Ben Shapiro Whitesplains Why Black People Have No Right to Be Excited About ‘Black Panther’

The “incredibly stupid” hype is irrelevant since America already had a Black president and a Black “Catwoman,” according to Shapiro.

By Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Conservative activist and radio talk show host Ben Shapiro doesn’t think Black people should be excited about “Black Panther” because slaves were already emancipated, Barack Obama served as president for two terms and Halle Berry starred in “Catwoman.”

Saying the hype over “Black Panther” is “incredibly stupid” and an example of “identity politics,” Shapiro went on a long sarcastic rant on his Facebook live podcast:

“This is the most important moment in Black American history. Not Martin Luther King, not Frederick Douglass, not the Civil War, not the end of Jim Crow — none of that — not Brown v. Board, the most important thing is that Chadwick Boseman puts claws on his hands and a mask on his face and runs around jumping off cars in CGI fashion.”

According to Shapiro, it’s stupid that Black parents had to wait until “Black Panther” to tell their children they can grow up to be anything. Shapiro compared it to his own Jewish heritage and noted that he had to explain to his daughter that there has never been a Jewish president.

He also said that Black people were proven wrong when Obama was elected president because they still complained about racism:

“We heard this about Barack Obama when he was elected, too. ‘Now that Obama has been president, Black Americans will feel like they too can be presidents. It’s a transformative moment.’ Yet, all we hear now is that America is deeply racist and that Black people are still systemically discriminated against and that Black people are still victims in America society. So, it turns out it didn’t mean anything.”

Shapiro failed to note that Obama’s presidency proved that racism still exists in America, though, as Obama and his family were often the targets — whether it was other politicians (such as an elected official who emailed photos likening Obama to a monkey; Iowa Congressman Steve King calling him “very, very urban,” “un-American” and other things; and a county director and mayor calling former First Lady Michelle Obama an “ape in heels”), media figures (including President Donald Trump prior to his entrance into politics, who frequently pushed the “birther” movement, and Fox News’ Sean Hannity getting excited over the prospect of shipping Obama to Kenya), or just every day citizens (like the commenters on a Fox News article who called Obama’s daughter Malia an “ape,” a “monkey” and racial slurs and said they hope she dies of AIDS).

But that’s neither here nor there, according to Shapiro. Plus, Black people already had “Catwoman,” starring Halle Berry, and “Blade,” starring Wesley Snipes and N’Bushe Wright.

“Black Panther” is breaking a lot of barriers, though, so its significance should not be understated. It is the first Marvel film with a Black director, Ryan Coogler. And it features a predominantly Black cast. Social media has been abuzz with the movie’s upcoming release, tweeting with the hashtag #WhatBlackPantherMeansToMe to share why it’s so important.

“Black Panther” will be in theaters nationwide on Feb. 16.

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  • Exactly who is this guy again? He must be awfully irrelevant and just want to be heard since he’s speaking on such and “inane” topic.

    • Sue – Are you just joking around, or are you really this ignorant? So your opinion is that Ben Shapiro must be awfully irrelevant and wanting of attention to be speaking on such an inane topic. Well then the author of this article must equally as irrelevant and desperate for attention. Also, you really think this is an inane topic? It’s literally been in the forefront of social media since the move was released. And I can enlighten you as to why Ben would speak on this topic. Firstly, it’s not an “inane” topic as you so characterize it in your attempt to sling mud at Shapiro. Secondly, he’s a political commentator, author, and lawyer. He was the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the United States when he was 17. His job is literally to comment on social and political issues. Does that make sense, or do I need to explain it in even simpler terms?

  • Marc Bernstein

    Ben Shapiro isn’t completely white… he’s Jewish, as am I.

    ‘Whitesplaining’ my foot.

      • Greg Thrasher


        Arab Americans are considered White in America per US Census. Many immigrants become White in America


        • If you go back in American literature from 100 years ago, dozens of different “races” are described in the popular press. This went out of style after Hitler’s murder of 11 million people became known after the war. I predict Asians will be the next people to be “white” – or at least white people will want to include them in that broad definition, I doubt Asians will want to be included.

