Diversity Web Seminar on Talent Development: How Diversity Metrics Help Improve Diversity at the Top

Do diversity metrics show that the top of your organization is all white and all male? Here are proven best practices for improving diversity metrics so you can have a more diverse executive pipeline.

Do diversity metrics show that the top of your organization is all white and all male? Keeping a diverse slate of top recruits on board and engaged can be challenging. How can you nurture these stellar performers—especially people from underrepresented groups—to reach their full potential in senior management?

In DiversityInc’s diversity web seminar on talent development, Senior Vice President and Executive Editor Barbara Frankel leads a discussion on the importance of leveraging diversity metrics to drive talent-development programs, in particular those that include formal cross-cultural mentoring.

Amy Munichello, director, diversity and inclusiveness center of expertise, Ernst & Young (No. 6 in the DiversityInc Top 50), and Mohit Misra, executive director, talent management, OD, staffing, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (No. 13), provide comprehensive case studies of how their companies increase the representation in their talent pipelines to drive both business results and professional growth.

In this 90-minute web seminar, readers will learn:

  • How to measure the success of a cross-cultural mentoring program
  • The top four best practices for talent development in resource groups
  • Why Ernst & Young takes a global approach to talent and the three key elements that bring its program success
  • The impact and challenge of unconscious bias on talent-development goals
  • How Novartis makes talent development about more than traditional training programs

Watch diversity web seminar on talent development on BestPractices.DiversityInc.com.

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