Most White People Think Blacks Are Intellectually Inferior

What do most white people really think? The White Guy gives you his expert take on white people's assessments of black intelligence.

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Ask the White Guy Luke ViscontiQuestion:
I think you have a distorted view of Americans when you make such blanket statements like the one you made in your reply to the question of “Why doesn’t the NBA look like America?” You stated “… because it’s still not acceptable in our society to think of black people as being intellectually equal.”

I find that very offensive. I know I don’t think like that, nor do most whites I know. I do know a number of African Americans who think whites think that way, and your statement just reinforces their thinking. Perpetuating that kind of thinking only aids in supporting the separatist attitude that too many African Americans hold, and it certainly won’t help it to go away.

You may not think like that–and because you don’t, you associate with people who share your opinion. That’s good. However, unless we face the facts as they are, we can’t change our circumstances. I think the facts show that most whites do not accept blacks as intellectually equal.

We live in a society that purports itself to be open for all people, but we should keep in mind that Dr. King and the civil-rights movement had to bring the federal government to the state of national unrest and international embarrassment (over the treatment of peaceful civil-rights marchers) to get the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Bills passed just 42 years ago. Until that time, most African Americans could not legally vote, and access to “mainstream” higher education was almost zero.

Sen. Obama is the third black senator since reconstruction (which ended in approximately 1877). There have been 1,148 senators sworn in since 1877. African Americans have been fairly consistent at 13 percent of our population. If whites felt that blacks were intellectually equal, they certainly wouldn’t have enslaved African Americans, and the Senate would have been far more than 0.26 percent black.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but there’s no way our country would sit still for a second and accept Gary, Ind., or Camden, N.J., looking as it does if the inhabitants were not almost 100 percent black.

You and I may accept blacks as intellectually equal–and I’d assume that we both socialize with people who feel the same as we do–but that’s no reason to assume most white people feel the same way, because the facts show otherwise.

Aside from the ethical issue, there is an overarching economic imperative to rectify disparities: We are now competing in a global market; any waste of talent is a loss in productivity, innovation and wealth that we cannot afford.

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  • The results of most studies that use scores earned on standardized tests (IQ, SAT, etc) show that measured intelligence level and race do indeed correlate. This is quite an inconvenient fact in our modern progressive era. While it is immoral and foolish to judge on the basis of race alone, to assume that race plays no role in innate intellectual capacity is misguided.

    • Darla Lett Blair

      I think we need to focus on the racism within the black race. I am very light with straight hair, but I AM a black women

      • What exactly are you insinuating? The problem within the black race is that many (not all) African American with a lighter complextion think that everyone who is darker looks down on them. This is far from true. Instead of acknowledging any type of hatred you have had within in your own race, you should ignore it and not entertain foolishness. There is ignorant people in every race not just the black race. P.S I am brown skin with bone straight hair (All Natural)???? Get to know your own race as far as their cultural backgrounds and you would find that hair textures and skin colors varies in all races especially African Americans. My advice to you is to embrace your haters they only make you stronger. There are numerous of other things that we as one race must change then hating on a skin complextion sweetheart. I’m sure you know what those are (gun violence, gangs, parenting, etc.)

    • While standardized test scores may be lower for those of African American and Latino races that is by no means a reflection of an innate intellectual inferiority that such races have in comparison to whites. We have to understand that African Americans have experienced centuries of oppression in this country in which they were denied access to equal education, a fair job market, social and economic capital, etc. Therefore, many African American people continue to not have access to the same resources as their white counterparts. And while the Civil Rights Act has been passed, there still continues to be institutionalized racism today that many white people have the privilege of not having to acknowledge. I think it is very ignorant to take those test scores at face value and believe that members of a race are born intellectually inferior. This thinking is no different then the philosophies of Charles Davenport, the father of eugenics. There is a problem when we believe that one race is inferior to another.

      • Luke Visconti

        Geneticists have proven there is only one human race, but the white supremacists and neo-Nazis have their agenda to say otherwise. They’re not small in number and they’ve organized enough to focus communications—MOST of the comments made to articles on this website are from neo-Nazis and I check by looking at what’s being discussed on sites like Stormfront. The billionare oil-industry Koch brothers’ talking points often mirror that garbage. Food for thought. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

        • Ahh yes, the old let’s call everyone who believes their are genetic differences between races a neo-nazi. Those kind of scare tactics don’t work. Perhaps pushing your message of everyone being completely equal is the more misguided belief. Everyone knows Lebron James and Stephen Hawking are equally great at shooting hoops and contemplating the universe.