        • Charity Dell

          GREG THRASHER–When I was living in New Jersey in 2001, Arab Americans found out they were NOT
          “white.” Anything male that had an Arabic name and a beard–or simply “resembled” the Middle Eastern
          stereotype–was rounded up in a huge operation conducted by the Feds. These men were literally snatched
          off the streets in the New York-New Jersey metroplex, and held incommunicado in the Passaic County Jail
          and other holding facilities in the region. There were over 5000 men held for questioning right after the
          September 11 events.

          We Black and Latino citizens got a “break” for a few years, because the Feds and law enforcement folks
          were pulling people over for:


          Our comedians joked about it, but the “joke” was based upon reality. Life was not easy for the thousands
          of Muslim families and college students in the area, and this “round-up” of Muslim men lasted for at least
          three years. Those who operated businesses in urban areas were visibly shaken, and I never saw such
          fear in the eyes of shopkeepers, gas station owners and bodega proprietors.

    • If this were Jim Crow times and you had to chose between the Black water fountain and the White water fountain, which one would you chose? Right.

      • Yes, grannybunny, they do as do African-Americans. But, in this country, people look at the color of your skin first then make assumptions as to who you are and/or where you belong.

  • Donna Howlett

    Lessons from my Father…You Can’t Fix Stupid! My husband and I have this running joke when he says something crazy…I don’t respond. He then says, I hate when I say things and you just look at me…I tell him. You Know I Don’t Respond to Stupid. So with that being said, I’ll leave this comment right there…

  • Still trying to figure out what it is that he needed to have an opinion about how Black people are handling this much less express it? Any thoughts on why this is in print or why his opinion should matter to Black people?

    • I hear you Terri.

      But I think it’s important to continue illustrating the problem that our society faces.

      I was at an event two nights ago where a panel of four “conservative” men tap danced around their support for a man who is a serial liar, cheat and fraud. The support was centered on the tax cut. I asked if they really thought a guy so stupid that he paid a porn star to be quiet about an affair after she gave an interview to an internet publication was smart enough to have a coherent macroeconomic thought in his head. People looked at me in astonishment (wow, he’s right).

      That a jackass like Shapiro has an audience is evidence of the problem.

    • Charity Dell

      TERRI–This is a classic example of”


      L’il Buddy Benny is just UPSOT that HE did not get a movie contract! :-)

  • Ben Shapiro doesn’t even know how irrelevant he is. Let him whitesplain all he wants. I am a white female, 50+ years of age, and I can’t wait to see Black Panther tonight. Because unlike Shapiro, I’m so happy to see barriers being broken down instead of being built. Congratulations to all the cast and crew on a job well done to create another jewel in the Marvel crown.

    • Thank-you, Michelle! I am an American Indian women 50+ years of age, too. I agree with you whole-heartedly.

      • You’re welcome, Valerie. So tired of white men (old or otherwise) hijacking every conversation about everything and acting like they speak for everyone. We’re out here, we’re paying attention, and I’ve never missed voting in an election. And you can rest assured, I’m not voting for clowns who think like this one does.

  • Charles Wilson

    The incessant ramblings of a frustrated beneficiary of white privilege. Don’t you understand and realize that all mass media communications, marketing and radio and TV broadcast outlets are owned and run by white states of mind ?
    If he doesn’t like it shouldn’t you be addressing your concerns to your fellow white folk and not the receivers or beneficiaries of their work products …?

  • Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

    Guys like Shapiro trying to tell us there is no racism, give the finest examples of how much racism still exists. It’s like the old internet observation, that the responses to any vaguely feminist post on any medium rapidly demonstrate why feminism is still badly needed.

  • Just now, an NYPD sergeant has been found not guilty of killing a mentally challenged African-American woman. So, he’s free and clear and can be re-instated to his job as a NYPD cop. Ben Shapiro’s Jewishness does not automatically qualify him to speak to or for African American people and our experiences with systemic and overt discrimination and racism in this country. It does not qualify him to tell us what we should cheer for or support. He’s entitled to his opinion, for sure, but that’s about it. Other than that, he’s completely and totally unimportant in the landscape that is the Black experience in America.

