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MasterCard Worldwide: No. 6 in the DiversityInc Top 50

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MasterCard has a remarkably inclusive culture, one in which senior executives communicate constantly with all employees. It starts with President and CEO Ajay Banga, who is a visible supporter of diversity and inclusion in every way, meeting quarterly with employee resource groups and personally chairing the executive diversity council. The council meets monthly and sets diversity goals and metrics for the organization.

MasterCard supports its talent-development efforts through a robust mentoring program, involving 50 percent of employees. All the mentoring pairs are cross-cultural and sponsorship is encouraged. All of the members of the top three levels of management participate in the mentoring program.

MasterCard has an open and flexible work environment, especially at its Purchase, N.Y., headquarters. All of its U.S. employees have the ability to work at home or telecommute. The company also has onsite religious accommodations, such as prayer rooms, adoption assistance, paternity leave and alternative career tracks for parents or others with long-term healthcare issues.

The company has eight very well developed resource groups, with 40 percent of employees participating in at least one group. The groups are used for recruitment, on-boarding of new hires, talent development, mentoring, diversity training and marketing to their communities. The company has made these groups an integral part of its inclusive culture, and managers understand the value of allowing employees to participate in and lead the groups. More than half of Banga’s direct reports are executive sponsors of resource groups.

The company has a strong history of philanthropy, including a Volunteer Incentive Program, which provides grants to organizations for which employees volunteer their personal time. In addition, twice a year MasterCard employees volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and Junior Achievement.


Ajay Banga
President and CEO“Our culture of inclusion has established us as a global company of empowered employees who use their diversity of thought, experience and background to advance innovation and MasterCard’s contributions to society.”

Donna Johnson
Chief Diversity Officer“We’ve built a culture that develops our employees professionally and personally, making MasterCard a fantastic place to work. We distinguish ourselves as an employer of choice by encouraging employees to lead change through their skills and passions.”



U.S. Headquarters: Purchase, N.Y.

Global Employees: 8,500

U.S. Employees: 4,138

• CEO pushes very inclusive culture

• Strong mentoring, resource groups

• Dramatic rise in last 3 years from 31 to 16 to top 10


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