          • Luke Visconti

            Hitler, like today’s white-supremacist leaders, depended on ignorance.

            Do a quick web search: (founded by the infamous—and deceased—Andrew Breitbart) says there are genetic differences between the races. Geneticists say there aren’t.

            Here’s a good article from a geneticist: Get an eighth-grader to help you with the polysyllabic words.

            Here’s a speech written by Joseph Goebbels: Calvin College has done humanity a service by having many of Goebbels’ essays available online. You can compare Goebbels to today’s propagandists. By the way, did you know that the Koch brothers’ father founded The John Birch Society? If you hold Goebbels’ writings to the light they overlap almost perfectly with anything written by Pat Buchanan.

            Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

          • KnowledgeableOne

            I laugh at your stupid comment comparing Lebron James to Stephen Hawking. How about Philip Emeagwali or Neil DeGrasse Tyson? Try comparing them to Mr. Hawking….different scenario, huh?

          • Sam Jackson’s self serving Comment; Everyone knows Lebron James and Stephen Hawking are equally great at shooting hoops and contemplating the universe is just as foolish as me saying that everyone knows Larry Bird and Sylvester J. Gates are equally great at shooting hoops and applying the laws of physics and engineering.
            I, as an African-American, have taken much comfort in setting aside most of the Eurocentric statistical and analytical rhetoric distributed by Whites who could never accept intellectual equality among the races, as sinister.
            These same image creators would have us believe in the great White heroes: Batman, Superman, Rocky, the Hulk (although he was green), The Green Hornet, The Lone Ranger, Spiderman, Thor, Captain America, Aquaman, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.
            The reason Lebron James and Larry Bird are great basketball players is because they put in countless hours, days and years, passionately, working on their craft and pursuing their dream of being the best at what they do. One Black, one White. Both, great Basketball players, not because one is more athletic and one is more intelligent. But because they both had a passion for the game, the audacity to be great and a superior work ethic.
            The same can be said of history’s great intellectuals, Black and White. They spend very little time on basketball, baseball and hockey. They sleep, think and eat, mastering the universe.
            These white supremacists can yap all they want about the inferior intelligence of my people, but, if I ever needed heart surgery, I would much prefer the “intellectually inferior” Daniel Williams, the Black surgeon who performed the first open heart surgery, to the intellectually superior White man named Stephen Hawking.
            For centuries, Whites like Sam Jackson trumpeted that Blacks were not intelligent enough to be doctors, educators, lawyers, Police officers, Physicists, quarterbacks, Mayors, Officers, Generals, Movie producers, veterinarians, dentists, astronauts, botanists, priests, white collar criminals, machinists, bankers, builders, CEOs, voters, business owners, landowners, U.S. President.
            The only dumb Blacks are the ones who would take the likes of Sam Jackson, Joseph Goebbels, Fredrich Nietzsche and Rush Limbaugh, seriously.

            You do best what you do most.

        • I would be more inclined to at least consider your point if you were not so eager to attack anyone who has an opinion that isn’t yours. It’s the childish behavior and language that you employ to berate and bully anyone who wants to think for themselves that i find completely unacceptable, so try to be a grown-up and use your own mind instead of this insane PC hive mind approach.

          • Luke Visconti

            You wouldn’t consider my point if it were wrapped in hundred-dollar bills and covered in roses. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

        • Luke:

          Your point about geneticists is simply not accurate. Have you read “A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History” by Nicholas Wade?

          Science and genetics are advancing rapidly. In this case, they are confirming the what the facts show, that – on average – blacks struggle when competing with non-blacks in higher education.

          This is apparent in business and science. They excel in athletics due to genetics as well.

          This does not make them any less valuable, but it is what it is. You should not call people who believe there are genetic differences in intellectual capacity ‘neo-nazis.’ The fact is that there is no scientific reason there would not be such a difference.