  • Greg Thrasher

    White Jewish bigots like Shapiro are nothing new to Black Americans. We have always encountered this bandwidth of bigots in America

    It is critical that we object, reject and confront White Jewish Americans who engage in bigotry and contempt for Black Americans wherever and whenever

    We should not give any bandwidth of Americans a pass or immunity when they in racism


    • You did not imply anything to the contrary, but I would like to point out that there have been many Jewish champions of civil rights and justice for Black Americans in this country.

      Morris Dees, a righteous champion of civil rights and the founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center is Jewish.

      Creeps like Shapiro and Adelson are atypical.

      • Greg Thrasher

        I have no quarrel with your comments at all. Of course there have just as many and probably more Black Americans who have been champions for civil rights and justice for Jewish Americans in fact for many decades Black Americans took our legal and related business services to White Jewish merchants and legal professionals

        I do know that bigotry in White Jewish communities in America is not atypical at all which is unsettling and of a concern in this Trump Era


      • Like most whites, including the “honorary” white Jews, there weren’t enough Jews speaking out for over 250 years (i.e., during and after slavery) to really make difference. Since many Jews have influence in the media, they have created the myth of the defenders of Civil Rights. Blacks like me who grew up in the segregated Northern urban ghettos don’t have a benevolent view of the Jewish slumlords, exploitative and overpriced corner store owners, used car (lemons) dealers, and pawn shop owners. Whatever help Jews have extended to Blacks, we paid and made them rich because they exploited the limitations caused by our poverty (i.e., we weren’t allowed in the suburbs or “white” sections to take advantage of discounts). We were given “Hobson’s choice” and Jews exploited us.

        Like whites, Jewish financing the slave trade and trafficking in slaves owe African Americans plenty of benevolence as a type of remedial reparations. Even today, they can’t repay us for the millions of lives lost in the slave trade, during Jim Crow up until today due to their greed.

        Most of their early participation and help in the Black Civil Rights Movement came because they had a stake in the outcome; they were also discriminated against by whites. As a result, they can identify as “WHITE,” not JEWISH. Their white skin privilege has allowed them to gain acceptance and an edge over Blacks. Many can hide their Jewishness behind white skin. Shapiro is doing what most Jews do (espouse white supremacist racist views) to appease racist whites. Now, like Clarence ThomAss, Anna Navarro and Mitch McConnell’s Asian wife have learned that espousing racist Republican viewpoints scores “whitey” points. Shapiro-type racist Jews who join the status quo earn the vitriolic hatred of Blacks. Morris Dees is only 1 in 100,000–not enough to make a difference. Blacks are sick and tired of Jews (and other whites) hypocritically posing as our Great White Hope(s). It’s the contemporary equivalent of slaves bragging that their “kind” slave master “don’t buy us no shoes, but gives us a whole chicken and a passel of chitlins ONCE A YEAR.”

        • The slave trade was started by Portugal, a Catholic country also busy Jim Crowing their Jewish citizens at the time. That some Jews were involved in the slave trade is true, but it is a Nazi propagandist distortion that they were even involved in the same proportion as Christians. The propaganda was most recently organized in the pseudo scholarly book “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” published by The Nation of Islam.

          Fascism always needs an enemy.

          • Omigod, Luke, you corrected ZaziJams! This probably won’t survive moderation, but I love the term “Whitesplaining.” I don’t know whether or not you coined the word, but it is absolutely perfect! Thanks! :-)

        • Greg Thrasher

          I acknowledge your comments here and your courage in making these comments given they are critical of Jewish Americans

          We must always have the freedom and agency to inquire and also make mistakes as we challenge and speak truth to the world


  • I’m trying to figure out how he feels he has the right to tell Black people what to be excited about.

    • My thoughts exactly. Who died and left him in charge of deciding what Black people can be excited about.

      Additionally, his comments and his need to express them are a perfect example of the ongoing racism in the country – MLK, Obama et al. notwithstanding.

    • Charity Dell

      SHERICE–L’il Buddy Benny just mad they did not give HIM a movie contract!
      Didn’t Hollywood KNOW he was important?
      I guess Harvey Weinstein forgot to call him up….

