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AT&T: No. 13 in the DiversityInc Top 50

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Company Information

U.S. Headquarters: Dallas
Global Employees: 241,130
U.S. Employees: 231,706
Last Year’s DiversityInc Top 50 Ranking: No. 4

Why It’s on the List

The use of diversity management to spur innovation at AT&T continues to accelerate. At DiversityInc’s Innovation Fest!, the company showcased its efforts to use technology to develop crowdsourcing for innovative ideas from its employee base, including a practical alert message to incoming calls/texts/emails to prevent people from texting or answering their phones while they are driving.

The company, which will be recognized on Oct. 16 as DiversityInc’s Top Company for Supplier Diversity, exceeded its goals for women- and minority-owned Tier 1 (prime) suppliers and integrates supplier diversity into every step of its contracting process.

Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson is a long-time diversity leader. He chairs the executive diversity council and is a visible community role model. This year, the survey also asked about community involvement of senior executives (top two levels), and AT&T excelled, with 41 percent of its senior leaders (top two levels) serving on many multicultural boards.

In the last two years, AT&T has beefed up its mentoring program, with more than half of the pairings now cross-cultural. The groups are available to all employees, including hourly workers. AT&T also holds an annual summit for resource-group leaders, attended by most of its senior executives, including Stephenson.

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Diversity Leadership

Randall Stephenson
Chairman and CEO

“We’ve long known that diversity makes AT&T better. That’s why we work so hard to build an employee team rich in diverse ideas, backgrounds and experiences. Diversity is central to our ability to serve our customers and communities.”

Debbie Storey
Senior Vice President, Talent Development and Chief Diversity Officer

“In our multicultural world, diversity in our customer base, communities and workforce is inevitable; in this environment, an inclusive culture is critical. Ensuring everyone has a voice enables us to continually innovate and react to the market quickly. And our leadership in supplier diversity and community engagement reflect our ongoing commitment to setting the example for corporate America.”