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DiversityInc Benchmarking

What is DiversityInc Benchmarking?

Our 14 years of analysis of hundreds of company’s DiversityInc Top 50 data has shown us there are specific diversity-and-inclusion best practices that correlate to results with a very high degree of statistical accuracy.

We’ve mapped our study of cause and effect in SAS software and can now deliver a Benchmarking report in a format that includes KPIs for four broad areas of management and red-yellow-green scorecard dashboards for the details.

The four areas are:

  • Talent Pipeline
  • Equitable Talent Development
  • Upper-Management & CEO Accountability
  • Supplier Diversity

Our Benchmarking report maps to how you actually manage your processes and will give you the ability to assess yourself against industry peers or against any group of three or more companies you choose. If you wish, we can give you specific advice on what best practices to implement in which order—not based on an opinion, but based on facts.

Please note this represents a sea change in how we benchmark: You no longer need to create your own dashboard; our full report will give you all the indicators you need, and you can even benchmark by division, receive advice for each and roll up data for the complete report.

What Do You Get? (2 Pricing Levels)

Online-Only (debrief on the phone)

1. 1 preparation call
2. Up to 3 comparative reports (can select any group of three or more companies for index)


In-Person Debrief (hands-on treatment from our expert staff)

1. Up to 3 preparation calls
2. Up to 5 comparative reports (can select any group of three or more companies for index)
3. In-person debrief

Pricing: $75,000

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