    • He can’t tell ANYONE what they should be excited about. Hell, I can get excited about a cupcake with sprinkles!

  • So white people shouldn’t camp in line for a week to see the next Star Wars? Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings? Game of Thrones? The next Marvel Comics movie? The next IPhone? Or black people, who are fans, for that matter?

    Say what?

    Man, go sit your…down somewhere.

    You sound so stupid.

    Does racism make you stoopid? Or do you just have to be stoopid to begin with? Or is he stupid like a fox? Because I don’t believe any of them are. They just know how to talk to stupid people.

    • Shoot, a lot of White people are standing in line to see Black Panther, and I don’t blame them! :-)

        • Mr Shapiro: you mean a good movie is not a good movie, no matter the record box office sales and multip-ethnic crowds?

          Additionally, Shapiro can go anywhere in this country and, as long as he doesnt utter his last name, he’ll be accepted. As a matter if fact, in my home state of SC, I am aware of a number of familes of Hebrew heritage who, to avoid the stings, slings, slights and frights of racism, Anglicized there last names . . .

    • Charity Dell

      DAWN–You didn’t know about:


      He’s soooo important, they forgot to put him in a movie!

  • one MORE reason to be excited about black panther: it made ben shapiro’s knee break his nose.

  • carmen becker

    Ben Shapiro
    Why should black people not feel proud of more than one accomplishment in any field?? Makes us feel proud of any Black person doing anything that has not been done before. And the ramifications of this is that so many people can display their talent in so many different ways—–AND PEOPLE HAVE JOBS. You will never know what it means to be Black and the pride when something is done for the first time. However, you do know what it means not to have a Jewish President——that too shall happen, then you might get it!!!!!

    • I would have voted for Bernie Sanders as president if Killary hadn’t sabotaged him. We didn’t get the “Black” president we thought with O’Bama. We got a psychologically white president who only walked and sang like a Black man. I wish the media would stop lying about how he reduced Black unemployment to 3.8%. Unless the Blacks in the cast of Black Panther was included in the 3.8%. At the “street level” many Blacks have stopped looking for jobs or are in shelters.

      tRump’s influence has made a Jewish person condescend to emulate ignorant, uneducated Nazis like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

      • I think Bernie would have walked away with the election. I think a Warren/Duckworth ticket similarly would have won. A half-used roll of toilet paper would have had a shot.

        Trump should be sending Hillary flowers every day.

        • Greg Thrasher

          I have very little respect for Bernie Sanders here in DC he has never hired a Black Chief of Staff and when he was mayor of Burlington VT he did not have one Black Staffer!!!

          Bernie has never been a natural ally of Black Americans he has always been late to our issues and simply leverages his policies to appease and pander.

          Bernie is the usual ego driven politician who drove White workers to vote for Trump

          Bernie moved to the Whitest state in America for a reason


          • I’m not a fan of Bernie, I was just stating how I saw it. Bernie had excited followers and momentum, Hillary had rich donors. The leadership of the Democratic Party picked money over momentum, almost always a losing move.

            Hillary, disingenuous loser that she is, spent hundreds of millions on bland TV ads in an era where nobody who can use a dvr watches them. She never generated enough enthusiasm to light a match.

  • Charity Dell

    DAWN–You didn’t know about:


    He’s soooo important, they forgot to put him in a movie!

  • Audrey Yatras

    Tell Ben to stay in his own sandbox and write movie reviews and critiques about human behavior on the subjects that he knows, like why are there so many Holacaust related movies, do we need another one? Should they have an all Jewish cast? Would he apply for a starring role, how much does he want his 2 seconds of fame?

  • There are only a few movies with major Black casts that will make me go to overpriced, exploitative movie theatres: Hidden Figures, Marshall and now, Black Panther.

    Growing up as a comic book hero fanatic, I NEVER saw a Black Panther comic book. This movie is epic as it shows a Black man in a heroic role. In racist AmeriKKKa, a Black male as a HERO is an oxymoron. These are not the stereotypical savage Africans created by racist Hollywood getting slaughtered by the thousands by “white, heroic” Tarzan. Whites are “righting” a historical wrong with this movie.

