JCPenney: No. 48 in the DiversityInc Top 50


Despite a turbulent year, the retailer’s commitment to diversity and inclusion intensified, both in terms of creating an inclusive workplace and in its marketplace outreach to underrepresented communities.

CEO Myron “Mike” Ullman, who spoke at the 2014 DiversityInc Top 50 event, is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, both personally and professionally. He signs off on diversity metrics, visibly communicates the importance of diversity to business goals, and chairs the executive diversity council.

JCPenney’s 10-member board of directors has one Black, one Latino and two women members.

The company has 10 employee resource groups, which it calls Business Resource Teams. They are available to hourly workers and include groups for veterans and for employees with disabilities, and groups by age. They are used for recruitment, marketing, talent development, on-boarding of new employees and mentoring.

The company is bolstering its supplier-diversity efforts and annually reports metrics and results to senior management. Supplier diversity is included in RFPs (Requests for Proposals) and/or vendor contracts.


Myron E. “Mike” Ullman III

“Our commitment to inclusion and diversity is one of the core values on which we are rebuilding JCPenney. Our customers respect that our associates reflect who they are and that our teams bring a wide range of views, backgrounds and experiences in their work. In this way, we are building a winning culture that encourages teamwork, innovation and exceptional performance.”


Kelley Johnson
Divisional Vice President, Diversity and Emerging Talent

“At every level, we recognize the value that diverse points of view bring to JCPenney. During this important time in our company, we continue to focus on unleashing the power of diversity and inclusion in our organization. We know these are advantages that allow us to grow our business and meet the needs of our associates, customers and communities.”




U.S. Headquarters: Plano, Texas

Global Employees: 116,341