I think many heard what they wanted to hear. We tell our children not to bully and yet he was the biggest bully out there. We tell our children to learn to communicate with other people and be respectful and he disrespected the disabled, immigrants, African and Latino Americans, women, other candidates, their spouses and even the father of a candidate. He hasn’t shown the temperament to lead and shows how thin skinned he is. He picked fights with female news anchors, Gold Star parents, was condescending and mean spirited to pretty much anyone and everyone who didn’t agree with him or bow at the altar of his self-proclaimed greatness. He said some sort of punishment should exist for women who choose to have an abortion but it didn’t seem he was even well versed when making the statement in understanding the nuances of that issue. He said he’s a change agent but historically has been an insider. He said he would watch out for those who felt they had no voice and fight for the little guy but he’s spent his working career not paying the little guy for fair work for contracts entered into fairly. He started a university that was just a money scheme that targeted specific groups that were looking to succeed and do well for their families. He’s made disgusting comments about women and his treatment of them. At any other time if women came forward to say that a candidate had groped or touched them inappropriately the candidate would’ve been denounced, and while people ‘said’ they didn’t like it they could put that to the side because while it bothered their moral conscious, some at least, it wasn’t something they would hold against him.

    So this says what to women who were the victim of sexual assault? This says what to our children who were watching and listening? How does this impact the lessons we try and teach them? How does this impact how they look at us when we say they should do the honorable and right thing and yet people were able to leave their morals at the door and vote for someone who displayed a remarked tendency to disrespect whole groups of people and groups?

    We tell our children to be good people but how do we judge what’s good, by actions. Trump showed who he is and what he believes and again, people heard and saw different things. I heard bigotry and misogyny in his comments, I didn’t need someone to tell me what he ‘meant’ after every vile comment he made or explain to me how I didn’t hear what I thought I just heard.

    So now he says, and wants us to believe, that he wants to be the President for ‘ALL’ Americans. It’s hard to stomach he actually means that based on his behavior throughout the campaign and his words. Words have meaning and you can’t just wipe away everything you’ve said and done and expect people to believe you. He’ll have to show, not tell, what kind of President he’ll be. I don’t want to dwell too much on his person because I’ve had to see his actions and listen to his words which showed who he is for well over a year.

    He says he’ll govern for all so lets see who he surrounds himself with because that will tell the tale. Will he try and make Rudy Giuliani, an advocate of stop and frisk who has a horrible track record with minorities, Attorney General? Will he continue to take the advisement of Newt Gingrich, Steve Bannon and Chris Christie and have them on his team? All of these things signal and say a lot about who he is. The best leaders don’t just surround themselves with those who think as they do but those who bring a different perspective to challenge them. He has not shown that he likes to be challenged so we’ll see what happens.

    President’s should be people who create inspiration and aspiration in us. What he’s shown has done neither in my opinion but he won fairly. This should be a wake up call to all of us. We have to take a stronger position in our country and elect the kind of people who are reflective of all of us. It’s important to stay engaged in what’s happening in local, state and national elections and push for change and change agents that are representative of the full and changing electorate. If we don’t like the ‘changes’ we see then we have mid-term elections coming up in 2 years, I would implore people to stay engaged and vote and use the power of voting to let our voices be heard.

    This has always been a nation of immigrants and different beliefs. No one group is better or more deserving to be here than another, we all came from someplace else. The sooner we learn to embrace each other as fellow Americans and stop fearing the change and diversity that is taking place, the sooner we see each other as people first and stop seeing people who don’t look as we do or worship as we do as ‘others’ or ‘interlopers’, the sooner we learn to live the values of our respective religions and beliefs, the better off we’ll all be in this country. My hope is that this President learns that sooner rather than later and that he learns that words have power. My hope is that he relies on his better angels and not his base instincts to lead. Now he has a bigger platform and pulpit and if he truly wants us to all join together he’ll need to ‘lead’ by example and learn to understand the full scope of what the office he’ll be taking means and how it’ll impact the lives of the younger generation who will follow. He’ll need to listen to those around him, even those who’s voices and opinions don’t match his, to make well-rounded and considerate decisions. That’s my hope.

  • On a lighter side. Has anyone looked at how the presidency ages people?? I am talking about people who have been in politics for years prior to becoming president or have served in the military prior to. he is already one of the oldest people to be elected to this office. So, how is the stress and strain of the highest office in the land going to effect the don. Its done, the election is over, the electoral college has spoken and the victor is one who got the most of those votes. Maybe a system that was set up to keep certain states from electing those with the popular vote needs to be changed. What ever, it is done and over. May God have mercy on us and keep us and may we learn how to keep each other in times such as this.