    Shapiro’s comments reflect how Jews, Asians and Black Uncle Toms gain acceptance from racist Nazis and KKK: Denigrate Blacks and their achievements by any means necessary. Like Republicans, they think they become “WHITER” by espousing and perpetuating racist theories and stereotypes about Blacks. Like Larry Elder, Shapiro wants to score racist “whitey” points. In any decade before and after slavery, you will find the GREATEST ACHIEVEMENTS by Black sons and daughters of slaves.

    • Greg Thrasher

      I acknowledge these comments and I affirm your right to articulate them in the public domain


    • Actually, the term “Uncle Tom” is being used incorrectly in society. The term more suited to describe those individuals trying to gain acceptance is “Sambo.” According to the novel, and I quote: “Uncle Tom is a Christian figure and hero portrayed in the book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” Uncle Tom is ultimately martyred; being beaten to death by a cruel master, simply because
      Jan 11, 2017 – In Stowe’s 1852 book, the character of Sambo was one of the slave overseers that work for the cruel slave owner, Simon Legree. Uncle Tom, a god-fearing slave with a compassionate heart, was tormented and beaten to death by Sambo, who regretted his act even as Tom forgave him as he was dying.” So rather than saying those sellouts are heros, they are Sambos.

      Ben Shapiro is an idiot. What he says has very little merit or any substance, for that matter. The Moorish-Americans were NOT proven wrong when Barak Obama was elected; rather, it PROVED just how racist and prejudice this Corporation called America STILL is and probably will always be. The disdain and complete lack of respect for Mr. Obama while in office has NEVER been shown to any other individual who has held that position–not even for the latest president. So Ben Shapiro can miss me with that nonsense that he’s spewing.

    • EXCUSE ME! Isnt Black Panther just a bit biased? A place where only certain people can live, with a WALL?
      Albeit fictional, it is unaccommodating of outsiders…etc What about MLK , Thurgood Marshall ,Du Bois?
      Being Latina I worked hard in college, to later be told my children would never be afforded the same opportunity?!
      Parents please tell your kids to reach for the stars, and teach them to love…. :}

  • I am 69 and I remember when there were only 4 classifications, white, brown, red and yellow. Red – native Americans, yellow – Asian, White – Anglo Saxton Europeans and brown – every body else. Now it seems all are being assimilated into the Anglo Saxton European group because it is more comfortable of course with the exception of the brown/black. From what I understand this movie is futuristic with black being the dominate culture, wow. A black film director which means he could be nominated for an Oscar?? A dominate black cast with an Oscar winner in the group already. A black movie that could gross millions. Would that mean some of the cast could leave the film being millionaires? And a Jewish person says we should not be excited??? If it happens for the people who are a part of the movie, could it happen for my grandchildren? Should I be excited for that??? Halle Barry was not a great cat woman, this movie is a great movie. Obama was a great president even with the barriers set up for him by congress, the news and reality t.v. people. In the words of James Brown, “watch me”.

  • Ben Shapiro is an idiot. What he says has very little merit or any substance, for that matter. The Moorish-Americans were NOT proven wrong when Barak Obama was elected; rather, it PROVED just how racist and prejudice this Corporation called America STILL is and probably will always be. The disdain and complete lack of respect for Mr. Obama while in office has NEVER been shown to any other individual who has held that position–not even for the latest president. So Ben Shapiro can miss me with that nonsense that he’s spewing.

  • Well, just exactly what was Eartha Kitt back in 1967-68?

    And, is it a problem that black youth see positive portrayals by people that look like them?

    Black parents have ALWAYS told their offspring that you can be whatever you want to be if you put in the time and effort while realizing that, in reality, their kids, in far too many instances, still had and have to be 2 to 3 times as good, to be equal . . .

    • It’s a problem for white people because it creates dissonance in their brains when compared with 300 years of propaganda telling them that black people are not quite human.

      If most white people truly believed that Black people were equal, their heads would explode from understanding that their own inability to achieve anything worthwhile after being given a 300 years head start, is their own damn fault.

      Well adjusted people take responsibility for their own successes and failures. Every so often a charlatan comes along to tell them people that it’s not their fault for their failures – it’s Hillary’s fault, it’s Black people’s fault, it’s Obama’s fault, it’s the Mexicans, it’s the Muslims, it’s everybody but themselves.

