Kraft Foods Group: No. 35 in the DiversityInc Top 50

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Kraft Foods Group

Company Facts

U.S. Headquarters: Northfield, Ill.

Global Employees: 23,000

U.S. Employees: 20,396

Why It’s on the List

Kraft Foods Group continues to be a diversity leader after being spun off from Kraft Foods. The company ties a significant portion of its top-level executives’ bonuses to diversity goals. They are measured through dashboards that focus on human-capital results.

The company has had a major emphasis on talent development of people from underrepresented groups. Kraft has formal succession planning for Blacks, Latinos, Asians, American Indians and women. External and internal recruiters are required to present diverse slates for executive openings reflecting the available labor pool.

Kraft has a robust cross-cultural mentoring program, with 35 percent of managers participating. The initiative includes virtual, reverse and peer mentoring, as well as mentoring aimed specifically at new hires. Mentors receive cultural-awareness training.

Kraft also has formal sponsorship for high-potential employees from underrepresented groups. All of the top-level executives in the company participate.

The company also has employee resource groups available to all its U.S. workers, including hourly employees. These include groups for young professionals, veterans and working parents. Fifty percent of top-level executives serve as sponsors of the groups.

Diversity Leadership

Tony Vernon
CEO“We’re honored to be part of the DiversityInc Top 50 ranking again this year. Our people are our competitive advantage, and we’re continuing to build an inclusive, diverse culture that helps us better connect with the consumers we serve and drive innovation.”

Jorge Quezada
Chief Diversity Officer“We’re consciously working to create the best environment for our employees to engage, flourish and innovate.  Simply put, we strive to give the quietest person in the room a voice, the person who feels different the confidence to know they belong, and the person regardless of tenure the ability to contribute.”