          We need to understand these things so that we can deal with them as a society, and not force people into situations where they are doomed to fail and then blame the results on racism. At the same time, i agree a large part of the current economic divide is due to racism. But not all of it.

          • Luke Visconti

            Oh, come on. The very scientists (more than 100 of them) that Wade cites think his book is nonsense:

            “As discussed by Dobbs and many others, Wade juxtaposes an incomplete and inaccurate account of our research on human genetic differences with speculation that recent natural selection has led to worldwide differences in I.Q. test results, political institutions and economic development. We reject Wade’s implication that our findings substantiate his guesswork. They do not.

            “We are in full agreement that there is no support from the field of population genetics for Wade’s conjectures.”

            Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

          • I do know this. I have been to a white school and a black school. There is a tremendous difference in education. At the white school there was better teachers,classes,acivities even food. It was mind boggling how big the difference was. The black school had sorry teachers that didn’t teach shit. All the teachers joked with the students and argued. It wasn’t even the students that was the problem it was the setup. If I didn’t go to the white school I wouldn’t have learned shit I definitely wouldn’t even know how to type. There’s the difference the schools. Not the brain but what it is being taught. Go to the schools you will see the difference and the problem.

        • Geneticists would actually tell you that there ARE inherent genetic differences between different races. If you don’t think so, then you’re an idiot. Oops, I must be a Neo-Nazi.

          • Ralph Monroe

            Luke Visconti
            10:18 am

            “Hey, bigots, see who you’re in bed with? Hitler lovers”

            No, but your Italian Pope Pius XII was!
            [born Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli]

          • Luke Visconti

            In the Vatican, the two most elaborate sarcophagi belong to the two Popes who negotiated with Hitler. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

        • These geneticists are jewish or are directly influenced by jews. If you believe in the ;race is a social construct’ nonsense then you are a complete idiot. Equality is a social construct.

          • Luke Visconti

            Hey, bigots, see who you’re in bed with? Hitler lovers. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

        • Ralph Monroe

          There are more “Billionaires” in the Democrat Party. Why do you Liberal progressive Precambrian haploids ALWAYS point to the Koch Brothers?
          Perhaps it’s “Koch-Envy!”

      • First off, I would like to start by saying that I find even the idea that there are different races very…well…interesting. The reality is “humans are humans”, we all originated from the first men and women that lived in Africa. So why can’t we all just get along? The answer to the question isn’t in racism : but in culture and class. I’m not saying racism isn’t an issue, just that in our power and money driven society it’s rank, not color, that divides us. Being a lower middle class teenage girl with a white father and black mother I have had my fair share of rasist things thrown at me; I just believe that things such as racism, gay marridge, abortion, and ” impending” war,
        are distractions the US government uses to distract it’s citizens from the real issue that the ever widening gap, from the wealthy and the middleclass has made them America’s new slaves. The new slave doesn’t have a race or religion, they’re simply human.

    • Unfortunately, what you’re missing Anonymous is that standardized test, like almost everything in America have been proven time and again to be not only white biased, but white and male biased. The tests and the results you quote are not only exaggerated, but were actually designed in order to favor white males. In adddition, SATs get to be taken over as many times as one can afford to take them and only the highest score in each section kept for college. So is there any wonder white kids do better under these circumstances–especially since they are the ones most able to afford the thousands of dollars of test prep and retesting fees? Furthermore, the fact that SATs ACTs are used for college admission when they have been repeatedly shown to have no ability to actually predict college success (as they claim) is evidence of another reality–that reality is that every social benefit in American society (public and private) have been structured to ensure white success. This entire nation, from it’s very founding in African slavery, has favored first the rich, then white people. So it is no wonder that white people think they are intellectually superior when the whole basis of what is deemed intelligence is rigged in their favor? Do know though that the intellectual superiority of white people, is a myth. You may, however, believe in it all you like. But if white people really believe they are superior, why not make society equal? Until white people do that, white people are lying to themselves about their superiority.

      • Then please explain why no African nation can figure out how to launch a satellite,
        design and build a cell phone, create SWIR sensors or design the components for their
        own computers.

        After all human life started in Africa so they had a head start.