      In the last 100 years we’ve had many white charlatans, including Wilson, Coghlin, Lindberg, Wallace, Goldwater, Limbaugh, Falwell, Murdoch and now trump.

      Pied Pipers for losers. There’s enough losers for a charlatan to be elected president.

  • I wish that I could put into words how I feel about this guy but , you all beat me to the punch with every word ! It seems that we’ve said these things , over and over again . So , my final and only word is “ Ugh “!

  • You COMPLETELY miss his point. He’s ragging the people who are saying this is the most important event in Black history. It’s not. It’s great entertainment that takes place in an African country, with black characters. There’s nothing wrong with that. But what he’s saying is don’t miss the fact that there were far more important things to blacks than this. Emancipation, MLK, Barack Obama (who arguably is arabic and only 1/6th black), etc.

    • Why don’t you and Shapiro just shut up? Does what Black people enjoy concern either of you? Or are you just another tiresome old white dude commenting on stuff as if you know better?

      Guys like you similarly don’t understand why women don’t appreciate your creepy comments above their hair or clothing.

  • william wilson

    Welp, I know im going to a whole lot of flak for my opinion but here I go anyways. Firstly Im sorry but I havent seen any so far beat Ben Shapiro in a debate, he’s just way to good Id even go as far as to say Ben Shapiro is kinda like the Muhammad Ali of Debating. Now as for Black Panther movie it was really great movie, although i think the wakanda introduced at the end of captain america civil war made it look more Amazing than in the actual movie. Also I dont really like how they portrayed how Wakandas advanced technology was pretty much solely developed by Tchallas younger sister, and really defeats how Wakanda is supposed to be the African version of Atlantis really show how the rest of the worlds technology is like childs play to wakandans and really goes against the origin story of wakanda, also I dont like how they just quickly killed off Klaw when he’s supposed to be one of Blackpanthers archvillans and Also how they really down played I Think his ame is Apeman i could be wrong but he and his tribe is supposed to be Arch enemies of Wakanda and especially the Royal Family and Black panther and there’s a huge religious clash Black panther and wakandas Panther god and the heartshaped herb and the fifths tribes Gorilla god and they get similar powers of black panther by consuming the heart of a Silver back gorilla. But aside from those movie details the only real problem with the black panther movie is its very racist political message. Shoot the scene where the white cia agent wakes up in Wakanda and Tchallas younger sister say “oh you scared me colonizer” how can anyone with any intelligence not find that racist and offensive. Like seriously what has that CIA agent ever colonized. It would be just bad if the roles were reversed and Tchallas sister was white and cia Agent was black and said ” oh you scared me monkey” or pick anything else as hateful as a replacement. THATS THE PROBLEM WITH THE MOVIE IT DOESNT MATTER ABOUT THE MAJORITY BLACK CAST OR BLACK SUPER HERO, Id be pissed if they decided oh lets have a white actor play black panther just for a political message or inclusivity. If the character supposed to be black he should be black if he’s supposed to be white he should be white same if character supposed to be a woman or a man ect… The washing of characters is ridiculous. But at the end of the day everyone needs to realize that every race can be just as racist as any other race and not everyone’s a racist because of they’re skin color and think alot of people have forgotten one of the most important messages of history ” I have a dream that one will not be judged by ones color but by ones deeds and actions” – Martin Luther King jr. Lets stop creating divides and start creating unity because we all make Mankind. And ya I know i might have that quote slightly off from MLK. Well I hope my comment makes it on here but we’ll see take care and have a great day everyone.

    • Not only is your quote wrong, you missed the point of his speech, which was that, in the future, he hoped His children would be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Dr. King went on to be shot to death by a white suprematist and the repulsive racist and sexist jerk we have as president proves that we are still waiting for Dr. King’s hope to become reality.

      Your perception of racism is incorrect as well. Racism flows from power. Black people can be bigots but not be racist in this country. You should think about why you feel so entitled to provide an opinion on something you know nothing about.

      Better to keep your foolishness to yourself rather than erase any doubt.

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