Black Women Beat Trump’s Pervert in Alabama Upset

Black voters turned out at a higher percentage than in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, taking a stand preventing Roy Moore’s retro racism to represent their state.


Tuesday night when exit polls regarding the Alabama Senate special election became available, #BlackWomen began to trend on Twitter as it became evident that Democratic candidate Doug Jones had narrowly defeated Republican candidate Roy Moore.

Almost every Black woman who cast a vote — 98 percent — voted for Jones, according to CNN exit polls. Approximately 63 percent of white women voted for Moore, an accused sexual predator endorsed by President Donald Trump. Among women voters as a whole, Jones won by 16 points, 57 percent to 41 percent.

He fared much better than former President Barack Obama among white voters, “garnering 30 percent of their votes, twice the 15 percent who voted for Obama,” according to The Washington Post. “Jones made particularly large gains among white women and those with college degrees.”

Approximately 93 percent of Black men backed Jones, and as a whole, 96 percent of Blacks voted for him. A greater percentage of Blacks voted in the race between Jones and Moore than for two historic presidential elections.

According to CNN, 30 percent of the electorate was Black, which is a higher share than in the 2008 and 2012 elections, when Obama was a candidate. It is also greater than their 26 percent share of the population. Turnout was very high in heavily Black counties.

The stakes were high in this election, and Blacks in Alabama knew it. They were determined not to let Moore, who said in September, “I think [America] was great at the time when families were united — even though we had slavery,” usher in a retro agenda of bigotry.

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As U.S. history demonstrates, shown profoundly in the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., Black people prevail despite the odds. Blacks in Alabama had their vote count despite more restrictive voter ID laws.

Local chapters of the NAACP and voting rights organizations fought succinctly against structures in place that keep Black voters away from the polls by actions such as targeting awareness campaigns at people who might not have had proper identification.

A popular thread on Twitter talks about the actions of the NAACP for the Senate election. Here’s a portion:

The grassroots efforts used “immediately become a case study in how to do so in a region that has, since the Supreme Court’s 2013 Shelby County v. Holder decision curtailing the 1965 Voting Rights Act, become a bastion of new voter-suppression laws, including new voter-ID laws,” according to The Atlantic.

Doug Jones, African Americans and Birmingham 

Carol Denise McNair, 11, and Carole Robertson, Addie Mae Collins and Cynthia Wesley, all age 14, were the four Black girls killed in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Ala., on Sept. 15, 1963, at the hands of Ku Klux Klan members.

Jones, who grew up in the suburbs of Birmingham, was only nine years old when the act of domestic terrorism cost the young girls their lives. He later befriended the father of one of those girls, and almost 40 years later, as U.S. attorney in Alabama, Jones successfully brought charges against two of the Klansmen. On Tuesday, 54 years after that tragic day in Birmingham, he became Senator-elect of Alabama.

Last week, he tweeted that the most important thing he’s ever done was prosecute the Klansmen:

Tuesday night after becoming Senator-elect, Jones quoted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.:

“I will tell you, tonight is a night for rejoicing because as Dr. King said, as Dr. King liked to quote, ‘The moral arc of the universe is long but it bends toward justice.’

“Tonight, tonight, ladies and gentlemen, tonight, tonight in this time, in this place, you helped bend that moral arc a little closer to that justice and you did it, not only was it bent more, not only was its aim truer but you sent it right through the heart of the great state of Alabama in doing so.”

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  • one thing for sure………USA may have issues with BLM……………Black Votes matter.!!!!!!
    Minorities/Women……..have a seat at the table as they are the ones that got Jones across the finish line. Demand your issues be addressed. If people stick together you can realize results and keep this momentum going.
    “Hands that once picked cotton……..Now pick Senators. I must admit, Alabama surprised me

  • Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

    The heart of this white former Alabaman swells with pride. I was in tears last night as I tried to explain to my daughter about four little girls in Heaven, glorying in the triumph of their champion.

  • I don’t believe it’s correct that more Black voters turned out than in 2008 and 2012, only that they represented a greater percentage of the overall turnout. I do believe that the number of Black voters was greater than in the 2016 election. At any rate, it’s a great victory, albeit sobering that tribalism made it even a close contest, when one candidate was grossly unfit.

