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Fewer U.S. high school athletes play football amid concussion fears

Fewer U.S. High School Athletes Play Football amid Concussion Fears

News reports about football and brain injuries — one indication of public awareness about the health risks of head injuries on the field — started becoming more common in 2009 and increased each year through the end of the study.

U.S. health spending twice other countries' with worse results

U.S. Health Spending Twice Other Countries’ with Worse Results

Health spending may be higher in the U.S. because prices are steeper for drugs, medical devices, physician and nurse salaries and administrative costs to process medical claims.

Fight over U.S. spending bill rekindles immigration debate

Fight over U.S. Spending Bill Rekindles Immigration Debate

Republicans are seeking hundreds of millions of dollars more for the Department of Homeland Security to expand the number of beds for immigrant detainees and to hire more federal agents to patrol U.S. borders and the country's interior.

In Chicago, a Democratic incumbent is targeted by the left

In Chicago, a Democratic Incumbent Is Targeted by the Left

In a rare move against an incumbent, a half dozen national groups advancing leftist agendas on gay rights, workers' rights and women's issues mounted a $1 million independent campaign targeting Lipinski.

Sexual Orientation Top Risk for Suicidal Thoughts in College Freshmen

Sexual Orientation Top Risk for Suicidal Thoughts in College Freshmen

The results suggest that the first year of college could be an ideal time to screen all entering students for suicide risk and intervene appropriately.

Jennifer Lopez on her #MeToo Moment: 'Nah, We're Not Having It'

Jennifer Lopez on her #MeToo Moment: ‘Nah, We’re Not Having It’

Jennifer Lopez had her own #MeToo moment years ago, but it did not turn out as planned for her would-be abuser.

U.S. court upholds most of Texas law to punish 'sanctuary cities'

U.S. Court Upholds Most of Texas Law to Punish ‘Sanctuary Cities’

The law, known as Senate Bill 4, calls for jail for police chiefs, sheriffs and possibly frontline officers who fail to cooperate over immigration.

Harper Lee estate sues Broadway's 'To Kill a Mockingbird' play

Harper Lee Estate Sues Broadway’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Play

The estate's representative alleges that the script alters several characters, including protagonist Atticus Finch, who is portrayed as being initially naive to racism.

More States Reject Voter Fraud Panel‘s Request for Data

Pennsylvania Race Shows Need for Voting Machine Upgrades

With many states using antiquated voting machines and with concerns about potential interference in U.S. elections by Russia or other actors, there is rising concern among experts about the need to safeguard American balloting.

U.S. Hits Russians with Sanctions for Election Meddling, Cyber Attacks

U.S. Hits Russians with Sanctions for Election Meddling, Cyber Attacks

Under pressure to act, the administration still deferred making a move targeting Russian government officials and oligarchs, those closest to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Asylum seekers sue U.S. government over prolonged detention

Asylum Seekers Sue U.S. Government over Prolonged Detention

The practice of releasing asylum seekers is "still in place on paper" but "is effectively a dead letter" in practice, ACLU attorney Michael Tan said in an interview.

Mueller Subpoenas Trump Business for Russia and Other Documents

Mueller Subpoenas Trump Business for Russia and Other Documents

Mueller is investigating Russian attempts to influence the 2016 U.S. election, and potential collusion by Trump aides.

Video shows Florida deputy outside Parkland high school during rampage

Video Shows Florida Deputy Outside Parkland High School During Rampage

The video shows Broward County Deputy Sheriff Scot Peterson failing to enter Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where he worked as an armed guard.

Vice Media Names Nancy Dubuc CEO Following Accusations of 'Boys' Club' Atmosphere

Vice Media Names Nancy Dubuc CEO After Accusations of ‘Boys’ Club’ Atmosphere

Vice in December fired three employees on reports that more than two dozen women experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct at the company.

U.S. Seeking Death Penalty as Trial Begins in South Carolina Church Shooting

Dylann Roof’s Sister Charged for Weapons at School

Roof, who also posted a racially charged message on Snapchat, was charged with simple possession of marijuana and two counts of carrying weapons on school grounds.

Rihanna Urges Fans to Delete Snapchat after ad Mocking Assault by Chris Brown

Rihanna Urges Fans to Delete Snapchat After Ad Mocking Assault by Chris Brown

The ad was for a "Would You Rahter!" game and showed pictures of Rihanna and Brown with the captions "Slap Rihanna" and "Punch Chris Brown."

Venus through to Indian Wells semis

Venus Through to Indian Wells Semis

The victory on Thursday puts Williams back in the semi-finals at Indian Wells for the first time in 17 years.

Crimes committed in Mexico in name of security, actor tells U.N

Crimes Committed in Mexico in Name of Security, Actor Tells U.N

The international community cannot allow the situation to continue in the country where "freedom of expression is being limited and journalists and human rights defenders continue to be killed," Gael Garcia Bernal said.