        • Luke Visconti

          There are several books about the influence of seasonal changes and their profound influence on human adaptation. There are more books on colonialism. Why don’t you go to the library today instead of sitting there watching FOX? Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

        • Africa has been over colonized (by white people) and plagued with disease and food shortage … By the way Africa is credited with simplifying modern numerals we use.. & inventing the “0” .. Ancient Africa was made up of the most technologically advance cultures man had seen like Egypt .. 2500 year before Rome.

        • Don Miller – You sir, are an imbecile! I am going to say this slowly so you understand my response to your statement. Uganda (yes Idi Amin Uganda) is second to South Africa (yes, that South Africa) and followed by Madagascar in terms of advanced technological and innovation capabilities in Africa. When you look at technological and innovation capabilities globally, Uganda is among the top 82 countries in the world!

          Botswana is one of the most stable and successful economies in all of Africa! Technology is fast becoming the nexus for all international development and Botswana is fighting it’s way to the head of the pack. The country even has what is called the Botswana Innovation Hub, a government backed program that is designed to organize start-ups, global corporations, and research and health organizations under one roof to facilitate the growth of technology in the country.

          Without going into a lot more detail here, China and many other “first world” countries are seeing the the massive potential in Africa and as a result are investing heavily in the belief that it will pay dividends in the long run for a cheap and capable workforce. Add the fact that many African countries have higher overall literacy than the U.S. and you can see why I had to say something in response to your goofy comments. Africa is the next India sir, deal with it.

    • No i dosen’t. Your skin color has absolutely NOTHING to do with your intelligence whatsoever, and it’s ridiculous to think so, when you really think about it. It has more to do with your upbringing, how exposed you were to education or told the importance of it. That BS about race correlating with intelligence was just something made up by racists to justify enslaving black people and discrimination against us,plain and simple. Basically the stereotype is that all white people are intelligent simply because they’re white, and black people are of low intelligence simply because they’re black. As a black person, I know for a fact that is ridiculous and racist, and not even true at all. Those racist myths are pushed simply because they have served a major purpose for white people, not anyone else. All the IQ test prove is that the kids being tested either didn’t study well enough for it, or that they didn’t have access to tools that could have helped them pass the test much better.

    • Anonymous – I understand what you are saying but the element that is almost always missed is that IQ assessment tests are based on a standard definition of intelligence that was in the past, and still is today, based on definitions created by white people. One race is essentially defining the standard for intelligence. Don’t you think that is just a bit arrogant, especially given the fact that intelligence tests do not fairly assess problem-solving capabilities, nor do they explain why people who are assessed low intelligence scores are able to function intelligently in the world at large. Just some food for thought from one of those less intelligent Black folks.

    • Still holding on to it, uh bro. The term “Standardized Tests” is in itself misleading. Which “standard” are we talking about. From your remark, my standard certainly is not your standard. We should never equate performance on “standardized tests” with intellectual capacity. It’s just not the same. Standized tests don’t measure intellectual capacity. They measure how in tune you are with the “standard”. As we look through the diverse US, even global society, where is the “standard”. There are too many socio-economic, cultural, resource availability, and other factors that go into good or poor performance on standardized tests. If people from a different socio-economic environment than the developers of the current standardized tests were to develop anew these tests, there would be an badly needed upheaval in the view of intellectualism if demonstrated by “standardized test”.

    • White cis male culture does not strive to teach people of color. The American school system is filled with a whole bunch of white history, white philosophers, and white book writers, white deans, presidents, glorifying of slave owners, and a glorification of a history of volince and systematic oppression of my people of color.

      Those test scores only show me how unequal the education system is against people of color. The current systems do not a address the struggles people of color(poc) face. Let you and I take a test, and I assure you I will do much better than you, and a large majority of white people, and a large portion of the people in our country. Race has nothing to do with intelligence. Socioeconomic factors and the quality of the education you receive defines how intelligent a person can be.

      You think race is the problem, but it actually is how society systematically oppresses Black people is the real problem. Your logic is like saying gay people are bad parents, and using statistics from the 70’s when gays were hella oppressed. Modern research has proven otherwise, when given a equal opportunity gay people are just as likely to raise a child who can contribute to society just as a straight person could.

    • I just happened to see this today, but I see that people have made comments this year, so I guess I will leave my opinion in hopes that someone will read it. In response to the comment that says, “The results of most studies that use scores earned on standardized tests (IQ, SAT, etc) show that measured intelligence level and race do indeed correlate.” I ask anyone reading this to answer one question, who writes the tests? Maybe blacks and Latinos don’t do as well on those tests because they aren’t the majority of the people writing the tests.

