Managing Relationships Between HR & Diversity Departments

Diversity experts at our event analyze the challenging dynamics at the heart of this rapidly-evolving corporate relationship.

Manageing HR and Diversity RelationshipsThe relationship between the diversity department and HR is the most critical to a diversity leader’s success in the organization. But how do you work collaboratively with HR to achieve diversity goals in recruitment, retention and talent development? Should diversity report in to HR? Does it help or hurt if the chief diversity officer is from an HR background?

Diversity leaders and HR experts from eight leading companies shared their proven strategies at our “Managing Relationships Between HR & Diversity Departments” diversity event held in New York City, revealing take-away best practices for maximizing organizational-behavior implementation and the successful navigation of corporate cultures.

Companies included: Sodexo, Toyota Motor North America, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, General Motors, KPMG, Accenture, Ernst & Young, and MasterCard.

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Managing Relationships Between HR & Diversity Departments


Dr. Rohini Anand, SodexoShould Diversity Report to HR?
Dr. Rohini Anand, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Diversity Officer, Sodexo



Dana Green, ToyotaWorking Collaboratively With HR
Recruitment & Talent Development: Dana Green, National Manager, Corporate Diversity & Inclusion, Toyota Motor North America



Rhonda ChrichlowWhat HR Really Needs to Succeed
Rhonda Crichlow, Vice President and Head, U.S. Diversity & Inclusion, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation



Cindy Brinkley Navigating Large Organizations
Cindy Brinkley, Vice President, Global Human Resources, General Motors




McCollum Can Diversity & HR Leave Room for Organizational Development?
Dr. Walter McCollum, Senior Director, Organizational Development, Sodexo



Dana Foote, KPMGHR, Diversity & Mentoring
Dana Foote, Partner, Member of Diversity Advisory Board, Co-Chair, Abilities in Motion Network, KPMG



Pedro SurielHR, Diversity & Resource Groups
Pedro Suriel, Senior Executive, Accenture




Karyn TwaroniteHR & Communications
Karyn Twaronite, Partner, Americas Inclusiveness Officer, Ernst & Young




Donna JohnsonHR & Legal—Setting Goals
Donna Johnson, Chief Diversity Officer, MasterCard Worldwide




Managing HR and Diversity Department PanelPanel on How to Build Synergy Between Diversity Departments & HR
Dr. Rohini Anand, Sodexo; Dana Foote, KPMG; and Pedro Suriel, Accenture




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