What Does It Take for a Woman to Become CEO?

Against the odds, Beth Mooney became the first female CEO of a top 20 U.S. bank and is carrying on the culture of inclusion at KeyCorp.

Beth Mooney KeyCorpGetting women to the top of most organizations is a common issue, especially the CEO spot. Here’s an interview with one woman who rose to the top in a male-dominated industry and became CEO and chairman of KeyCorp, a top 20 U.S. bank. How did Beth Mooney do it?

In this exclusive, 2,240-word Q&A with DiversityInc’s Senior Vice President and Executive Editor Barbara Frankel, Beth Mooney shares insights about how her journey has involved overcoming naysayers, getting help from mentors and sponsors and, most importantly, her own perseverance, hard work and vision for herself.

In the interview, Mooney discusses:

  • The feminization of leadership and how women influence organizational culture from the top
  • How diversity can change personal career trajectory
  • Creating opportunities for future generations and the importance of coaching/mentoring
  • Why diversity is key to the success of community banking

KeyCorp is one of DiversityInc’s 25 Noteworthy Companies and is No. 4 in The DiversityInc Top 10 Regional Companies. Mooney follows in the footsteps of retired Chairman and CEO Henry Meyer, who had been a strong diversity leader at KeyCorp.

Read Q&A With KeyCorp’s CEO Beth Mooney at BestPractices.DiversityInc.com.

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