  • it is true. only for this reason: some of the whites that were racially biased in the civil rights movement are still alive. the teenagers of that era now have families. they tell their kids what they thought of blacks and unrightly spit racism back into play. now the white kids with racist parents are domed to be racist. furthermore, the kkk does have a significant enough audience to brainwash nonracist whites into becoming a racist, they recruit them. and furthermore, ‘hoods’ like camden, gangs, and the general ‘gangsta’ agenda is a dying trend. it wont take long for community development, environmental projects, and education to prosper in these areas. hip hop is about money these days; the easiest and safest way to make money is through schooling. but we all know whos falling behind on funding schools and providing good education. the government.

    as i see it, it may take another generation, maybe more to fully rid this country of racism. us blacks won the civi rights movement on a federal level, almost. its up to the country itself to man up and respect our brothers and sisters as equal americans, and its up to the government to spend their billions on things that really matter. then finallly, equality will be possible

  • To be quite honest, people will believe what they choose to believe regardless of having scientific proof or not. If I’m raised in a poorly educated house hold, then my test scores may reflect that, no matter what race I might be. My race is just a part of me. Race alone does not dictate my circumstances, nor does it define me completely. So, obviously there are people of various races who are more or less intelligent then some others. You would see this if we all truly had an equal opportunity (and we do not). If you put a white person and a black person in the same life situation, and neither one had access to a job, money for food, education, clothing, survival mode should kick in. Then you would see that race has very little to do with the will to live, survive and prosper. Don’t judge, THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our physical appearance is dictated by our genes. Natural selection could affect how we look when specific environmental conditions cause genes adapt over time. We are all related! You might not like it, but try to disprove it and see what you find. You may be blacker than you think.

  • Katherine Coles

    In response to the comment made on Jan 5, 2010 by Guest. Standardardized Test measurements are defined by the questions asked, which are defined and determined by the question designer. Please consider the source of the question before determining its infallibility in measuring intelligence. This includes racial correlations. Differing life experiences influence question responses. A major error in the “standard” test is an assumption that everyone taking the test have equal exposure and access to knowledge.

      • These aren’t excuses. The studies have shown that once the questions are changed to a vocabulary that the test taker is used to using, the race based correlation is removed from the results. An example of this is using the word “Boat” instead of “Yacht.”

        • “….Yet a closer look at the PISA scores (test design not for whites and accepted by UN) reveals some unacknowledged truths. While Northeast Asians are turning in the top scores, followed by Europeans, Canadians, Australians, and New Zealanders, looking down the list of the top thirty nations, one finds not a single Latin American nation, not a single African nation, not a single Muslim nation, not a single South Asian or Southeast Asian nation (save Singapore), not a single nation of the former Soviet Union except Latvia and Estonia. Among the OECD’s thirty-four members, the most developed nations on earth, Mexico, the principal feeder nation for U.S. schools, came in dead last in reading.
          Steve Sailer got the full list of sixty-five nations, broke down the U.S. reading scores by ethnicity, and measured American students against the continents and the countries from which their families originated. What he found was startling. Asian American students outperformed all Asian students except those from Shanghai. White Americans outperformed the students from all thirty-seven predominantly white nations except Finland. U.S. Hispanics outperformed the students of all eight Latin American countries that participated. African American kids outperformed the only black country to participate, Trinidad and Tobago, by 25 points.
          America’s schools are not all abject failures. They are successfully educating immigrants and their descendants to outperform the kinfolk their parents or ancestors left behind when they came to America. What America’s schools are failing at, despite the trillions poured into schools since the 1965 Primary and Secondary Education Act, is closing the racial divide. We do not know how to close test-score gaps in reading, science, and math between Anglo and Asian students on one hand and black and Hispanic students on the other. And, judging from the PISA tests, neither does the world. The gap between the test scores of East Asian and European nations and Latin American and African nations mirrors the gap between Asian and Anglo students in the United States and black and Hispanic students in the United States.
          Even if we could equalize the home environment, and the school environment, for all children, we would still not get equal test scores……”

          • Luke Visconti

            My favorite racists are the ones who parrot the pseudoscience they read on their white-supremacist websites. In this case, almost all of this post is lifted from one of Pat Buchanan’s books. There are plenty of criticisms of the PISA test. You can do your own web search, but in this book, Buchanan’s lifting the racist claptrap thinking of Charles Murray.

