Diversity Leadership: Nellie Borrero, Accenture

Nellie Borrero, AccentureNellie Borrero
Managing Director, Global Inclusion & Diversity

Over the years “many mentors of all shades and both genders” have helped Nellie Borrero achieve her goals. “It’s very difficult for anyone to fly solo,” Borrero told DiversityInc. “You need people to guide you. You need to understand best practices.”

At Accenture, all employees have mentors and all managers participate in mentoring programs. “We want a culture that is inclusive of everyone and where everyone who joins feels they have opportunities to succeed and grow,” Borrero says on the company’s website. “In addition, we want our people to be able to work well cross-culturally and know how to best collaborate with people from any country.”

Among Borrero’s accomplishments are worldwide programs in celebration of International Women’s Day; a global career-development program for women in Japan, India and Africa; and an on-boarding program for Latinos in Spain. She has also worked to expand Accenture’s recruitment in the Latino community by partnering with organizations like the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. Borrero has been at Accenture since 1986 and created the company’s first full-time diversity position in 1993.

Borrero has a bachelor’s degree from Lehman College. She sits on the board of directors of LaGuardia Community College and is a member of the Senior Women Leaders Advisory Board of VisionSpring. She is married and has two children.