SLIDESHOW: U.S.’s LGBT Community—Revealing Trends & Attitudes

A look at statistics from the latest surveys of the LGBT community released by the Pew Research Center.

Just ahead of the Supreme Court’s rulings on same-gender marriage, the Pew Research Center released a series of surveys regarding attitudes, experiences and acceptance in the United States’ LGBT community. The studies provided some unique insights. DiversityInc presents some of the most revealing.

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    I am personally offended at some of the pictures in the slideshow. While the pictures may depict some members of the GLBT community a few of them (women with a collar on, man with no shirt, individual with glitter all over their face) are the very stereotypical images that many in the GLBT community are trying to change. As a Manager who wants to promote diversity among my team, this presentation (while the wording is informative) will be ineffective and the message lost as the images will continue to stir negative connotations tainting the receptivity of the audience.

    • I agree with what Toni B wrote – some of the pictures are stereotypical and do not promote diversity in a positive light particularly within professional circles. Just as it would be inappropriate and unacceptable to show pictures of scantily dressed women when trying to break down barriers in employment.

  • Honestly, I wasn’t paying any attention to the pictures, but I did find the survey results very interesting so I appreciate the information. I would really like to hear/learn more!

  • While I understand that DiversityInc provides a lot of information to the professional community, the slideshow is adeptly titled ‘U.S.’s LGBT Community – Revealing Trends and Attitudes.’ The diversity of the LGBT community is vast and comprises of not only of professionals in business attire but also LGBT adults who may or may not appear, dress, or behave stereotypically. The point is well noted that depending on your employment environment, this particular slide show may not be the one you want to show your team at work. This should not distract from the information in this slide show. If you hadn’t pointed out the collar, it might have gone unnoticed and most people may not understand what it means, you don’t have to tell them. A shirtless young man is not uncommon on a hot summer day. A person with paint and glitter on their face is not necessarily uncommon for holidays like: Mardi Gras, Carnival, Holi, all positive celebrations. How does this not depict diversity?

    I am a professional and if someone were to take a picture of me on the weekend they may be taking a picture of a plus sized, lesbian with a short hair style, with the sleeves of her flannel shirt rolled up, grease on her nitrile covered hands and working on her Subaru. If that isn’t stereotypical, I don’t know what is. I don’t try to be stereotypical. I just prefer my hair short, the feel of flannel against my skin, and to drive a sturdy car that I can fix myself. None of this takes away from my professionalism and the respect in which I garner at work.

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