Should Black Bigots Be Tolerated?

There's a major difference between bigotry and racism. The White Guy addresses a question from a reader about whether it's OK for a Black person to be a bigot.

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Ask the White Guy Luke ViscontiQuestion:

I am a white woman asking a question. I am not racist–never have been. A person is a person to me and I have raised my daughter that way. My question is “Why are so many Black Americans racist toward whites?” My daughter goes to school in a mixed community. I could send her to private school, but I feel it is important that she learn to cope with the real world. In the school that she goes to, it seems that the Black students are aggressive toward the white students. Why? I know there is anger because of the past, but why treat whites the way they would not want to be treated and have fought against all these years? We made no decisions in the times when Blacks were mistreated [and] we believe in equality–so why can’t we be given the same respect? This is a question asked by many people I know. I was hoping maybe you could give me an honest answer.


Now don’t get me wrong–not all Black Americans are like this. We have many friends that are not interested in keeping racism alive in either direction–Black and white. So why do some choose to act in such a way? Do they not realize that this attitude is one of the things that keeps racism alive? Thank you.


Thank you for your question and the courage it took to put it on the table.

I would expect to find an equal percentage of Black-American bigots as white bigots. (Click here to read “Why the ‘B’ in ‘Black’ Is Capitalized at DiversityInc.”) What Black Americans don’t have, in most cases, is a societal, condoned way of expressing it–because white people are the majority.

This is why it’s more accurate to use the words “bigot” or “bigots” in your question than “racist” or “racists.” Racism is based on an oppressor/oppressed relationship. The majority culture can be racist toward the minority culture, but the opposite cannot be true. Everyone, however, can be a bigot.

Black Americans are more likely to understand that bigotry (and other forms of unjustified hatred based on a person’s identity, such as sexism, homophobia or discrimination against people with disabilities) exacts a reciprocal penalty. There is an economic penalty and there is a psychological penalty.


Frederick Douglass described the psychological penalty eloquently in his concise description of how the corrosive effect of living with slavery destroyed the lives of his white enslavers in Annapolis (in his autobiography, My Bondage and My Freedom). This is an extreme example but it works to illustrate the point.

I believe an intimate (victim’s) awareness of the destructive nature of hate is why the overwhelming majority of Americans who fought for equal rights (for all Americans) were Black. I want everyone to think very carefully about this: Retribution would have been a race war. Dr. King was absolute in his dedication to nonviolent protests!

Most white Americans would say that the civil-rights era mostly benefited Black people. It didn’t. By economic measurement, we can prove that the civil-rights era benefited ALL Americans by freeing the economic engine of formerly oppressed people–the growth in our consumer economy and the reigning economic supremacy of this country over 95 percent of the world’s population that ISN’T American over the past 40 years rests on those shoulders.

I’m sorry for the long preamble, but now I’ll get to your question.

What I think you’re experiencing is a system that has failed to punish bigotry and therefore has promoted it. Please understand that it does not take an active program to promote something in order to be successful in doing just that.

You SHOULD demand equal respect and demand proper management from your school board. I would enlist the help of your Black friends. There should be zero tolerance of race-based bigotry. Human nature is tribal–when a group reaches 20 percent, it begins to act as a (small) majority tribe. The blunt truth of tribal behavior is that our base instinct is to kill the competitive tribe. That’s why EVERYONE needs diversity training–and everyone, especially in a school setting, should be held accountable for biased behavior.

I will note, however, that you need to be very careful. Most diversity training I see is garbage. What is very possible, however, is to enforce behavior codes equally–and, in your case, I would suggest adjudication and/or advice via a very diverse committee.

* Everyone should watch both of the following videos. In the first video, the bigot is taunting a private person with a video camera–he’s really pleased about his little bigoted display of a child’s monkey doll with an Obama bumper sticker for a hat. In the second video, he’s being videoed by a CBS news camera. He takes the sticker off and hands the toy to a child. Think about this–it’s not the (all-white) crowd that’s expressing their disapproval; it’s the man thinking this might not work for his candidate.

Can you imagine the misery of being Black and having this creep as a boss?

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  • I don’t think it’s that we (some of us)…(I’m Black)…are racist towards White people. I think it’s more of an inherent distrust of Whites….maybe even fear. Growing up with grandparents born in the 30’s…and parents born in the 50’s…I’ve heard plenty of stories that have made me distrustful of Whites…and fearful of what could happen if I do or say the “wrong” thing. I’ve also had my own personal experiences of being discriminated against, taunted, or blatantly disrespected because of my race…by White people….more often than any other race. So it’s hard to walk through life…and not be automatically….yes automatically…on edge when entering a department store, an office building, an elevator, a hotel resort….or any other place where I’m “not supposed to be.”….I think it’s important that White people take out a decent amount of time to learn about us and what makes us tick….obviously from reputable sources…and obviously what you learn will not be for all of us….but at least take the time out to do some research…I mean it’s the least people could do since we are forced to learn American History on the regular…..


    “The majority culture can be racist toward the minority culture, but the opposite cannot be true”. Well, since South Africa’s Whites were actually the minority during the Apartheid years. Does that mean that the claims that they were racist were all bigoted lies? And with that way of thinking the black majority population in South Africa were clearly oppressing the minority White South Africans, right? Also, by saying that only the majority White population in America is capable of being racist. Are we not proving the racist who say “Anti-Racism Really Is Just A Code Word For Anti-White” right?

    Finally, if all you have to be is a minority to be considered oppressed here in America. Does this mean the President of the United States, who happens to be a minority, you know, if you some how missed that. Is in fact, the single most powerful oppressed person on the entire planet?

    • Luke Visconti

      South Africa’s whites were the economic majority and still are. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

  • Im most concerned about black bigots toward gays. I just don’t think a bigoted negro makes any sense. Blacks were oppressed by religious white people in the 60s and today some blacks align themselves with these same bigots who use the same religious arguments against gays. How does this make sense? Is it lack of education or just some evil, spiteful brainwashing?

  • I don’t agree but maybe you should say the group in power can be the only racists. Not the majority? Ex: South Africa under Apartheit(sp).

  • A few questions I would like you to address (you probably wont).

    Almost everything you write is a tautology.

    When does the “majority” stop with you? It’s clearly not based on population for you because you use some made up term “economic majority”.

    What about whites who are not in this group (i dont get just get to take money out of my fellow white peoples accounts)?

    If “majority privilege”, “white privilege” and the like actually existed (they don’t) what would happen to the last white person on earth? Would they be the most absolute most privileged person on earth? Would all of the other races begin to start taking over scientific advancements?

    Best, you probably will remove this and not answer it because it does not fit your narrative.


    Stop calling yourself a white guy.

    • You use the name of a Jewish woman who converted, became a nun and was murdered in Auschwitz to spread your filthy Nazi garbage.

      Your IP address is

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