Black TV Journalist Body Shamed Says ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’

“The controversy is coming from people who aren’t too happy about the way I look on television,” Demetria Obilor said.


A body-shaming Facebook post criticizing Dallas journalist Demetria Obilor’s physique went viral, causing many to come to her defense on social media, including Chance the Rapper. Obilor, who in her professional career has been criticized for both her natural hair and her curves, has addressed the controversy as well.

On Wednesday, Facebook user Jan Shedd said the following about WFAA-TV’s (Channel 8) traffic reporter who has only been with the station for two weeks:

“Has anyone seen Channel 8’s new morning traffic reporter? Her name is Demetria Obilor and she’s a size 16/18 woman in a size six dress and she looks ridiculous. I understand that when I watch Channel 8 I’m going to get biased reporting and political correctness, but clearly they have taken complete leave of their senses. I’m not going to watch Channel 8 anymore.”

The post has since been deleted. But a Twitter user called Mother of Draggings managed to get a screenshot and shared it on Friday to further body-shame Obilor:

Grammy Award-winning artist Chance the Rapper replied to the tweet, expressing annoyance at Obilor being body shamed. The tweet has since been liked more than 100,000 times:

Obilor wasn’t made aware of the Facebook post until Friday when she saw mentions of it on Twitter. In a video, she addressed the negative comments about her as well as the support she has received:

“The controversy is coming from people who aren’t too happy about the way I look on television,” she said.

“’Oh, her body is too big for that dress. She’s too curvy. Or, her hair is unprofessional. It’s crazy. We don’t like it.’

“A quick word to those people — this is the way that I’m built. This is the way that I was born. I’m not going anywhere, so if you don’t like it, you have your options.

“Now to the people who show love, I love you right back. You know, when you look a little different, people think it’s okay to talk to you a little different. And I’m on TV, so I can’t clap back the way I want to clap back all the time. So, I’m always taken aback and forever grateful for everybody, people I don’t even know, who come to my defense.”

She also gave Chance the Rapper a “shout out” for talking about the incident on his Twitter page.

Obilor told NBC News that her news colleagues have been supportive of her. In regard to body shaming the physique of Black women, superstar tennis player Serena Williams has had to grapple with criticism ever since going pro. Williams recently said in an open letter to her mother that she would teach her newborn daughter, Alexis Olympia, to have a positive body image.

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During her career, Obilor, whose mother is white and father is Nigerian, has been ridiculed by viewers for her natural hairstyle. When she was a traffic reporter in Las Vegas, a viewer sent an email stating that her hair must “smell bad.”

Obilor tweeted in May:

“Black people on TV; there’s nothing wrong with that,” Obilor told NBC News. “Naturally, curly hair — I don’t care if a Black woman wants to wear her hair straight or in braids, you don’t get to say what’s professional and what’s not professional based on your white standard of beauty.”

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  • I watch Channel 8 (WFAA – Dallas) every morning, from 5:30 – 7:00 a.m., while getting ready for work, so I have seen Demetria a lot. She is a beautiful young woman and carries herself proudly and professionally. She does wear bright colored, short, skin-tight, dresses, but so do a lot of the young women broadcast personalities these days. Demetria is curvaceous, with a knock-out figure that most women would kill for. I’m glad that this hateful effort to body-shame her failed and am gratified that so many have come forward to defend her (not that she appears to need the help).

  • More jealousy coming from the Trump supporters. (Jan’s “political correctness” comment is a dead giveaway, as was a photo of her holding up a picture of President Obama painted as a clown).

    Did Jan complain about other newscasters who dress in a similar way? Methinks no, and that people like Jan hate that beautiful black people exist.

    “you don’t get to say what’s professional and what’s not professional based on your white standard of beauty.”
    This! Absolutely! And thank goodness, standards of beauty are changing to embrace ALL people, not just people who look like Jan.

    • Jan is “big mad” because her husband is staring at that curvaceous body of that young meteorologist!

  • My word. What is everyone’s issue? She is a BEAUTIFUL person! I wish I looked like her!!!

      • Charity Dell

        LUKE–You know Jan JUST WANNA BE BLACK! :-)

        Jan done got the Triple Syndromes, because Jan be suffering from
        the Basic Disease, called WIWBS–Wish I Were Black Syndrome.

        But Poor Little Jan just cannot purchase all that Cute Afro-Ethnicity
        because her salary won’t pay for a Comprehensive Ethnic Makeover.