            Here’s a criticism of the PISA tests: China’s scores beat the stuffing out of the U.S., but we still have a larger GDP, despite having one-fifth the population; the Chinese won’t beat us on a per-capita basis for decades, maybe ever. Just goes to prove that a snapshot of data without perspective is worthless.

            Finally, take a good look at a picture of Pat Buchanan and Charles Murray. Now look at a picture of Bull Connor. Look at a picture of Governor Wallace. Look at a picture of Edgar Ray Killen. They’re birds of a feather. Their hate and bitter thoughts are etched on their faces. They look like people who would scare any child witless just by glancing at them. What kind of person is proud to be associated with the bunch of them? Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

          • PotCallingKettle

            Luke–My favorite deniers are the ones who parrot criticisms that don’t delve enough into the facts with their research. There have been criticisms of the criticism that showcase China’s methods of manipulation that tweaks their PISA scores. Sorry to tell you T.D. Morse’s summary is still a valid insight to ponder.

          • Luke Visconti

            He lifted his point from a Pat Buchanan book. Every one of you guys who thinks Buchanan has any more “valid insight” than a dog isn’t interested in the truth. The stuff of his quoted on this website, especially the crime-statistics lies, are so easy to disprove, it’s child-like. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

      • They are not excuses. They have been proven by research. What is so difficult about accepting the fact that our society is not one that treats everyone equally?

  • We must understand that civil rights were granted to blacks only 5 decades ago. It takes more than one generation to catch up with the social inequality. Sure legally and socially racism has been controlled but what about the racist talk over the kitchen table? I bet even today there are many white parents (particularly of Nordic origin) who are still telling their young impressionable kids how inferior their black fellow citizens are.
    The measurement of blacks in terms of their achievement would be realistic only after at least 2 generations when most of the white supremacists who lived thru the black slavery days have died and kids make their own judgement of their fellow human being

    • Tony Thompson

      White people will give a chance reasonably. It really all depends on where you are at in life. I’m black and I got a job at the olive garden recently walked right in asked for a application dressed to impress filled it out and was hired that same day and the managers were white

      • Wow! A black guy was hired into a low paying position of servitude by white managers. YAY!!!!

        I wonder if the same interview scenario for a position as manager would have played out the same way?

    • Well slavery was abolished in 1853, so unless there are some 160+ white supremists around, we are already in that time period. Blacks groups keep claiming the want equal rights while they currently have greater rights. Anytime it is even discussed about getting rid of admittance practices based on race, the black advocacy groups get up in arms. It is admitting that they need special treatment. Then they still claim they want it based on their own merit. So which is it. If it were purely Merritt based, there would be ample non blacks that surpass them. Use whatever excuse you want, blacks in general are unable to compete against non blacks on a level purely Merritt based playing field as far as academics.

        • PotCallingKettle

          Resorting to name calling is not productive. There are two questions on the table:
          Is there racial variation because of genetic inheritance or is there inherited genetics because of social and cultural influences. Nature vs nurture. Going back to the PISA study–the extrapolated answer would lead to both having sway in the matter.

          Meaning, the disparity between races may have something to do with innate ability than outright discrimination. Awareness of this issue allows us to focus efforts that actually help close the gap as opposed to what we do now, spending a lot of money on fad programs in the hopes that it’ll work this time!

          • Luke Visconti

            How about just one link to a fact? As far as name calling, I like calling them as I see them—we hear nonsense all day long from your side. Unfortunately, our side is too polite. Tolerance of hate breeds monsters. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

      • “S” – learn to spell “merit” vs. “Merritt” and perhaps provide valid supporting documentation of your hogwash. Yikes, people like you make me fearful for this countries ability to continue to be competitive.

  • A dozen unbiased studies demonstrate that the mean average African-American IQ is one standard deviation (about 16 points) below that of whites. Further, that this difference in intelligence is largely (>70%) biogenetic in origin and not in any significant way remedial to social/cultural enhancement. It is a fallacy not unlike the dogma that the earth was flat to disingenuously argue otherwise. A scientific truth does not suddenly become invalid simply because its conclusions don’t support a partisan political agenda.

