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In accepting DiversityInc’s Special Award last fall as Top Company for Inclusive Culture, President and CEO Ajay Banga said diversity and inclusion are ingrained and integral to the company’s operations.

“If you don’t have a diverse company, and you don’t have people around you who don’t think like you, who don’t walk like you, who don’t talk like you, who didn’t have the same experiences as you,” he asked, “how will you ever make sure that you’re not blinded to the same mistakes because you only see things through one prism?”

Banga is a very visible leader, chairing the Global Diversity and Inclusion Council (GDIC) and meeting quarterly with MasterCard’s Business Resource Groups (BRGs). The council, based at corporate headquarters in Purchase, N.Y., has representatives from all the company’s business regions and sets policy and strategy, such as expanding traditional definitions of diversity to include diversity of thought, experience and function.

Chief Diversity Officer Donna Johnson—“a tireless, passionate campaigner” in Banga’s words—leads the efforts, which include the eight BRGs. The groups are heavily involved in talent development, mentoring and diversity training.

The senior leaders of the company are heavily involved with the BRGs as executive sponsors. “These leaders are glad to have the opportunity to find the jewels in their employee base,” Johnson says.

The culture is also geared toward work-life integration and support of the community. The Volunteer Incentive Program provides grants to organizations where employees volunteer their time. All its U.S. employees have the opportunity to work at home or telecommute.

MasterCard has had a supplier-diversity initiative since 2001 and includes a Tier II (subcontractor) program. The supplier-diversity efforts have begun to be expanded beyond the United States to the United Kingdom and Canada.


Ajay Banga
President and CEO

“Our culture of inclusion has established us as a global company of empowered employees who use their diversity of thought, experience and background to advance innovation and MasterCard’s contributions to society.”
Donna Johnson
Chief Diversity Officer

“We’ve built a culture that develops our employees professionally and personally, making MasterCard a fantastic place to work. We distinguish ourselves as an employer of choice by encouraging employees to lead change through their skills and passions.”


U.S. Headquarters: Purchase, N.Y.
Global Employees: 10,300
U.S. Employees: 4,600
Last Year’s DiversityInc Top 50 Ranking: No. 6


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