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The U.S. Navy Must Diversify Its Ranks to Stay Relevant

By 2042, white people will no longer be the American majority, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. To stay relevant, the U.S. Navy’s sailors, officers and personnel must reflect the changing demographics of the country, Vice Admiral Anthony L. Winns, Naval Inspector General, said in an interview with DiversityInc CEO Luke Visconti.



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  • Anonymous

    In my opinion, the United States Navy was strong and the best in the world when it lacked minorities and it is strong and the best in the world now that more minorities are given an opportunity to serve. The terms relevence and diversity, when diversity refers to a minority group, do not add much to a discussion of how good our Navy is. Diversity of skills, opinions and experience are factors that I believe are are relevent. To say that a person’s minority status makes something better is just as bad as saying that a person’s minority status make something worse. The Admiral mentions diversity of thought and ideas as being important, and I agree. I wish that he would have said that the best and brightest should be sought out no matter what demographic group, majority or minority, that they belong to and that no demographic group should be excluded from the search.

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