  • Frank McCloskey

    The Black community (especially Black women) defeated evil and saved Alabama, as well as the entire country yesterday. I still can not understand why 63% of white women voted for the pedofile.

    • What got Doug Jones elected was 1. Whites did not turn out and 2. Blacks showed their appreciation for his prosecution work in 2002, which I can agree with. But other than that what did Blacks demand for their locked stepped support for Jones? Please tell me so I may keep score. I also was told that voter picture id would stop blacks from voting and the removal of section 5 of the 1965 voting rights act would keep blacks from the polls. Lies lies lies!

      • Charity Dell

        PIANKI–African-Americans have ALWAYS understood that no politician,
        however civic-minded, is or can be a “savior.” For Black-Americans who
        live in a so-called democracy, WE ARE THE CHANGE WE SEEK. Jones’
        legal success is part of the reason he has the respect of the Black

        1. The fact that Black citizens of Alabama were DEMANDING
        THAT MOORE NOT REPRESENT THEM is an example of what
        fully CITIZENS of a country–EXERCISE THE RIGHT TO REJECT
        as “public servants.”

        2. All progressive movements in this country understand that basic tenet:
        in Alabama stood up to the Pedophilic Hypocrite.

        3. The most important thing that emerged from the Alabama election
        This supporting infrastructure called thousands of homes; knocked on thousands of doors;
        ran voter registration drives; made sure registered voters had those precious “government-
        authorized identification cards”; reached out to students at the Historically Black
        Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s); and tapped all the Black churches and community
        groups for help. Some of the organizers even did creative stuff like setting up grills
        (and offering that great grilled food!) near registration places.

        4. The only lies you saw and heard were from Moore, Bannon and #45. Moore has been
        lying about his so-called “faith in God.” According to the Torah (Genesis–Deuteronomy),
        Moore should have been STONED for his adulterous behavior. Moore is about as
        “evangelical” as a cockroach. He’s been breaking all ten of those Ten Commandments
        he wanted to be posted–and he’s been breaking them HIS ENTIRE ADULT LIFE! But the
        Good Book reminds us:

        “Be sure your sin will find you out!” (Numbers 32:23).

    • Charity Dell

      FRANK–I saw a statistic somewhere that more college-educated white women voted for
      Jones. Remember that Tribalism often causes people to vote as they do.
      Unfortunately, most Euro-American women are taught to “stand by their man”
      no matter what. I (as an African-American daughter of a civil rights worker) was not
      raised like any of my white girlfriends were–and this was VERY apparent even when
      I entered seminary. I remember a young white female minister describing her own
      “awakening” to me when she recalled meetings with Black female seminarians.
      She recounted how shocked and galvanized she felt when the Black seminarians
      told her point blank: “Girl, you DON’T have to take ANYthing from a man! You
      FIGHT BACK!” She told me how, all her life, she was taught NOT to fight back,
      as a means of survival. Most white women in Alabama probably have NOT
      been taught to stand up for themselves, fight back, or even just speak up.
      This would certainly be true in many rural communities in the south and
      in Appalachia.

  • I am SO pleased Doug Jones won! But I do not understand only 34 percent of white women voting for him. . . . I’m a white woman and it would have NEVER entered my mind to vote for Moore. Thank heavens and grassroots organizing for getting folks to the polls. Thank heavens for the Black voters who ensured that Mr. Jones prevailed. You have my undying gratitude!

    • I think too many people look at or read from one news source only instead of reviewing several and making up their own minds. If the news source they watch/read/listen to all say that Moore is wonderful and the stories being reported against him are all lies, after awhile, they believe it. When you watch/read/listen to several opposing sources, you can get a feel for where the truth is.

      • Also, people with very little are told that “this is your heritage” and that being “conservative” means accepting racism and bigotry. It’s a carefully cultivated “us versus them” game that the Roy Moores and Donald Trumps of this world use to bamboozle.

        President Lyndon B. Johnson once said, “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

        • Charity Dell

          LUKE–This is the truth America–all of it–needs to hear.
          Most Euro-Americans do not realized how they’ve been bamboozled
          by upper-class wealthy white males to hate everything non-white,
          and believe that “whiteness” had some kind of intrinsic “superior”
          value. If most of rust-belt, rural, small town and Appalachian
          white America learned the truth, they could free themselves from
          the worship of Racism Gods and really start to take back their
          lives from the robber barons.

