Fair360 Survey

DiversityInc Global SurveyThe purpose of this questionnaire is to obtain a better understanding of how diversity and inclusion are conceptualized and executed globally. We intend to examine what challenges global companies face, how they respond to these challenges and the best practices they have developed.

Data collected from this annual survey will form the basis for the data-driven benchmarking practices that recognize the better performing (that is, fair) companies and encourage all global companies to take advantage of the competitive edge that enhanced diversity and inclusion bring.

Participating companies will receive a data report on findings, plus possible benchmarking of their efforts against the best among the global companies who also participate in the survey. All participating companies that fulfill the requirements (see below) will be honored at the annual fall event.

Fairness and Gender

Fairness and gender are the double foci of the data analysis that will flow from this survey. Fairness means measuring efforts, not externally imposed limitations; gender is globally the most relevant dimension of social differentiation.

Four Areas

In the context of large global companies that are trying to maximize every individual’s contribution from diverse backgrounds, this survey consists of four areas of talent management:

  • Leadership Accountability (Executive Diversity Council/Mission Statement)
  • Human Capital/Demographics (Top Executives/Management/Workforce)
  • Best Practices (Recruiting/Mentoring/Employee Resource Groups)
  • Social Responsibility (Supplier Diversity/Philanthropy/Environmental Programs/Reputation)


The Fair360 Survey consists of two separate surveys: Global and Regional surveys. Participating companies are asked to complete both. Requirements are:

  • Completing the Global Survey
  • Completing at least two Regional Surveys, each response representing a region out of six available
  • Having at least 2,000 employees worldwide

Important Dates

  • Mon., Feb. 6: Survey opens
  • Thu.,  Jul. 27: Submission deadline
  • Wed., Sep. 27: Fall event (recognizing all participants that fulfill the requirements above)


For more information, please email Fair360@DiversityInc.com.