    • Lois, the person with the most votes, is NOT the president-elect. HRC has more raw votes then “the don”. I completely agree with EVERYTHING else that you stated! Only a miracle will end this nightmare.

      • Nadida,
        Do you understand why the founders created the EC rather than just the popular vote? Its worked for 240 years. Just because it didn’t turn out your was doesn’t mean we should change it. Hell, if we use just popular vote then only Cali, NY, TX, FL and a few other states would be relevant.

  • People, people, people the groping pu_ _y trump is the president elect he’s been elected because God allowed it nothing happens without God’s knowledge. USA have turned it’s back on God did you think he was going to allow this country to be great without acknowledging who He is?
    The groping pu_ _ y trump is not in control, don’t be alarmed we must go through this but I will say pray pray pray.

    • I’ll bet most of the people who met their fate in Nazi concentration camps, or dangling from a KKK noose, or burned to death from a slightly off-target bomb in the Iraq War, were all praying.

  • The Presidency will not affect the Don because he is incapable of doing the job. He can’t name one world leader except Putin. He will have his children, Guiliani, Christie, Pence and anyone else to do his work. Remember he has a low attention span and has no intention of brushing up on the facts that have, thus far, eluded him. Therefore, he will age just fine.

    • Charity Dell

      ELVERA–The Presidency is ALREADY weighing on Trump–look at his face when he
      met with Obama. Does that face look jubilant or even HAPPY? Does he really appear
      like the Triumphant Victor of The American Electorate, ready to “ride to glory” into
      the Oval Office? ;-) I think the enormity of the office was just beginning to sink in….

      By the time he came out of that 90-minute meeting–the meeting he wanted to “go longer”–he needed some anti-migraine medication….and a calendar full of mentoring sessions
      with the incumbent President. He has but a couple of months to learn how to be a head-of-state–a demanding office which can “break” the strongest of us.

      He will do well to survive two years without impeachment, disgrace or Terminal Elimination
      By Dissatisfied Parties. And his face and hair (if he has some left) will show the
      inevitable effects of aging–unless he can sneak the “Lifetime Lift” surgeons and a laser
      into his suites at Camp David during those presidential vacations! :-)

        • Charity Dell

          LUKE–I believe that having to deal with Mitch McConnell MUST be the


          I think we can deal with terrorists* this way:

          A. Tie prisoner down to chair, place duct tape on mouth.
          B. Release Mitch McConnell into the room.
          C. Instruct Mitch McConnell to talk about anything and everything
          that he wants to, for four hours–especially his views on politics.
          D. Give lunch and bathroom break to prisoner and Mitch. Serve high-grade
          black coffee to prisoner.
          E. Repeat steps A-C.
          F. Instruct Mitch to explain to prisoner–in exquisite detail–how to
          make any head of state a “one-term president.”
          G. Untie prisoner and remove duct tape after the fourth hour.

          The prisoner will now be ready to divulge any and all information, in exchange
          for solitary confinement away from Mitch McConnell. No waterboarding is
          required. *This method may, however be banned by the Geneva Convention
          under the category of Cruel and Unusual Punishment.

          Got Mitch?

  • It is interesting to me that those who claim that Blacks ‘need to get over the racism thing’, and that it is rare to see examples of racism, are white people who have never experienced it.

    It’s like a baby claiming that he knows how to be an adult.

  • First of all my mother lives on a reservation in Arizona pretty sure that makes me Native American. I look more this Hispanic than anything. Most white people think I am mixed because the woman who raised me is black. All I was trying to say is until we stop looking at each other as black white or what ever nothing will change. Anytime someone makes a statement based on race its racist no matter who makes it.

    My wife seen this on Facebook not to long ago
    Not every African American man is a thug
    Not every Hispanic man is illegal
    Not every Muslim man is a terrorist
    Not every White man is a bigot

    • Charity Dell

      RAY–I am African-American of Portuguese, Middle Eastern AND Native American descent
      on both sides! I LOOK (to various people) Moroccan, Egyptian, Igbo, Ethiopian, Afro-Indigenous (those Seminole/Ogumilke cheekbones, I guess!), Malaysian, Puerto Rican,
      Brazilian, Bamileke, Dominican, Libyan and a few other genetic combinations in my
      face. :-)

      It’s perfectly fine for you to perceive me as any of those categories, to SEE me as
      Black, Afro-Indigenous, Dominican, Igbo, etc. That is fine, because I AM many of
      these groups–people see me through the lens not only of their culture, but also through
      their own EXPERIENCES of cultures other than their own. So that literally “colors”
      their perception of me as belonging to whatever ethnocultural group they are most familiar with.