    • Charity Dell

      VALERIE–If you weren’t raised to be a doormat, you will probably SPEAK UP.
      Many Southern white women were and are raised to “stand by your man,” no
      matter what. This is very true in rural areas, small towns and Appalachia.
      This would explain why these women who love Moore think his pedophilic
      mindset and adulterous lifestyle is “OK.” The fact that many of these white
      women excuse older men from preying on pre-teens and teenagers shows
      you how the old-world, oppressive mindset works. Never mind that
      children and young teens should NOT be sexually involved for MANY reasons–
      including all the physical hazards of sexual intercourse when the body is
      NOT fully grown; risk of pregnancy; STDS; transimission of Human Papilloma
      Virus and its destructive effects on young bodies.

      Too many people down south “wink at,” and disregard sexual predation of minors.
      That’s why Moore was considered OK, despite the fact that he was BANNED FROM A SHOPPING MALL.

      • I totally agree with your assessment on the mindset of these white rural southern women. Also, another reason I think, is that they are so anti-abortion, that if Satan came to run and told them that he was anti-abortion, they would vote for the Devil. Never mind that young children who are already born are being abused,they will choose to support unborn fetuses versus the children already here.

        • Did you see the video of the tearful peanut farmer crying over his dead lesbian daughter? Very remorseful that he said he’d rather have a dead daughter than a gay one – before she killed herself.

          The bitter irony is that he’s demanding empathy from the same people whose hateful words used to come out of his own mouth. Good luck with that approach, he’ll be the first one they come after.

          • Yes, I read that. I did feel sorry for the man, but more for his daughter, who until she declared her sexuality, had a great relationship with her dad.

          • I’m not sorry for him at all. How good of a relationship could it have been that he didn’t know the sexuality of his own daughter? How many other people did he torture with his Limbaugh/Beck/Fox/Evangelical/trump hate?

        • Charity Dell

          FRAN–I agree…I am a pro-life Democrat, and I tire of these “pro-life” people who WILL NOT
          do anything constructive to SUPPORT THE LIFE THAT COMES HERE. Too many of these
          so-called “pro-lifers” support legislation to cut off support from poor people, single mothers,
          etc. Other “pro-lifers” think it’s acceptable for the government to “play God” and execute
          humans. I’ve had some really INTERESTING discussions with pro-life folks who are essentially
          “selectively pro-life.” For example:

          1. Folks who are “pro-life” UNTIL they learn that the fetus is of MIXED ETHNIC ORIGIN;
          then abortion is OK to “eliminate the mistake,” thus implying that some fetuses are
          more valuable than other fetuses “of the wrong ethnic group;”

          2. Folks who are “pro-life” and declare that all who kill humans-in-utero are “murderers,”
          but they find excuses to NOT execute the medical staff or the mother who consented to
          “murder”–thus implying that pre-natal life does not have the same legal rights as humans who
          are post-natally present. I had a REALLY heated debate on this issue, because the so-called
          “pro-lifer” refused to see the far-reaching “ramifications” of his logic; I asked this person, that
          if termination of the pre-natal human is “murder,” then where would he START his executions
          of the murderers and at what point would he STOP his executions? No adequate answers followed,
          of course…

          3. Folks who are “pro-life” but fight ANY legislation to supply maternal health care
          or support maternal nutrition; again, implying that motherhood belongs ONLY to
          their elite tribe and those who “can afford it.”

          This is why many “pro-lifers” are seen as hypocrites–they claim to support “the right
          to life”, but that “right” gets assigned only to the “preferred pre-natal humans,” and too many
          of them do not believe–and will not support–the post-partum “inconvenient infants” (and
          their mothers) whom THEY have decided DO NOT “MERIT” FINANCIAL SUPPORT.

  • I am so happy Doug Jones won! I would like to know the reason why any woman would vote for Moore? I am shocked & disgusted that he got any votes at all.

  • For decades, racist, conniving white women were complicit withTHEIR white supremacist men in getting “MINORITY” status to prevent Blacks from getting jobs. These racist witches are like the dogs that guard Hell’s gates and continue to BLOCK PROGRESS.