        Just sayin’! :-) LOL

    • Yes, she is. It’s haters hating (and obviously jealous). Trying to dismiss her accomplishments by denouncing her physical attributes. No surprise there; it’s been done before and I suspect will be done again.

  • Karen Raison

    People need to be more mature and worry about themselves for a change. It’s easy to find fault in others. My question for the negative ones is have you done a self-analysis to make sure your perfect or perfect according to the standards of others? She’s beautiful; seems like you’re mad or taking on the behavior of the peoples president. The indignant behavior isn’t becoming on him and mean spirited nonsense doesn’t look good on you either.

  • She is a beautiful young lady that would add personality to any TV station.

  • Demetria is a beautiful young lady. I hope she does not let the “racist haters” change her. As for this racist Jan person, were you watching the traffic report or just being stupid and hateful toward this lovely person? I you don’t like what you see, go somewhere else. I’m sure there is some “redneck” traffic report on another channel that you can identify with. You’re a disgrace and poor excuse for a human being. I don’t usually comment on silly, racist emails. Must have gotten me on a good day in New Zealand! Peace – OUT!

    • She does traffic? LOL, I thought she did the weather, and I read the article!

    • Charity Dell

      JROB–You know that Jan has:

      1. GEMS–Green-Eyed Monster Syndrome;
      2. TBBSS–Threatened By Black Success Syndrome; and
      3. SOBBS–Scared of Beautiful Black People Syndrome.

      Jan be wantin’ to look like Demetria, but she knows she
      can’t get there! :-) LOL

  • Agree with the article in general, but wonder how in the world you could’ve, just a couple-two-t’ree days ago, missed the same sort of news stuff about Trump spokeser Sara Huckabee Sanders:

    Pulitzer Winner Fat-Shames Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Other …
    2 days ago – It’s been another eventful week, in which a Pulitzer-winning writer has taken jabs at White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s looks…

    Columnist Apologizes For Fat-Shaming Sarah Huckabee Sanders › News › Politics
    19 hours ago – A liberal Los Angeles Times columnist has issued an apology to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for a personal attack ..

    (Oh, wait. Sanders is neither a minority group member nor a political liberal; I understand your apparent indifference.)

    • Sanders is a horrible press secretary. She’s combative, superscillious, arrogant and may be the only person on the face of the earth that would make me miss Sean Spicer.

      She’s also not too bright. I couldn’t care less if she feels bad about somebody else’s criticism; she’s a lying shill for the worst POS to ever occupy the White House. She is a modern day human example of the dark side of the human spirit, the same kind of human spirit that had people saluting Hitler in April, 1945.

    • Body-shaming is wrong, regardless of the source or target. So, it’s totally appropriate that the columnist apologized and that his apology was publicized. If someone wants to criticize Sanders, they would have ample grounds based on her performance. She is supposed to be a Press Secretary — releasing information to the media — but, instead, appears to spend the vast majority of her time either apologizing for, or defending, the President, all too-frequently promulgating fake news in order to do so.

  • Once again, you have a so-called “WHITE FEMALE MINORITY” who can dictate to Black women how they should straighten their hair and that their body image should mirror theirs (skinny, flat az and anorexic).

    I’ve always been an athletic size 5-7 by preference and for health reasons, but after menopause, my body morphed into a size 14. I’m diligently trying to lose the weight, but not because I’m trying to fit a European image. I refuse to straighten my hair anymore, wear weaves or wigs for health reasons and as a political protest.

    On the contrary, this newscaster’s tight clothes on any “big” or skinny woman (or man), is an indication that s/he comes from very low-class parents. It does look slutty, especially on a woman when her clothes are so tight, it looks like she can walk the “ho’ stroll” or pick up “johns” on any corner. The bigger I got, the looser I wore my dresses and slacks. I feel the same way about 14+ women who wear spandex and skinny jeans; it looks disgusting.

    As a public figure, she should reflect MORE CLASS and wear clothes that are appropriate for her body size, just as 60+ people like me shouldn’t wear teenagers dress styles.

    • Alfreda Gaither

      AMEN to Luke Visconti’s comments regarding Sara Huckabee Sanders! She has sold her soul for her job and she just exudes the satanic spirit everytime she opens her mouth and lies for Trump!
      I am appalled by ZaziJams’s toxic comments about Demetria’s style of dress. Maybe ZaziJams’s comments reveal her own self image issues. There was no need to be so mean spirited and judgemental.