      The problem is that people raised to be racist–or in extremely isolated areas–tend to
      see the “other” as some kind of exotic specimen of Homo sapiens that they have to
      pigeonhole for their ease of reference. Many humans need to feel superior to someone
      else to feel validated in some way. You were NOT raised this way, so you do not understand the irrational nonsense that goes with the racist mindset. You do see the
      person’s ethnicity, but it simply does not occur to you to fear/hate/pigeonhole/discriminate
      against people.

      I ENJOY the variety of humans on this planet, who reflect to me, the marvelous design
      of a Creator Whose artistry equipped us with gene/chromosome combinations of
      infinite beauty and variety within the human family. But I was also RAISED this way,
      by Christian parents–one of whom was a civil rights advocate–and in a Black church that
      accepted everyone and really didn’t care what you looked like, since every color, hair texture, phenotype, body type and eye shade was ALSO represented in the church.

      Don’t worry about these racist trolls–they lead stunted lives and are deprived of the
      pleasure of enjoying the rainbow family of human beings. VARIETY is what gives
      humans their BEAUTY. I hope I get to meet you and your family one day! We’ll have us
      some barbecue, ribs, potato salad, iced tea, fried chicken, curry chicken, seafood,
      arroz con pollo, gondules….:-)

  • Jones has spent the last eight years helping the intolerant bigot in the White House demonize whites as the racist xenophobes, solely responsible for the utter failure of the left’s tax sucking welfare state. Taxpayers have spent those same years watching their living standards plunge as the left buys loyalty votes with phony tribal identities and anti-white racism.

    What the left forgot is that TAXPAYERS aren’t all white, indeed, the higher numerical percentage, of every liberal assigned tribal identity are tax payers. And obviously they were thoroughly disgusted with D.C. taxpayer looting coupled to their empty promises of pie in the sky prosperity, that realized nothing buy higher taxes, higher inflation and lower wages and fewer jobs.

    Tax payers won this election, and despite all the leftie propaganda designed to inflate the mainstream media’s enormous egos as “civil rights activists” every time they claim that the more taxes sent into D.C.’s billionaire pockets, all of it squandered on their outrageously lavish lifestyles, corporate favoritism, color/gender oriented, tribal and class favoritism as well as immigrant favoritism the more “free and equal” is all of America’s taxpaying population. There is no harmonious unification of _all_ people, everyone working together in pursuit of increasing propserity, anywhere in leftist politics. National unity is the only enemy of the left’s vote buying tribal polarization, a leftist constituency selling their political loyalty for the left’s promise of effortless, tax funded enrichment.

  • We should never forget race. If anything racism should be studied and the past should taught to all of our children white or black. When we forget this it sometime pops its head up again and again. I’m probably one of the few white men that I’ve had first-hand experience with racism. Even though my heritage is both white and Native American in fact I look more Hispanic than anything but most people view me as white. I have both white and African American children. First three are white who are grown. The next two are black. One in college and one in grade school. When picking college we went with Spelman. She graduated valedictorian and had a lot of choices but we went with Spellman because it is a not only one of the best it is a historical black college. She asked me why I was so bent on her going there. I told her that I may look at you as my daughter and I love you very much but the world today still see you was black. She wants to teach African-American history and I told her that someday when you apply for a job this will mean something to someone of color. The sad this every time I tell someone black they tell how proud you most be. When I tell most whites they ask what and where it is.

    My daughter and I loving call it the skunk eye when people give us that look. You would not believe some of things people say. We will go to black areas in Atalanta and they take there time serving us at restaurants. When I go out to eat in Columbus Ohio servers ask if it’s separate checks. Even when you can see my wife and I are married and my 10 year old black daughter has been calling me dad threw the meal. There is one time that stands out. I went down to spelman to get my daughter at schools end one year. My daughter and myself are history buffs. We always take are time coming back and will stop at historic places on the way back. We were on are way to DC and stopped at a rest stop in Georgia. I had a proud spelman dad shirt on and when I got out of the car I let my daughter out. I am a very affectionate person and gave her a hug and a kiss on the fore head. There was a white lady walking to her car and the look she gave us was evil. You could just see the hate in her eyes. It ran chills up my spine and I even walked up and waited outside the door because it was so bone chilling. It’s 2016 not 1816 I don’t get and glad I don’t. Maybe one day will be there and would love to see it in my lifetime.
    God bless all

  • Reading the comments ………some I agree with, some I take exception. As I view it the Democrats did not consider the baggage Hillary brought to the table. 8 years ago the Democratic candidate had no real baggage and the other side had a tough time using his past against him………they either had to use race or his inexperience. Critical strategic mistake which proved to be the deciding factor. In my opinion energy now should be directed to the Mid-term elections to balance things. After that ….the goal of making Trump a one term president which in my mind is all he wants. Protest, sure you have that right………now work to change things

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