    It’s shameful when the WOMEN, of any race, who are supposed to be nuturers, are more wicked, cruel, diabolical and hateful than their MEN; that’s the case with 99.9% of white women. In helping their UNCIVILIZED, psychotically deranged white men who suppressed CIVIL rights, raped Black women and children, they contributed to the suppression of their own right to vote, own property, etc.

    Now that they have the right to vote, they help elect the most virulent perverted racists like tRump, David Dukey, and Roy Moore itty bitty titty. If electing them helps their white racist KKKops to continue to shoot Black men, rape and lynch all Blacks in their CRIMINAL “JUST US” system, they will vote in droves like killer bee-itches!

    Black women haven’t totally lost our nurturing skills, but if we continue to emulate and eat up white women and their ways like graham cracKKKers Whoopie, Stacy “Ditzy” Dash, Wanda pSykeO, and the two honorary White House bed wenches [with made up names that should have been changed]: Condoleeza and Omarosa, we’re headed to Hell in gasoline drawers.

    Like white women, our Black men have been selling out their OWN KIND since African chiefs got rich from slavery. The modern version of these sellouts are in every segment of government [Uncle Ben Carsons and tRump supporters], law [Clearance ThomAsses], Education [Dr. Bill “knock ’em dead” Cosby], sports [Stephen “Sellout” Smith] and entertainment [all bitch-calling cRappers, like Lil’ Succubuts Wayne, and overgrown child Steve Harvey], and religion [CrapFlow Dollar bill and all televangelists pimping Black paychecks. Most Black wornen have been ON THEIR OWN since Harriet Tubman slave days, and can’t rely on these weak, cowardly, sellout Black men, who are the mirror image of white women, to protect them or “have their backs” (i.e., unless a white person tells them to beat or break it). As Black women we face racism, sexism, hatred, envy and jealousy from white men, women and our own men–we’re fighting against a triple threat at all times, yet they blame us for being “angry Black women with attitudes”!

    • You really have a way with words, lol.

      I will say that whenever someone says “angry black woman”, I’ve started asking them how many black women shoot people from hotels, at schools, movie theaters and churches? It doesn’t seem like black women are the angry ones (or as angry as they should be, facing the “triple threat”).

      • Great comment. The “angry Black woman” is a stereotype perpetuated to keep us in our place.

        • It is ironic given the angry old white men running the government.

          I cannot imagine anything more insane than having to threaten a country with 1/1200th of our GDP. Talk about out of control and histrionic. Trump is the poster boy for angry old white man.

          He’s angry that US banks wouldn’t lend him any money after he bankrupted his three casinos and didn’t pay them back. He’s angry at women because nobody sees him for anything but a walking wallet and that he was a failure at two marriages and had to take the Fifth Amendment 97 times in one divorce. He’s angry that thousands of cheated customers and contractors have sued him. He’s angry that he can’t lead and has to fire people more regularly than he changes his underpants. He’s angry at the investigation that is looking into all of the nonsense he did with the Russians ever since he bankrupted those casinos and could not borrow a dime from the normal bank after that. He’s angry that people won’t forget that he’s a draft dodger. Angry. Angry. Angry.

          • T-rump is also mad at the NFL because the owners didn’t believe he had a Billion Dollars to buy a team and allowed another Billionaire to out bid him. That’s why he picks on the black payers in the NFL, too afraid to pick on the white owners.

          • Oh, the list goes on and on. Trump is a jackass. He didn’t have a single classmate, childhood friend, college roommate, business associate, fellow congragant, neighbor, employee or anyone not beholden to him stand up for him during that campaign. Scowling half a man.

    • Charity Dell

      ZAZIJAMS–A correction about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade:

      1. Africans did NOT sell “their own” to Europeans. They sold OTHER people–
      political enemies and conquered peoples from OTHER ethnic groups. Africans
      did not, and do not, primarily see themselves as AFRICANS; they see themselves
      as their ETHNICITY first, and then their NATION. Most Europeans see themselves
      as THEIR NATION first, and do not necessarily see themselves as EUROPEAN.
      During the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (1500’s–1800’s), most Africans were living in
      their communities, which were independent or parts of larger regional empires.

