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Cast Your Vote and Help GLSEN Win $250,000

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GLSEN is currently in third place in a competition where the top two win $250,000 each—will you help?

Participating in the month-long Pepsi Refresh competition, GLSEN has a chance to win a quarter-million-dollar grant toward our Safe Space Campaign. But we need your assistance in order to do this.

Let’s get GLSEN back into the top two, stay there until January 31, and win this tremendous grant!

Here are the 6 separate but equally important things you can do:

1.     Vote for GLSEN via the Pepsi Refresh site:

2.     Vote for GLSEN via Facebook: (takes a minute to load, fyi)

3.     Text “105532″ to number 73774 (like a standard text, no additional fees)


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4.     Sign up to be a ‘daily voter’:

a.     You will be sent a daily reminder e-mail to vote for GLSEN, as well as nine other progressive organizations we’ve teamed up with to pool votes and resources (including other LGBT orgs, such as GLAD, Equality PA and PROMO)

5.     Post to your Facebook page, retweet, etc. (after you vote, there is a link to ‘share’ it on many social media platforms)

a.     Or, you can just post this link ( to your FB wall and ask your friends to vote

6.     Copy and paste this e-mail to your friends, family, colleagues, etc. Getting the word out is key.

Thank you for helping GLSEN in the unique endeavor—we cannot do this without your help. And we are grateful that you are taking some time to assist.

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