Sessions’ FBI Finds New Terrorists: Black People

After white Nazis march on Charlottesville, a white man shoots 500 people in Las Vegas and another white man slaughters 26 people in a Texas church, the white people running the FBI and DOJ are concerned about “Black Identity Extremism.”


Luke Visconti is the founder and CEO of DiversityInc. Although the title of his column is meant to be humorous, the issues he addresses and the answers he gives to questions are serious — and based on his 17 years of experience publishing DiversityInc. Click here to send your own question to Luke.

A new anti-Black acronym has popped up on conservative media — and Breitbart didn’t invent it; the FBI did: Black Identity Extremism.

Here is a link to the FBI document. Given the fact that there are no nonwhite people in FBI leadership, and that Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III had to admit to Rep. Richmond, “I do not have a senior staff member at this time that’s an African American,” it’s understandable that this document reads like fiction. It reaches back into decades-old stories and concocts a threat that simply isn’t supported by facts.

Have you ever heard of the Indian fable of the blind travelers and the elephant? Six blind travelers describe an elephant from the perspective of each feeling a different part of one. Each traveler has a correct description of the part that they felt, but none of them were able to describe an elephant accurately.

What the white men in the Department of Justice and the FBI can describe from direct knowledge are other white men. That leads us to a place where we have two white male mass murderers inside of five weeks, both using the same kind of assault rifle, and no FBI warning of any kind. No talk of White Identity Extremism, even in the immediate aftermath of Nazis marching in Charlottesville.

In fact, our befuddled attorney general had to be prompted — twice — by Rep. Karen Bass to recall White Identity Extremist organizations like the Ku Klux Klan. And he admitted that “I am not aware of that” when asked if the FBI had done a report on such White Identity Extremists. You should watch this video.

Let’s think about Black Identity Extremism and White Identity Extremism. BIE seeks equity in criminal justice and raises awareness in peaceful protest (like football players taking a knee); WIE seeks a return to pre-Civil War conditions of white supremacy.

WIE has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and cultivates loners like Dylann Roof to carry out its murderous extremism. BIE seeks a fair shake in employment, compensation, voting and access to capital.

The FBI report is a disgrace. Our attorney general is a disgrace. The president and his nearly all white male administration is a disgrace. Roy Moore is a disgrace. They are all linked together and that is a WIE disgrace.

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  • WOW……WTH is going on and he felt comfortable to say those words! I am so ashamed to know that the DOJ Session would let those words come out of his mouth! Since the inauguration, there has been nothing but bad publicity from the White House – from the President down. And for the few blacks in his cabinet…..why are you not speaking up?!?!?!?! I’m so disappointed!!!!

  • This is totally ridiculous. What they are doing is very clear but people are not saying anything. Sessions is doing EXACTLY what people thought he would do. He lied his butt off to get the job and is now doing what we knew he would do.


      JEFF–Quite a lot of people nationwide ARE doing something…
      The election day returns were astounding, even in my little state of Connecticut.
      Many towns that went red for Trump went SUPER-BLUE and even my own
      little town and two municipalities unseated EVERY Republican from the two
      town councils, RTM and Board of Education! It was historic…and that’s
      NOTHING compared to what happened in NEW JERSEY and other states!
      Don’t despair–THOUSANDS and MILLIONS of Americans are REVOLTING
      and I imagine those 2018 elections will be VERY different…

  • Greg Thrasher

    So now without any concerns about my sanity because I champion diversity, inclusion and BLM issues and agenda the FBI will designate me as a BIE

    Now along with my concerns about racism, discrimination and various other perils as a Black activist in America , I will now add the FBI on my radar



      GREG THRASHER–Now you know L’il Ole Sessions is
      afeared of us folks with our African genes and African
      hair and KOLLIJ DEEPLOMAS and SUCH! He get
      all scared when them BLACK WIMMENS wit LAW DEGREES
      be drillin’ him about them RUSSIANS ‘n’ stuff! He thank we
      don’t be needin’ them SIVIL RITES they done passed back
      in 1965! Just sayin’….:-)

  • midterms and beyond…………VOTE !!!! we got complacent in the last 8 years.

  • It is time to call your relatives and friends and let them know how important voting is. Good News: Democrats have started to unite again and voted out crazies in several states. The Future: Since we do not have a Democratic Leader, we must look inside our selves, pull out the decencies we have buried inside and not settle for what the Republicans are now calling “normal” or “normal behavior”. Don’t fall for it! This current administration is trying to stir up or create issues just like the Russians, which is NOT NORMAL! I would never let a 32 year old man date my 14 year old daughter (NOT NORMAL BEHAVIOR). I would try everything in my power to have him locked up for being a pedophile (THIS IS NORMAL BEHAVIOR)! On any site they try to sell this mess, reply, reply, and reply to set them straight! Be the 1st person on the site to speak out against them and others will follow. Save screenshots of what they’ve said to use later. Lastly, get with your relatives and friends to go vote them out of office!

  • Sigh. When will the madness stop? Grimy, crusty, rich, biased White men running the country into the ground cause they want to hold on to power (that they never lost in the first place). Pitiful, disgraceful and frightening.

  • Luke, you are absolutely right with these observations. It is so apparent that the basis of all this ridiculous action by Sessions and the FBI is racism. We must not tolerate this kind of action by our federal officials!

  • This is crazy! This history of the FBI shows that it has been and still is prejudiced against African Americans in American. From COINTELPRO ( in the 1960’s, to this crazy report about Black Identity Extremism. The FBI needs to get their heads out of their proverbial a-holes a pay attention to who is really causing all this extremism in America.


