Diversity Leadership: Debbie Storey, AT&T

Debbie Storey, AT&TDebbie Storey
Senior Vice President, Talent Development and
Chief Diversity Officer

Debbie Storey’s experience as a line executive gives her insight into how operations work. She knows that face time with senior leadership can be an invaluable part of diversity and inclusion, as well as talent development.

“There is no better leadership opportunity than resource-group leadership,” Storey said at a DiversityInc roundtable. “This is a phenomenal way for people who may not have yet had an opportunity in their career to now step into a position of leadership. They get to learn on the fly. They’re learning from senior advisers.”

Every business unit at AT&T has its own diversity scorecard, which is reviewed by the executive council. Storey meets with the council quarterly to review diversity metrics, including the success of mentoring programs and participation in the company’s 10 resource groups. Prior to her role as Chief Diversity Officer, she served as Senior Vice President, Consumer Centers Support and as Vice President, Consumer Sales.

Storey joined BellSouth in 1983 as a customer-service clerk at the company’s telephone-directory publisher, Stevens Graphics. She held various roles in sales, operations and HR, and ultimately became Vice President of BellSouth’s Broadband Transformation Program Management Office. In 2006, she served as Vice President of Merger Integration when BellSouth was acquired by AT&T.

Storey received a bachelor’s degree in psychology, with a criminal justice minor, from the University of Georgia and an MBA from Georgia’s Terry College of Business, and is a graduate of Leadership Atlanta. She sits on the board of directors of the AT&T Performing Arts Center and is a member of the Terry College of Business Alumni Board.