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Cummins: No. 15 in the DiversityInc Top 50

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Cummins continues to have a presence on the list. The company has strong CEO commitment. Chairman and CEO Tom Linebarger chairs the executive diversity council, meets with employee resource groups, reviews and signs off on diversity metrics and progress, and regularly communicates the importance of diversity and inclusion. He has been a visible supporter of same-gender-marriage inclusion in Indiana, where Cummins is headquartered.

Cummins has nine employee resource groups, available to all employees, including hourly workers. This includes groups for employees with less than five years’ tenure and members of Gen Y. The groups are used for recruitment, on-boarding, talent development, diversity training and mentoring.

The company has a strong philanthropic history and organizes Community Involvement Teams at each of its sites that have more than 40 employees. They provide volunteering opportunities for employees with local nonprofits.

Cummins also has strong supplier-diversity initiatives, including linking procurement compensation to supplier-diversity goals and providing both financial education and assistance for diverse suppliers.


Tom Linebarger
Chairman and CEO

“At Cummins, we want to create an inclusive work environment where the diverse ideas and perspectives of our employees drive innovation for solving tomorrow’s business challenges.”

Kelley Creveling
Executive Director, Global Diversity and Right Environment

“Diversity gives Cummins a competitive advantage in producing the best products with the best people from all over the world.”



U.S. Headquarters: Columbus, Ind.

Global Employees: 46,890

U.S. Employees: 18,500