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DiversityInc's 2016 Top 50 Announcement Dinner & Learning Sessions


April 19 | Cipriani Wall Street | New York City


No. 27 | New York Life | DiversityInc Top 50

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New York Life is on the list for the third year in a row. The company has strong talent-development initiatives, including mentoring and effective employee-resource groups.

The company utilizes its employee resource groups to identify and nurture management talent, including a group for people with disabilities called Enable. The groups also assist with the on-boarding process for new employees and with diversity-training initiatives. The company communicates the benefits of the resource groups, which continually increases participation.

All of the company’s top-level executives (CEO and direct reports) participate in the mentoring program. The company has a formal, cross-cultural program and ensures that mentors are trained on cultural awareness.

Mentoring relationships are formally evaluated every six months, and formal follow-up and measurable goals are used to assess success. New York Life has formal sponsorship for its high-potential employees from underrepresented groups, and the company communicates opportunities for them in senior-level meetings.


Ted Mathas
Chairman, President and CEO

“A diverse organization is rich with different perspectives, ways of approaching our work and, above all, opportunities. It’s open. It’s flexible. It’s respectful. That’s what being diverse and inclusive means to us. Beyond valuing the differences among people such as ethnicity, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation, diversity at New York Life produces the best possible results for our people, our business and our community. And that just makes us stronger.”
Kathleen Navarro
Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer

“At New York Life, diversity is top of mind for the company and everyone is encouraged to bring their own perspectives to the table—whether it’s cultural background, generational beliefs or personal style. We seek out diversity of thought, opinion, background and experiences. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach.”


U.S. Headquarters: New York

U.S. Employees: 8,499

Last Year’s DiversityInc Top 50 Ranking: No. 25

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