      ARTHUR–The irony of this is that African-Americans make up no more than 13% of
      the national population, and the vast majority of domestic terrorists are Euro-American males.
      But I–an African-American female Baby Boomer who does not own a weapon (other than my
      good skillet and some hot GREASE!)*–can be seen as a “threat” to America because I have
      African hair and café-au-lait skin. So I guess now there’s a new criminal category–


      *A weapon that really works and you don’t need a permit! For real.

  • There’s a report out on the internet from the military that I stumbled on. I sent it to my brother (retired military) because it was a doozy. (I think I came across it when looking up information because I had just watched a military movie about a real court martial incident where a black soldier was put on trial for a murder committed by white officer. Bruce Willis played a lead in the movie). And somehow I came across a pdf of military documents.

    It was written by white military leaders. And it went on and on about how stupid, lazy, and cowardly black men were. White men were afraid, too. Just never as afraid as black men got being shot at. Black men were extra afraid, however. I bet you could see the whites of their eyes bulging, just like a cartoon.

    Plus we lie a lot. So if we get captured or recount some military tale, it was sure to be an exaggerated lie because, well, black people lie. And white peyote are paragons of truth, integrity, and bravery.

    Excuse me, while I bust out laughing.

    Well, this report goes on to say, what they can’t believe was given the fact that we’ve been treated like shit for 400 years, how amazing it was that black people had never rose against white people and slaughtered them. They couldn’t believe that it has never happened (other than an occasional slave uprising here and there). They marveled at this. And said whites should be cautious against this happening. Like what was taking us so long?

    So 20 years later, MLK leads peaceful protests, 40 years later there’s BLM and big, burly black men kneeling peaceful and the FBI said what now?

    Meanwhile, white men are stockpiling military grade weapons up in the hills and in underground bunkers and shooting up college campuses, malls, grade schools, concert venues, movie theaters, workplaces, churches, pregnant white women, and little white kids.

    And the FBI said what now?

    • I think that there has been no massive uprising of black people to date, because black people are outnumbered and outgunned in the USA. Not only are black folks outnumbered by white people (minus the true allies, so negligible), they are outnumbered by white-adjacent people of color, who uphold whiteness on a pedestal of virtue. People of color and true allies working together — now that would be a sight.

  • The report gave 6 examples of blacks attacking/killing police officers stemming from the BLM and other like minded movements and protests. The report didn’t mention anything about the peaceful protests (like taking a knee) so do not conflate the two. Only the left would defend thugs who kill police officers.

    • Exactly the conclusion they were hoping bigots like you would make. The report doesn’t attempt to paint BLM as a violent movement, rather, it has to reach back decades to discuss the long dead Black Liberation Army and make the connection to today with greasy innuendo.

      • First, I am not a bigot. Your personal attacks are getting tiresome, just like the narrative you try to peddle. So why didn’t you mention the violence in your article? Do you see any correlation with an increase of violence agaisnt police since 2014?

        • Pointing out your bigotry isn’t a “personal attack”, but it may be feedback you’re not accustomed to. If you’re uncomfortable with that clarity, stay on Breitbart, Stormfront and infowars.

          Here are some facts: the average annual police officer deaths over the past 5 years are 133.8. In 2015 there were 137 deaths, in 2016 143, a 4% increase. But compared to 2011, when 178 officers were killed, it’s a 24% decrease. The average over 10 years is 151.

          Anyone being killed unjustly is a tragedy, however focusing on one year differences in this case is statistically misleading. There are 765,000 police officers, at the ten year average the death rate per 1000 is 0.0197, rounded to 0.02. The death rate for 2011 is 0.0232, rounded to 0.02, the death rate for 2016 is 0.0186, rounded to…0.02.

          The infant mortality rate for Black babies is 10.9 per 1000 (for white babies it’s 2.2). That means it’s 545 times more dangerous to be a Black baby than it is to be a police officer.

          • Luke, there is no need for name calling as I am respectful of you even though I disagree with your viewpoint. Those are websites I do not go on.

            While you show the averages year over year, you haven’t shown the motives behind the killers each year. Has the trend of officers targeted by killers with the BIE ideology increased since 2014? Hard question to answer but this is what your article should have been about.

          • No, you’re a naysayer. You may not go on those websites, but their audiences agree with your point of view.

            Again, let’s look at facts: police officers are more often killed by white people, however Blacks are responsible for a disproportionate percentage (compared to their population percentage) roughly 25 percentage points – however, that doesn’t account for police murders in majority Black cities and rural areas (like Mississippi).

            It also doesn’t account for widespread and pervasive racist policing.

            Further, the numbers I cited above for police deaths include accidental deaths, which are roughly half of the deaths reported.

            Bottom line, Roughly 70 police officers are murdered every year, that number is stable or declining slighly and the Black people kill roughly 5 more police officers than their percent in the population would indicate is proportional.

            There are NO facts indicating a rise in a statistically significant rise in racially motivated police murders.

            The FBI report is racist bullshit. The president is a racist and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is a racist.

            And I am done answering your WIE comments for today. If you had good intentions you would’ve looked this stuff up yourself.

  • He should have never been nominated and he definitely shouldn’t have been confirmed.


  • NO! The fact is that all these gunmen in the the recent massacres were white men created by the GOP and funded by the NRA. These gunmen are to be regarded as WHITE DOMESTIC TERRORISTS CREATED BY THE GOP!!!!!

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