Trump May Win If You Don’t Vote

Only one candidate directly addressed the coalition of Black, Latino and white citizens who elected Barack Obama twice — Donald Trump.

Luke Visconti is the founder and CEO of DiversityInc. Although the title of his column is meant to be humorous, the issues he addresses and the answers he gives to questions are serious — and based on his 16 years of experience publishing DiversityInc. Click here to send your own question to Luke.

Only one candidate directly addressed the coalition of Black, Latino and white citizens who elected Barack Obama twice — Donald Trump.

We are facing the choice between two flawed candidates, but one of them is a monster.

Donald Trump exploited customers, contractors, business partners, wives and the man who was sent to Vietnam in his place when he cheated the draft board. It appears to me that he cheated the IRS — I cannot believe that anybody who could declare a $1 billion net operating loss doesn’t get an immediate investigation. He got away with it. He’s a conman — his core support is from undereducated white people who are angry because they correctly perceive their quality of life is declining. The sad fact is that a middle-class living is no longer possible from barely skilled labor.

His thinly veiled racist, white supremacist and exploitive message is that “it’s not your fault” — it’s the fault of the Muslim-noncitizen-Black president and his friends, the undocumented Latino workers and Muslims. He talks about Black neighborhoods being a disaster, ignoring self-earned improvements and a decades long decline in crime — despite being exploited by the perpetual “war on drugs.” It’s not about Black neighborhoods; it’s about painting Black people as being savages, Latinos as being subhuman rapists and Muslim American citizens as being a terroristic threat to the United States.

It’s also about women being in the workplace or politics as equals. His message is very clear — if you’re powerful enough, you can grab them by the pussy!

Please Go Out and Vote, Trump


In Trump’s world, making America great again is about reversing the clock. But the decline in economic reality for lower middle-class white people is due to better competition, just like the lower quality white baseball players were forced out of the major leagues as better skilled Black and Latino players began to play after Jackie Robinson (and Branch Rickey) broke the color barrier.

There’s no reversing the clock — we all know that. Just like there’s no stuffing the Jim Crow genie back into the bottle now that there’s a video on cell phones and we can document law-enforcement injustice, beatings and killings.

There is one place where the clock is reversing, however: indications are that Black and Latino voter turnout is not going to be as strong as it was four or eight years ago. I can understand why.

His opponent, Hillary Clinton, is weak. She almost lost the primary to a septuagenarian socialist senator from a state with only 600,000 residents — not what you would call a strong power base.

If you look at her policy page, you will not see much to excite you. She ignored the lessons learned in the last two presidential elections and did not directly address the coalition of Black, Latino and progressive white voters who elected Barack Obama twice.

At our fall event, I had author Steve Phillips talk about his book “Brown is the New White.” I strongly recommend you read it — no matter how this election goes, the future of our country is well described in his phenomenally researched and documented book.

But the future is in the hands of that diverse coalition, which describes the future demographics of our country.

We will have another chance to do a better job in four years, but for right now — I beg you to go out and vote for Hillary Clinton. Take a friend with you. I’ve never endorsed a candidate before, but this is an emergency.

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  • I agree with Luke. This is an emergency. We should all be nervous and afraid of the chance that Trump might actually take office.
    I’d love to say “shame on you if you still support this monster after everything he’s said and done” – but I know it does no good in this forum because anybody that believes in Trump certainly doesn’t support diversity. So we just need to pray and vote to keep him out of office. And vote for Hillary, because a vote for anybody else is wasted and gives Trump an advantage.

  • I agree.

    As Martin Luther King once said, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

  • Vote tomorrow for Hillary Clinton as if your life depends on it. If you have to work, go before work after work or on your lunch break.

  • YOU are part of the problem – part of the media and only telling partial truth to solidify your message to your readers. I will not read your column any further, going forward. i hope your misdeeds and half-hearted attempts to steer your agenda were worth losing a reader for several years. Its not about Hillary or Donald – it’s about you exploiting other readers with misrepresentations and innuendos. I wish you bad luck in the future for your incomplete assessment to your readers.

    • You sir, are the problem.When you own the bully pulpit as Luke does here, you have the freedom to express your views as you see fit. As a consumer of those views, you have the freedom to accept them or not. As is your right, you have chosen to not ever consider his opinion ever again and that’s why you ARE the problem.

  • I absolutely agree and if it’s not too late volunteer to do some poll watching especially if you’re in a red State and a Republican District volunteer to take someone to the polls volunteer to make phone calls to get out the vote

  • Trump up 12 points in Missouri. My, and others, hard work is paying off. If Hillary wins no need talking about Congress coming together. Gridlock mania is the fashion to be.

    • That will be the case either way. If the orange slimebag wins, he’ll quickly run out of options after he appoints his children and wife to cabinet positions. Nobody else will have lunch with the fraud. He doesn’t actually like or associate with the rubes who go to his hate-a-paloozas.

      • LUKE–What will The Dumpy Donmeister do now that His Imperial Frostiness may be
        moving into the Oval Office? He is TOTALLY UNEQUIPPED to deal with the complexities of the modern Presidency; and he cannot simply retreat to Trump Tower
        to solve problems.

  • Donald Dumb will more than likely win Missouri. As it is one of the most racially divided states in the union. But thank God HRC does not need MO to get to the White House. I voted two weeks ago. The Friday the FBI made the decision to get involved in my democratic process and civil duty. DD said he loves the uneducated and for a group of people to fully support a racist bigot to the point that too many of them are willing to get hurt; to watch the polls – is shameful. I not only hope that HRC beats him, but I pray that she trumps him – bad! This country is a lot of things, and great might not be one of them. But the possibilities that it can be, is what I hope for. For the sake of my husband, my children and my grandchildren. You only have to listen to the things that this conman has said out of this own mouth, and you should know better than to think that he would be the better choice. And while Bill Clinton was no angel, Donald dump is no better. In fact, he is worst.

    Our country would be a laughingstock on a global level. Donald Trump is disgusting, nasty and a joke. Send him back to Trump Tower because the White House cannot be called home for this person, and is basket of deplorables.

    • NADIDA–Now that it looks like The Dumpy Donmeister may be going into the Oval Office,
      what then? I am not convinced that all will be smooth going for the Malibu Barbie-Blond
      Ocean Surfer Wave Dude–he cannot work with anyone; he has no respect for “all those
      generals” who do not know as much as His Imperial Frostiness.

      He is not safe from the hate and fear he has generated throughout this campaign; so there is no one to stop the consequences–domestic and international–of what will happen to him. The Dumpy Don has no political experience and lacks the education to deal with complex issues of state. He can’t just retire to Trump Tower or Mar-A-Lago when the going gets


  • Donald won and you would not began too believe how happy I am I believe the way this country is going he is the MAN to get us back on track, Hillary is nothing but 2 faced deceitful lying CUNT, she does not care about this country or the people, all she cares about is being the first female president and the power that comes with it, as for the president elect Mr. Trump does he offend a lot of people YES, does he offend certain races YES, does he offend women YES, does he offend certain races YES, does he offend illegal immigrants HELL YES, is he politically correct HELL NO, so to all you little whining cry babies who maybe feeling down who’s feelings may have gotten hurt I have to say if you don’t like it you have the right to move to another country and FUCK OFF YOU BUNCH OF PUSSIES

  • Fuck off luke do this country a favor go walk down the middle of an interstate during rush hour

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