2017 DiversityInc Top 50 Announcement Event

No.4 | AT&T | DiversityInc Top 50



• Blacks, Latinos and Asians in Senior Leadership: 7.4% higher than the Top 10, 31.5% higher than the Top 50 and 51.3% higher than U.S. companies (19.6% higher among Blacks and 21% higher among Latinos than the Top 10)

• Managers in Mentoring: 36.5% higher than the Top 10, double the Top 50 average and more than double the average of U.S. companies

• Supplier Diversity: More than double the Top 10 average as well as the Top 50 average of prime suppliers who are minority owned


AT&T focuses on what it calls four pillars of diversity: employees, community, marketing and suppliers. On the employee front, the company said it hired an even more diverse talent pool in 2015, increasing employment for veterans, Blacks and Hispanics. To help this process along, AT&T launched the “#iCount Self-ID” campaign to encourage veterans, LGBT and people with disabilities to self identify in order to better capture diversity statistics.

As far as community, AT&T mentored 160,000 at-risk high school students as part of its Aspire Mentoring Academy program. To bolster diverse marketing, there are now 3,000 sales and service representatives who serve customers in languages other than English. And as for suppliers, the company awarded six executive- level scholarships and graduated 12 service-disabled veteran- owned business leaders from its mentorship program. “At AT&T, every voice matters,” the company stated. “We’ll always raise the bar — continuously redefining and promoting core values that drive our actions, decisions and operations.”


Randall Stephenson

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

“Diversity and inclusion are powerful success drivers, making us a better company and a much stronger competitor. When you attract and retain the best people and seek out diverse backgrounds and experiences, you set yourself up for continued success. That’s why we’ve always embraced diversity at AT&T — from our Board to our executives to our retail and service employees to our suppliers. It’s a core part of who we are.”

Cynt Marshall

Senior Vice President – HR and Chief Diversity Officer

“We’re an incredibly diverse company. We recognize all differences — from race, gender, sexual orientation and culture to perspectives, physical and mental abilities, experiences and outlooks. For decades, our commitment to diversity and inclusion has informed our beliefs, strategies, practices and success. We’re proud of what makes us unique, and we celebrate it.”



U.S. Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
Global Employees: 235,202

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