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AT&T: No. 10 in the DiversityInc Top 50

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The telecom giant’s reputation as a diversity-and-inclusion leader increased this year with its political advocacy for global inclusion and cutting-edge talent-development initiatives, especially for women, LGBT employees, veterans and people with disabilities.

From becoming the first major U.S. corporation to condemn Russia’s anti-LGBT laws during the Sochi Olympics to fighting Arizona’s proposed anti-LGBT law, AT&T was at the forefront of inclusion this year. It starts with leadership, and Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson should be an inspiration to other CEOs.

Despite helming one of the largest corporations in the United States (No. 11 in the Fortune 500), Stephenson personally chairs the executive diversity council, signs off on executive compensation tied to diversity goals, meets with employee resource groups, and is a visible proponent of the importance of diversity and inclusion to AT&T’s business goals.

Much of that focus is on increased talent development of people from underrepresented groups. This year, the company has had a number of impressive initiatives, including:

  • launching a World of Women (WOW) portal to address obstacles to women moving up;
  • increasing membership in employee resource groups by 39 percent, holding an ERG Leadership Academy for 294 high-potentials, and holding its fifth annual resource group conference attended by 1,600 employees;
  • hiring more than 4,000 veterans and doubling the hiring goal over the next five years to 10,000.

AT&T is also a longtime leader in supplier diversity and continues to find innovative ways to help its suppliers (many of whom are also customers) use technology to grow and sustain their business. Last year, we named AT&T our Top Company for Supplier Diversity.


Randall Stephenson
Chairman and CEO

“Companies need great talent at every level to achieve their full potential. That’s why we embrace diversity at AT&T—from our executives to our retail and service employees to our suppliers.”

Debbie Storey
Senior Vice President, Talent Development and Chief Diversity Officer

“We embed a focus on diversity and inclusion in all we do. It starts at the top—and requires as much rigor and focus as any other business imperative. Every year we try to build on our successes—by looking through the diversity lens from every angle … not just our workforce, but in our communities, with our customers and with our partners.”



U.S. Headquarters: Dallas

Global Employees: 244,712

U.S. Employees: 232,286

• In top 10 for 5 of last 6 years


  • No. 9 Top 10 Companies for Recruitment
  • No. 1 Top 10 Companies for Supplier Diversity
  • No. 5 Top 10 Companies for Employee Resource Groups
  • No. 8 Top 10 Companies for Diversity Councils
  • No. 10 Top 10 Companies for People With Disabilities
  • No. 1 Top 10 Companies for LGBT Employees


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