Diverse Culture, Passion for People Attracts NSMH Student to Sodexo

"Sodexo caught my eye immediately because of their passion for people," writes Nakaria Williams, National Vice Chair for the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality and former Sodexo Future Leaders Intern.

Sodexo is No. 6 on the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies list

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Hello NSMH-ers / future Sodexo interns and employees! My name is Nakaria Williams, and I am a senior at Grand Valley State University and the National Vice Chair for the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality (NSMH).

Previously I held the role of Midwest Regional Chair, where I helped reinstate my university’s chapter of NSMH, and was a Future Leaders Internfor Sodexo last summer.

While I’m excited to be wrapping up my college career this year, GVSU has helped me to find my passion for the hospitality industry and, more importantly, my passion for people.

I believe that passion for people is what drives most people to go into this line of work, and it is also what immediately sparked my interest in Sodexo (more on that later).

Backtracking, I first joined NSMH because, as a minority student, I felt there was a lack of inclusion in other organizations. NSMH helped me find my voice and to use it to help other students feel included. Not to mention, NSMH offered me some incredible opportunities to further my career and make connections that would last a lifetime. I can honestly say my involvement in the organization has been one of the best parts of my college career and has really helped me apply the things I’ve learned at GVSU to real life situations.

Now, back to Sodexo. The company caught my eye immediately because of their passion for people, and when I first heard the recruiters speak at the NSMH conference, they were so passionate about their work. Throughout the rest of the conference, I networked with them, making sure to speak to them whenever I had a chance. I also attended their hospitality suite for additional 1:1 time.

The next day during the conference, I had my first interview. Two weeks after, I had a phone interview with another recruiter and received my official offer for an internship shortly after.

For me, finding a company where the culture is inclusive, driven and has a set of values they don’t stray from is crucial to being happy in a job. Sodexo has all of these qualities, making it an amazing place for me to complete an internship in the summer of 2017. I cannot say it enough; this internship was a dream come true.

As the Catering and Events Intern at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, I had a hand in organizing incredible events, while meeting some of the best people in the industry. Working at the museum was a perfect fit for me because I have a genuine curiosity and am always striving to learn more about the world we live in.

Sodexo is an incredible company to work for, and I would highly recommend everyone take the time to explore the opportunities they offer. If you do apply for Sodexo, prepare for your life to be changed for the better because of the people you meet and the job you get to do.

If you happen to be attending the NSMH National Conference this February, the Sodexo team will be there again to talk to you about your career goals. Here are a few ways you can meet them:

  • 2/16 – Sodexo Industry Workshop at 3:15 p.m.
  • 2/16 – Sodexo Hospitality Suite at 8:30 p.m.
  • 2/17 – Career Fair Booth 105 at 9 a.m.

My advice to those of you who are thinking of applying? Take a breath, smile and just remember to embrace every opportunity!

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