Trump’s Party Says No to the Uppity N-word Obama

Every time someone of my generation blurts out ‘wisdom’ from the Senate leader in the workplace or to your customers, storm clouds gather. For every Trump bumper sticker in the parking lot, productivity declines.

Luke Visconti is the founder and CEO of DiversityInc. Although the title of his column is meant to be humorous, the issues he addresses and the answers he gives to questions are serious—and based on his 16 years of experience publishing DiversityInc. Click here to send your own question to Luke.


“Daring” to make a nomination for the Supreme Court vacancy created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, President Barack Obama was put in his place by Senate Majority Leader McConnell who said “let the people decide” before Scalia’s body was even room temperature — ignoring the fact that the people have spoken twice to elect the president, and the president had almost a full year left in office when Justice Scalia passed.

Senate Republicans are refusing to hold even courtesy hearings for Judge Merrick Garland, a judge praised in the recent past by many Republicans, including Senator Orrin Hatch.

Speaker Paul Ryan, Senator Chuck Grassley and other Republican leaders have echoed the sentiments that we must wait for the next election and “let the people decide.”

Apparently they didn’t learn any lessons from the beating Gov. Mitt Romney took almost four years ago and none have read the best-selling book “Brown is the New White” by Steve Phillips, who describes the new majority of progressive whites and non-white voters. Every executive, and person who desires to become one, should read it.

The demographic shift described by Phillips also describes the majority of people in the workforce and most of your customers.

If my headline made you squirm a little, keep in mind that every time someone of my generation blurts out “wisdom” from the Senate leader in the workplace or to your customers, storm clouds gather. For every Trump bumper sticker in the parking lot, productivity declines.

The mistake that the Republican Party made last summer, when they refused to eject Trump from the party, is being doubled-down by party leaders who, when asked about Trump, say they will back the nominee, who demographics tell us will almost certainly go on to lose in the general election. It’s Hillary’s to lose, which means it’s not a sure thing.

Senator McConnell’s recalcitrant bigotry, however, makes sure that people understand that Trump is not an anomaly — he is the perfect candidate for the times — a personification of the crescendo of hate from the party of the Southern strategy. Here’s the problem for them — the time for that approach being successful has ended.



  • A radio personality was recently quoted as saying, “Trump bumper stickers have replaced confederate flag bumper stickers”. I for one have shared with my co-workers that they are entitled to believe what they want at home, but if they repeat some of the garbage that they are hearing in the workplace, they do so at their own peril!

  • art vandalay

    Not everything is a race issue, the supreme court nomination has nothing t do with race, only politics. The Republican party is the Republican party not the party of Trump. The man has never held public office and hopefully never will. You also have a fundamental misunderstanding with the nomination process relating to political parties. Anyone can seek the party’s nomination.

  • All the hate and vitriol that they have spewed against Obama is embodied in the Trump candidacy.

    And yes, it is partially political, but no one that has been paying attention for the last seven years can deny the racial component.

  • ” Let the people decide”. The people did decide when they elected Obama president. More at stake than the appointment itself is the attempt to circumvent the most basic principles of democracy. This is not an affront to Democrats but to all Americans, especially those that have lost their lives to protect our freedom. So whether or not you’re aligned to Obama’s politics or not, you should be beyond livid with McConnell’s position. His willingness to roll the dice on a Trump win in the general election versus passing the nomination of Garland (who in my opinion is as equidistant to left as Roberts is to the right) is yet another clear indication of the lack of true leadership this country so badly needs.

    • Agreed with you there, Mark. We did vote for Obama and Obama should be able to nominate a Supreme Court Justice, especially since he did his best to come up with a candidate for the post that was a moderate. Yet this election season is such a political mess that even when POTUS reaches across the aisle find a compromise, the opposition will dig its heels in just to deny him the “victory.” Its a sad commentary when the people’s work can’t get done because politics. I think we need to talk about breaking up the two party system into smaller parties, for monopolistic practices, when so many of the people’s voices go unheard and politicians do less and less each election cycle.

      • Not only that, but it’s his duty under the constitution. Nomination of a justice is not something that Congress has to give its permission for.

  • self distruction

    I find whites people that hate blacks and others, a bore. You can leave the US no one is forcing you to stay. This is not your country it will always belong to the Mexico and the Indians who are the only Americans here. Europe is your home why not return there. Based on their history, they don’t you there because your ancestors where an issue. Every since you whites left you have destroyed cultures, spread disease, destroyed animals , resources. All races see you the same. But no matter, I have always told my family the whites will destroy themselves. Look at the news, they are of to a good start.

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