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CVS Caremark’s David Casey: Transferring Valuable Skills

After more than a decade in diversity management, David Casey was approached last year by CVS Caremark for its newly elevated position of vice president and diversity officer. By January, the father of three had made a major work/life decision: to move his family from his hometown of Indianapolis to Providence, R.I.

Not only has CVS Caremark won a veteran diversity leader, the 210,000-employee drugstore and pharmacy-benefits-management company gained a veteran U.S. Marine Corps service member who served in Operation Desert Storm. Like other military personnel, Casey brings valuable resources, including time-management skills, technical acumen, adaptability and the ability to make level-headed decisions under crisis.

“Having driven through a mine field not knowing if I’d make it out alive,” he says, “some of the things we tend to take as insurmountable challenges in our lives don’t seem so problematic.” That experience has served Casey well throughout his career, which included serving as vice president of workplace culture and chief diversity officer at WellPoint.

Now at CVS Caremark, Casey says he’s excited about “being able to come in and help a company not start from scratch but take diversity management to the next level.” To accomplish this, he has been collaborating with colleagues over the past several months to develop a strategic plan that includes improving workforce representation, creating a corporate-wide culture of inclusion and expanding outreach efforts to all constituency groups, such as active-duty and veteran service members. For example, employees have begun collecting DVDs and CDs to send to overseas troops, and Casey has a “personal stake” in helping to launch CVS Caremark’s first veteran resource group shortly, of which he will serve as executive sponsor.

“We’re also going to spend a lot of time this year communicating and getting conceptual clarity of diversity management,” says Casey.


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    what exactly does this mean/entail (last line/quote) : getting conceptual clarity of diversity management

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