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Recruiting: What Makes Black & Women Candidates Want to Work for You?

It takes a methodical approach to talent acquisition to ensure your company attracts the best and brightest talent. This is especially true with candidates from traditionally underrepresented groups.

With about 1,700 stores spread across 49 states, the talent-acquisition team at Target might say it’s difficult to recruit underrepresented groups in regions where whites are the majority—especially at its headquarters in Minneapolis.

But they don’t say this. In fact, women, Blacks, Latinos and associates from other underrepresented groups made up 22 percent of Target’s nearly 28,000 salaried positions in the United States last year. That’s because Alicia Petross, senior group manager of diversity at Target, and her staff take a methodical approach to talent acquisition that ensures the company attracts the best and brightest.

“We know where to find diverse talent. But if there’s a limited resource of diverse talent in your area, be extremely realistic and have a plan,” advises Petross.

In Case Study: Recruiting Women, Blacks, Target explains how its resource groups and relationships with professional organizations benefit its talent development.

Beyond setting clear goals and responsibilities, Target’s recruitment approach employs five best-practice steps:

  1. Create a plan
  2. Gain commitment
  3. Leverage the right sources
  4. Communicate the brand
  5. Measure results

Read Case Study: Recruiting Women, Blacks for Petross’ detailed explanation of each step.



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