SLIDESHOW: 7 Things NEVER to Say to People With Disabilities

What are some things you should NEVER say to people with disabilities?

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  • I’m really enjoying this series. Each article serves as a good reminder that in professional settings the best course of action is to stick to professional topics until told otherwise.

  • Christine Adams

    Probably the worst thing anyone ever said to me at work was when my boss announced that as per upper management our department who were already overworked and overburdened would be taking on even more work and that he knew I would stay and tolerate whatever they threw at me because he knew I needed the “health insurance” I couldn’t tell you what else was said during that meeting. My mouth had to be open hitting the floor. We weren’t alone, there were four other women in office too and he proceeded to give each an assessment of whether or not he could rely on them to handle the extra work but when he came to me well…he just knew I would take it! This was a well known investment bank too not some Mom and Pop shop that may not have known better.

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