      • Alfreda, she’s toxic. All. The. Time. Ignore her. It really is the only option since there’s no block feature. I truly think she’s really unhappy.

      • Charity Dell

        Jan got that hard-core “Triple Syndrome:”

        1. GEMS–Green-Eyed Monster Syndrome;
        2. TBBSS–Threatened By Black Success Syndrome;
        3. SOBBPS–Scared of Beautiful Black People Syndrome.

        Oh yes, and let’s not forget Jan’s Basic Distress Pattern (BDP):

        WIWBS–Wish I Were Black Syndrome. :-)
        Jan ain’t got enough money for an EEM–EXTENSIVE ETHNIC MAKEOVER.
        Straight up! :-)

    • ZaziJams, let us old girls just let those young girls be. We had our day. You know how us “boomers” were. Let that young girl flaunt her stuff and shake her money-maker because one day she’ll only have the memory of what she had, like you and your 5-7 athletic memory. At least she has clothes on. With all of the half-naked women and little young girls I see today, Demetria is actually overdressed. She is the most gorgeous, voluptuous traffic reporter that I’ve ever seen–black, white, yellow or brown. I’m jealous, but in a very admiring way. Hang on to your looks, Demetria. Keep making ’em eat their hearts out.

    • Charity Dell

      Jan just got a Bad Case of the Triple Syndromes–

      1.GEMS–Green-Eyed Monster Syndrome;
      2. TBBSS–Threatened By Black Success Syndrome;
      3. SOBBPS–Scared Of Beautiful Black People Syndrome.

      Jan got that Triple Syndrome when she saw a BLACK WOMAN rock those dresses.
      Dress size only became an issue when a BLACK RPEORTER rocked those dresses.
      Jan can’t rock them dresses like Demetria, and she ain’t got no Pretty Corkscrew Curls, neither!
      That’s what is IZ. Ain’t nobody mad but the DEVIL! :-) ROTFLOL

    • ZaziJams, just because your parents didn’t raise you Well, first mean that her parents didn’t raise her well. I think that you carrying ok n your family tradition of racism. What do you think? Are you brave enough to answer that question?

  • They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I find Demetria Obilor to be rather attractive. She has a shape that many would like and of course, some will not. For that viewer there are options on which channel to watch, just as I’m sure there are viewers that are tuning in just to see her. Best of luck to her and her career.

  • Many comments here about Demetria’s appearance. But I watched a few videos of her delivering traffic updates in Dallas and she appears to be everything I would expect from someone filling that role. Fluid, great attitude/personality, good information, well presented. I’m really not concerned with how beautiful she may or may not be. I agree with grannybunny – she doesn’t dress any differently than any other young person. I’ve seen men, young and older, on television as well wearing ‘skinny’ suits. I don’t always think they look the best on everyone but understand and appreciate the environment they are competing in. At the end of the day I want someone that can deliver content in a way I can digest it for my needs.

  • Charity Dell

    JAN is suffering from GEMS–Green-Eyed Monster Syndrome!
    Mediocrity fears talent.
    I would look as good as Demetria, if I lost my “spare tires” and
    worked out for 10 hours per day…..! LOL :-)
    Maybe Jan needs to work out!

  • michael kennedy

    Demetria Obilor Let me tell you about that fantastically curvacious body that you have……It is bootyful.
    There are a number of men in this world that would love you till the cows come home and then went back to pasture (including myself). I admire you, your tenaciousness your natural beauty and the ability to speak honestly and openly about the way you look which in my opinion is fantastic. Let no-one sway you, let the haters hate as they have nothing better to do.

    Have you also noticed that there are women who have implants and get told they look sexy? they even have their own tv shows….stay as you are looking beautiful and natural you have nothing to fear…….

  • Perhaps I missed something, but I didn’t feel that ‘Mother of Draggings’ post ‘further body-shamed’ Demetria in any way. I read it as quite the opposite–as she was supporting her and shading Jan for her ridiculousness. Not sure why the author felt her post was further shaming.

  • Wow she is absolutely gorgeous, and makes me want to watch the traffic report daily!

  • Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

    I’m happily married to a cuddly (white) woman, and I think this Sheen person is just a jealous idiot (and bigot). Why do people think that a person being on the air gives them a right to dictate that person’s appearance????

  • My ONLY problem is with anyone that tries to imitate someone that they are not ……black wanting to look white – white wanting to look black – no one is 100% satisfied with how they look ,but we are who we are and anyone that has a problem with how someone else looks has too much time on their hands. Inward beauty is still the main standard .

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