Fighting for Disability Rights: Supplier Certification Is a Key Step to Accountability

The US Business Leadership Network (USBLN) recently launched a certification program for businesses that are owned by people with disabilities. Find out more about the program's goals and how John Kemp, executive director and general counsel, has used his personal drive to become a pioneer in disability rights.


  • Thank you for sharing this inspiring and encouraging story of a real fighter for life!

  • Thank you for writing the important details of love, devotion and commitment it took to raise a child with disabilities in the 50’s. Even as a child John had a high self esteem because of his father. John B broke down many barriers for his son to be included in all aspects of society. John B Kemp was a pioneer for all people with disabilites. A widower, he raised three remarkable children and was the most gracious man I have ever known.

  • My husband and I enjoyed reading this very comprehensive article about John Kemp. His father was a true visionary and pushed John to achieve. He did it with love and compassion and John, in turn, now has devoted his life and career to champion the cause of people with disabilities.

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