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Our Guide to Coverage of the Walmart Court Decision


  • Anonymous

    When consummers realize that the power lies with us, then companies like Wal-Mart and those who supported them, will change their employment practices.

    The only thing that effects change seems to be the bottom-line in America. So if women really want to get changes we have to start spending our money with companies whose values mimic our own. Until then….

  • Anonymous

    The Supreme Court viewed this case through a microscope. Yes, individual managers may not necessarily apply discriminatory pay practices, but when viewed from a bigger picture, was there a “preponderance of evidence” that showed that Walmart’s policy favored males? The statistics tell the story. Large companies left to their own devices will fall into deplorable habits, especially if there is a “good ole boys” culture in place. As the prior commenter said, we need to hit them in their pockets. My question, though, is how many other companies fit the Walmart mold in terms of how they treat non-male or non-white employees? How many companies would we have to boycott to affect real change? It’s time that stricter penalties were put into place when discrimination is rampant so ordinary citizens don’t have to mortgage their homes to pay an attorney to fight their case.

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