African Diplomats and Politicians Call Trump Racist in Organized Backlash

“We would not deign to make comments as derogatory as that about any country that has any kind of socio-economic or other difficulties,” said Jessie Duarte, the deputy secretary general of South Africa's ruling African National Congress.


(Reuters) — African politicians and diplomats labeled President Donald Trump a racist on Friday after he was reported to have described some immigrants from Africa and Haiti as coming from “shithole” countries.

Sources told Reuters on Thursday that Trump had questioned why the United States would want immigrants from “shithole countries” like Haiti and some African countries during a briefing on draft immigration legislation.

Trump denied on Friday using such derogatory language, but he had already been widely condemned in many African countries and by international rights organizations.

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“I don’t need this one incident to show me that Trump is racist. I have enough history that shows it for me,” Lucien Metellus, a son of Haitian immigrants, told DiversityInc.

“Ours is not a shithole country and neither is Haiti or any other country in distress,” Jessie Duarte, the deputy secretary general of South Africa’s ruling African National Congress, told reporters at a news conference in East London.

“We would not deign to make comments as derogatory as that about any country that has any kind of socio-economic or other difficulties,” Duarte said, adding that much like their African counterparts, millions of U.S. citizens were affected by problems such as unemployment.

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Botswana’s foreign ministry summoned the U.S. ambassador in protest and called the comments “highly irresponsible, reprehensible and racist.”

It said in a statement that it had asked the U.S. government, through its ambassador, to “clarify” if the derogatory remark also applied to Botswana given that there were Botswana nationals living in the United States and others who wished to go there.

The African Union (AU), an organization which promotes cooperation on the continent, said it was alarmed by Trump’s “very racist” comments.

“Given the historical reality of how African Americans arrived in the United States as slaves, and the United States being the biggest example of how a nation has been built by migration — for a statement like that to come is particularly upsetting,” AU spokeswoman Ebba Kalondo said.

Trump reportedly also suggested that America should instead welcome people from countries such as Norway, an invitation a number of Norwegians rejected on Friday.

The Nordic country, one of the richest in the world by GDP per capita, was last year named the happiest nation on the planet by a U.N. body and is known for a cradle-to-grave welfare state.

“On behalf of Norway: Thanks, but no thanks,” tweeted Torbjoern Saetre, a politician representing Norway’s Conservative Party in a municipality near Oslo.

Others condemned the president’s comments as inappropriate or racist.

“We are not coming. Cheers from Norway,” one woman wrote.

Since taking office a year ago, Trump has pursued racist policies aimed at curbing immigration into the United States as part of a hard-line “America First” agenda.

Trump said on Twitter on Friday that he merely used “tough” language when discussing a new immigration bill with a group of U.S. senators.

He said the bill was a step backwards because it would force the United States “to take large numbers of people from high crime countries which are doing badly.”

The Trump administration has spoken little about how it wants to engage with African countries, focusing its foreign policy instead on issues like North Korea and Islamic State.

In November it ended Temporary Protected Status for immigrants from Haiti and Nicaragua, giving 59,000 Haitian immigrants until July 2019 to return home or legalize their presence in the United States.

On the streets of Lusaka, capital of the southern African country of Zambia, Trump’s reported remark reinforced long-held views about the U.S. leader.

“Trump has always been a racist, only a racist can use such foul language,” said Nancy Mulenga, a student at the University of Zambia.

Retired Ethiopian long distance runner Haile Gebrselasse, who won his first 10,000 Olympic gold medal in the U.S. city of Atlanta in 1996, told Reuters Trump’s comments did not reflect the views of all Americans.

Others used humor to ridicule the offensive comments.

“As someone from South Shithole, Trevor is deeply offended by the president’s remarks,” “The Daily Show” wrote on Twitter, referring to its South Africa-born host Trevor Noah.

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  • LGBT, Latinos, Asians, African immigrants, Women, White Jews, Native Americans; whatever American society wants to call the new Black isn’t the new Black. I agree these groups have a place in American society to be treated with fairness and considered equal. While each are distinct, they have their own experiences.

    But I’m getting really tired of people co-opting Black American DOS (descendant of slaves) accomplishments as their own.

    This is coming from the AU spokesperson wrecklessly stating African Americans experiences were the same as Black immigrants. And the honest to God truth is, it isn’t. The Black American DOS experience is actually the worse out of any ethnic group in this country and is still suffering because of the enslaved status centuries before. No reparations for this insidious act by the government when everyone else received it on their own.

    Trump’s sh*thole comment holds actually a larger meaning deserving a more complex discussion than the fluff given to viewers at CNN and msnbc. There is so much more woven into his statement that affects people of different ethnicities than the surface dribble, media representatives are able to pull.

    • You so right. Reminds me of the white South African who described himself as African American. He was a racist and Nazis in this country took up his cause, but the reason the story even got air was profound ignorance of most (99%) of white Americans to American History when it comes to the African slave trade and the history of slavery in the United States.

      President Shithead obviously is ignorant and ignorant of the roll of European and American colonialism on the African continent.

      Shithead has never heard of French colonialism and the only successful enslaved people uprising- the Haitian Revolution. Louverture Is unknown to him.

    • Charity Dell


      As an African-American, I’m still trying to figure out:

      1. Why any African-American joins the Republican Party, then is shocked when Republicans
      bow down to worship the racism god;

      2. Why Isaac Newton Farris, Jr. declared that Trump is “not racist in the traditional sense?”
      What more does The Trumpty Dump have to do to qualify as a “traditional racist?”

      Things that make you go hmmmmmm…..

  • T-rump is just the same as every other racist when the evidence is undisputable, deny, deny, deny. He is a racist and leader of the Racist Republican Party! Go a head and try to justify what T-rump said and look at yourself in the mirror while doing it. Can’t say you support T-rump without putting on the KKK outfit!

      • No, they are not aware – and they don’t want to be aware. They are part of the unenlightened, privileged ruling class so in their minds, we (and our causes and issues and concerns) do not exist and/or are irrelevant. I cannot wait for the next presidential election. It can’t get here soon enough!

        • For months, all of your 100+ comments have included gay bashing language. You have an obsessive focus on gay male sexuality.

          You’re gay. Go see a therapist and come out of the closet. You’ll feel better. Maybe you’ll see the Vice President in the waiting room.

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