Red for Equality: What Are the 10 Most Powerful Memes for Same-Gender Marriage?

Americans’ support for same-gender marriage has gone viral. Which images best show your support?

Same-Gender Marriage Equality: DiversityIncThe Supreme Court’s oral arguments for same-gender marriage may have concluded, but advocacy for LGBT-rights across social-media platforms continues to go viral. Thousands of users from networks including Facebook, Twitter, Storify, Tumblr and more turned their profiles red—including DiversityInc—and shared dozens of pro-LGBT memes this week in an effort to promote the belief that love knows no restrictions.

“Red symbolizes love. That’s what marriage is all about,” says Charlie Joughin, a spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign, the LGBT-rights advocacy group that started the campaign by turning its equal-sign logo red. The HRC also is offering free equality stickers as a thanks to anyone willing to show their support.

What started as a simple color swap has evolved into massive public promotion, with online users—as true to our meme-hungry society—putting their own spin on the equality symbol. How will you show your support? Take a look at our selection of these powerful images, then visit the Human Rights Campaign flickr page for more.

Same-Gender Equality Lady Liberty & Justice

LGBT-Rights Memes
Same-Gender Equality Wedding Rings

LGBT Rights & Marriage Equality: Wedding Rings
Same-Gender Marriage Equality Painted Hand

Equality for Marriage & Same-Sex Couples: Hands Show Equality
Same-Gender Marriage Equality Words of Marriage

Marriage Equality Words: Same-Sex Marriage
Same-Gender Equality Les Miserables

Waving Equality Flags: Les Miserables
Same-Gender Marriage Equality Collage

Same-Sex Marriage: LGBT Collage
Same-Gender Marriage Equality: We Are the 58 Percent
Meme: Same-sex marriage with 58 percent fact
Same-Gender Marriage Equality Comes OutSame-sex logo meme for Coming Out Day
Same-Gender Marriage Equality Zombies

Zombies for Marriage Equality
Same-Gender Marriage Equality Grumpy CatSame-Sex Marriage Equality Waved by Grumpy Cat

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