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IBM: No. 23 in the DiversityInc Top 50

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A longtime global and domestic diversity-and-inclusion leader, IBM continues to provide an inclusive workplace and vast opportunities for talent development.

The company has an exceptionally strong mentoring program, which includes group, virtual, speed and peer mentoring, and on-boarding initiatives for new hires. IBM also has mentoring using social media.

All managers and almost half of all employees participate in the formal, cross-cultural mentoring initiative, which includes cultural-awareness training for mentors. All of the top three levels of the company are involved with the mentoring program.

IBM also has 12 Business Resource Groups with 95 chapters in the United States (and significant global groups as well). The U.S. groups include ones for men and for new hires.

The company has a longstanding record of community philanthropy, including On Demand Community, which helps employees and retirees best use their professional skills to serve as volunteers.

IBM’s supplier-diversity efforts are also significant, with metrics reported on a monthly basis to senior leadership. The company ties procurement-management compensation to supplier-diversity results.


Virginia M. Rometty
Chairman, President and CEO


Belinda Tang
Vice President, Global Diversity

“At IBM, diversity is integrated into our business strategy. Diversity is essential, in the same way we view innovation as essential for our business and clients. As a company that conducts business in more than 170 countries, our belief in diversity enables employees to develop their full potential, so in turn, IBM can support clients with talent that represents true diversity of thought.”



U.S. Headquarters: Armonk, N.Y.

Global Employees: 431,000


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