5 Lessons Learned at Innovation Fest! & Do White Men Need Diversity Outreach?

Does diversity drive innovation? Diversity leaders from PricewaterhouseCoopers, Toyota, Deloitte, Hilton and more discuss at our event why even white men need D&I.

Does Diversity Drive Innovation? Why Even White Men Need D&IAt DiversityInc’s event, corporate leaders saw real-life examples of how inclusive workplaces led to innovative business solutions with measurable results for Toyota, Deloitte, ADP and Hilton. And then they had the ultimate discussion in inclusion: How to get white men to buy into D&I.

No. 1: Inclusion Creates Innovation
Toyota Financial Services offered case studies on how diverse teams have led to innovative business solutions, including increased performance in times of economic turbulence and more engaged employees/leadership.

Watch additional excerpts from Toyota’s presentation.

No. 2: It’s Never to Late to ‘Get’ It
After being in business for 93 years, Hilton Worldwide started its first resource groups and got five (with 20 chapters) up to speed within a year.

Watch additional excerpts from Hilton Worldwide’s presentation.

No. 3: Use Personal Examples to Sell D&I
In getting white men to “buy in” to the value of diversity or in convincing entire staffs that the CEO really supports this, the personal story is critical, as leaders of PricewaterhouseCoopersToyota Financial ServicesDeloitteCox Communications and Altria told us.

Watch additional excerpts from the roundtable.

No. 4: Challenge Assumptions
Everyone has biases and blind spots. Deloitte’s diversity leadership said that it’s important to find out what those are and to challenge assumptions.

Watch additional excerpts from Deloitte’s presentation.

No. 5: Use Metrics to Evaluate Business Success
The most successful D&I initiatives measure results, as ADP’s new effort to recruit and retain veterans shows. The company has recognized the value of veterans in its workplace and has jumpstarted efforts to recruit, retain and engage former service members.

Watch additional excerpts from ADP’s presentation.

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