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Articles by: Moses Frenck
Moses Frenck is managing editor at DiversityInc.

Rep. Steve King

Lawmaker Warns Americans: ‘We Can’t Restore Our Civilization with Somebody Else’s Babies’

Rep. Steve King’s latest comments follow his statement last summer that white people contributed more to civilization than any other “sub-group of people.”

Trump Refuses to Condemn Rise in Anti-Semitism as More Jews Threatened

Trump Refuses to Condemn Rise in Anti-Semitism as More Jews Threatened

White supremacists are praising Trump’s silence, summed up by one popular writer saying, “Everyone is pretty damn sick of Jews.”

Year of Hate

Hate Groups on the Rise, with a Tripling of Anti-Muslim Groups

“2016 was an unprecedented year for hate … with a resurgence of white nationalism that imperils the racial progress we’ve made … and a president whose policies reflect the values of white nationalists.”

Retired U.S. Navy Adm. Michael Mullen

Former Joint Chiefs Chairman Strongly Calls for Removal of Bannon from National Security Council

Retired U.S. Navy Adm. Mike Mullen says Trump’s chief strategist “will have a negative influence” and “doesn’t belong.”

Quebec shooter Alexandre Bissonnette

Right Wing Quick to Misidentify Quebec Shooter as Muslim Man

White House cited massacre as a reason for immigrant ban, but has been silent since gunman was identified as white nationalist with pro-Trump views.

Trump signs Muslim ban

Trump’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Immigration Ban Defies Moral, Legal Norms

President said executive order is not a Muslim ban but suggested Christians will be given priority over other refugees.

President Donald Trump hosts congressional leaders in the State Dining Room at the White House on Monday, Jan. 23, 2017

Trump Sticks to False Facts on Election Votes

The president’s claim that 3 million to 5 million “illegals” voted has been debunked by numerous studies and mathematical improbability.

Trump Cabinet

Trump Takes Office with Least Diverse Cabinet in 30 Years

Incoming press secretary says Trump is putting together “an amazingly diverse cabinet” that’s “second to none.”

Sen. Dick Durbin

Threat of Trump Deportation Forces Lawmakers to Protect ‘Dreamers’

“The DREAMers ... are not competing with Americans for a slice of the pie, they are helping to bake a bigger pie.”

President Elect Absolutely Mocked Reporter with Disabilities, Despite His Claims to the Contrary

President-Elect Absolutely Mocked Reporter with Disabilities, Despite His Claims to the Contrary

Trump still refuses to acknowledge his behavior that many see is clearly evident.

Black Lawmakers Move Against Senator Sessions

Black Lawmakers Move Against Senator Sessions

N.J. Sen. Cory Booker says fellow Sen. Jeff Sessions' record on civil rights represents "a real danger to our country." Congressmen John Lewis and Cedric Richmond also to testify.

Trump Gov’t is mostly white.

Mainly White Men with Poor Civil Rights Records to Lead Trump Gov’t

Lone Black Cabinet pick Ben Carson and one of only two women chosen also have negative attitudes toward gay rights.

Obama on The Daily Show

President Obama Explains How He Navigates Racial Topics

Says people “sometimes have blind spots … but that doesn’t mean that they’re not open to learning and caring about equality and justice … there’s goodness in the majority of people.”

Walter Scott

Lone Juror Forces Mistrial in Murder Trial of Cop Who Shot Walter Scott

Bystander video clearly shows Michael Slager shoot an unarmed Scott in the back from a distance as he ran away from him.

Trump disavows white supremacists

Trump Disavows White Supremacists (But They Know What He Means)

The president-elect distanced himself from the alt-right movement and condemned white nationalists celebrating his election, but those are “just words,” say neo-Nazis and others.

Hamilton's Brandon Victor Dixon

Trump Picks Fight With Cast of Hamilton, Trump U Settlement Story Gets Buried

News of Trump’s fraud settlement, allegations of corruption and selection of racist administration personnel all take back seat to his Twitter fight with Hamilton cast.

Cop Charged in Fatal Shooting of Philando Castile

Cop Charged in Fatal Shooting of Philando Castile

Minnesota prosecutor said officer Jeronimo Yanez’s use of deadly force “was not justified.” The shooting’s aftermath was livestreamed on Facebook.

Protests at College Campuses Grow in Response to Trump Election

Protests at College Campuses Grow in Response to Trump Election

Students at more than 100 colleges across the country plan to stage national walkout on Wednesday. Organization urges white students to form “circle of protection” around non-white peers.