      “Nations” in the modern nation-state sense did not exist as countries, so most Africans
      identified primarily by their ethnic group. Remember that Africans, like Europeans,
      Asians, and people from the Americas, do not identify by their CONTINENT or

      That also explains why certain groups got here and others did not. For example, although
      there were some Muslims among the slaves sold to the Americas and the
      Caribbean, African Muslim and Arab Muslim slavers did MOST of the “raiding
      and trading,” so they systematically removed the African Hebrews and African
      Judeo-Christians from their homelands in Africa. That’s why there were not
      that many slaves of Islamic origin in the New World, compared to OTHER
      populations of African Jews, Judeo-Christians and pagans.

      THEM IN THE NEW WORLD. This is a huge reason for the tenacity and
      success of the Black Protestant Church in the United States. We organized
      our churches and worship, incorporating our unique Judeo-Christian
      rituals, traditions and Hebraic customs. Our faith was trans-planted into
      the New World.

    • Charity Dell

      ZAZIJAMS–I’ve got to admit, you have some CREATIVE names!

      1. “Roy Moore Itty Bitty Titty” had me in STITCHES…:-)

      2. Here’s a few titles for your amusement (’tis sad
      they are ALL true!):

      A. “Pedophile Predator Pete”( or simply “P3”);
      B. “Sir Serpentine Sleazy Sex;”
      C. “The Mauler-of-the-Mall;”
      D. “Hideous Hormonal Herman;”
      E.”Lying Lascivious Lust-er;”
      F. “The Alabama Adolescent Adulterator;”
      G. “Racy Retrograde Roy-Boy”
      H. “Felonious Fornicatin’ Freakfester.”

      I think you’ll find these sufficient to bring humor to
      your day, n’est-ce pas? :-)

  • Thank God that pedophile wasn’t elected. I’m happy the people of Alabama mobilized and got him defeated. It’s very disturbing that so many women still voted for him despite everything that was revealed about the type of person he is.

    • David Andersen

      So glad that vile man was not put into office! He is the most racist person (next to Zazi Jams) I think I have ever seen. If you every thought that Black votes don’t matter, this is the proof that they do. People went door to door, drove voters to the polls, helped them with id’s. This is how change happens! Communities coming together, not to fight, but to take action. Action done in the right way! Take away the power of these horrible men. Taking a knee sends a message, but not nearly as strong as standing up to these bigoted men and taking their votes! I am so proud of the huge percentage of Alabama that did the right thing. Now to work on the horrific percent of people that still cast a vote for Moore. This is victory on a level that I have seen very little of in my life. Congratulations to all minorities, congratulations to Doug, and congratulations to America. Our voices are being heard!

    • The dead give away for Moore’s desire for much younger females is the fact that he married a woman 24 years his junior. That is very telling of what he, as a grown man, preferred.

  • Black people, specifically black women, once again serve as America’s moral compass. Sure this was a state election, but this pattern is repeated over and over again across the country and on the national scale.

    Why is it that black people are always the ones leading the progressive way? Why is it that black women lead the charge dragging the USA into the future int terms of human rights? Why do so many groups (whites and other people of color) rely on black people to fight for THEIR equality and democracy, all while denigrating black women? I am talking about people like Marsha P. Johnson, Tarana Burke, and the women who founded BLM. I saw an article on the Washington Post prior to this election. It discussed how black folks in Alabama weren’t excited about Jones and may not vote for him. The comment section was filled with presumably non-black people complaining that black people need to get out the vote, do this, do that. All while being disenfranchised in many cases. Now look at the results of this election. Their time would have been better spent lambasting white women and men for voting for perverts and other republicans at all costs.

    America will be in a bad way the day that black women decide to stop fighting.

    • David Andersen

      very well put Alex! As exciting as this victory was, there is still the issue that almost half of the state voted for Moore. And the votes were clearly divided by race. Once again, thank you to all…but most importantly the black men and women who made this happen.

  • I was surprised, but very happy about the result. This is a reminder that every vote and every election counts. When we forget that, we end up with a mess in office. I cringe at the number of years Moore was a judge.

  • Ladies of Alabama and male black voters thank you for your vote in defeating Roy Moore you now prove you have cloud and your voice has authority . don’t stop their continue your fight into the next round of elections that will commence in 2018. you have set an example for others to follow and here in Texas hopefully your community .
    will follow your courage to vote and defeat the republicans causing our state great harm .
    Thank You for your out standing vote .

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