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Kaiser Permanente: No. 4 in the DiversityInc Top 50

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No organization uses the diversity of its leadership and staff to better connect with its customers than Kaiser Permanente. The model of culturally competent healthcare, this hospital/insurance-company organization has a decades-long emphasis on diversity and inclusion that stands out, even in this group of progressive companies.

At Kaiser, it certainly starts at the top, with a major emphasis on inclusion from Chairman and CEO Bernard Tyson and Dr. Ronald Copeland, Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

Kaiser links 15 percent of senior-executive compensation to diversity metrics, assessed through a dashboard. The organization’s diversity leadership starts with its board of directors, which is 60 percent female, 33 percent Black, 11 percent Asian and 11 percent Latino.

Kaiser, which has one of the most diverse senior-management and executive pipelines, requires both internal and external recruiters to have mandatory diverse slates. All slates are reviewed by the chief human resources officer and Dr. Copeland.

Kaiser has a strong cross-cultural mentoring program and uses its employee resource groups for recruitment, talent development and community outreach. Kaiser also has formal sponsorship (political advocacy) for high-potentials from underrepresented groups.

Sixty percent of its employees are members of employee resource groups, which Kaiser Permanente calls Multicultural Business Resource Groups. Its groups include ones for Armenians and for Women in Technology. Groups have annual development plans to assess activities, events and development opportunities.

Kaiser’s efforts in the community are supported by strong philanthropy, with 3 percent of its gross revenue allocated to philanthropic donations. Both employees and senior executives are deeply involved in local and healthcare multicultural nonprofits.


Bernard J. Tyson
Chairman and CEO

“Diversity and inclusion are in Kaiser Permanente’s DNA. The rich diversity of our organization reflects the diversity of the people we serve each and every day and is a tremendous asset that helps us consistently deliver high-quality, affordable healthcare to our members, customers and communities. We have an obligation and an expressed purpose—at all levels of this organization—to create a diverse-and-inclusive environment that encourages our employees to reach their full potential, while continually providing the high level of care people expect from Kaiser Permanente.”

Dr. Ronald Copeland
Senior Vice President, National Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Policy and
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

“Kaiser Permanente’s strong commitment to clinical excellence, a global perspective on diversity and a culture of inclusive leadership continue to inspire our workforce. Our diverse employees and physicians are transforming care delivery to meet the growing community demand for health-improvement services that are accessible, affordable, equitable, and culturally and linguistically personalized.”



U.S. Headquarters: Oakland, Calif.

U.S. Employees: 171,265

• Extremely diverse board, senior management

• 60% of employees in resource groups

• Strongly inclusive culture impacts clinicians and patient-facing staff

• 5th year in a row in top 5


  • No. 1 The DiversityInc Top 10 Companies for Recruitment



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