    • Readers, I’ll leave it to you to look up all the studies that dispute Rushton and Jensen and the rest of their ilk. I’ll ask you to think about three things: 1) There is no clear scientific consensus on race and genetics, African Americans in particular are not a distinct genetic group as our history is one of considerable mixing. 2) You cannot start a race with a 1:20 disadvantage and expect equal results. African American households have one-twentieth the wealth of white households (Pew Research), look up the “Flynn Effect” for a discussion on IQ scores and wealth (and its attendant early-childhood development advantages) 3) Racists take this flag up because it helps them justify their racism. It is far easier to subjugate people – murder them or wage war on them, when you de-humanize them first. This is evil of the first degree – and this website will not be an agent to it – you’ll find further discussion of this on white supremacist websites, but not here. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

      • I have worked side by side with too many whites who if they had been black would never have been in the positions they were in. Yet they believed they had earned their positions. If they had been black they would never had been where they were and justifiably so. Of that I have no doubt.

        Whites have no idea how much their whiteness affords them. And I can’t tell you how frustrating it was to work alongside people who actually and sincerely believed they earned it because of their natural superiority. I’m sorry, but they were idiots. Whenever I achieved anything or put together two coherent sentences, whites have always marveled and then told me they didn’t think of me as black (you’ve addressed these “compliments” in other articles), thereby revealing what they really think – such ignorance from superior people.

        Money, education, high self-esteem, and a feeling of self-worth go hand in hand with better test scores. For people who are so superior, so much time is spent on showing how inferior everyone else is. Perhaps there are doubts? Or maybe deep down inside, they know we are human-beings.

        • Michelle LaValley

          You are too right. I have often wondered how on earth some people got their jobs and kept them, when they were so obviously not too bright. And I knew if I performed that way I would have been fired. I worked with an accountant who questioned why I assigned an overseas account to Europe. The account was for England. He didn’t know that England was in Europe. How did he get through High School and College and not know that? That is just one example.
          He always delivered the mail to our sister company next door. I had given him some checks that had come in the mail. On the way over, he dropped some of the checks. The owner found them on the ground. Apparently, he blamed me and the owners questioned me half to death and kept looking at me like I had to be lying. But they never doubted him and he was the only one, ever, who left the building with mail to deliver next door. Just some experiences.

        • Justtiredofthebs

          I work in a company well known but I see the raises and promotions going to white people. How can a black or hispanic person prosper above them or even match them if we live paycheck to paycheck. I can not sit down and talk about playing golf because the white bosses do not give me enough money to relate to them. I live to pay my bills. This company gives promotions to Italian American or white members. I hear the younger white male staff talk racial statements to a hispanic male alot of times.

      • Bravo. Thank you Luke Visconti for your response on 7/1/2013 at 10:14am. You are a man of integrity and I appreciate that!

    • Theodosius, those same dozen or so unbiased studies also show whites’ mean average IQ at one standard deviation below East Asian and Jewish peoples as well. So same point taken for whites as compared to Asians: a scientific truth does not suddenly become invalid because its conclusions don’t support a partisan political agenda. To the point: Whites are intellectually inferior to Asians, and thus should be treated in the same manner and fashion as whites treat blacks. Natch.

  • I work with a lot of young black people of all different socioeconomic status in my tutoring job, and this is the thing I have found in common with every one of them: They believe it isn’t “cool” to be highly educated, talk in a manner other than ebonics, and be married while raising a family – in short, it isn’t cool to “be white” and like/do the same things as young white people, from approximately the same geographical area. Now, some of that is due to prejudice against them from whites, absolutely, but until the black community as a whole recognizes that they can’t demand “equality” (whatever that means now) and then veer around and worship thug rappers (who CONSTANTLY reinforce the idea that any problem in a black person’s life is due to “whitey’s fault”) and not think that having a kid who doesn’t know his/her father isn’t a problem in this day and age. I make every effort to look past a person’s race/national origin when getting to know them, but we have to acknowledge that we are at the worst race relationship level since the mid-1960s and no one wants to talk about this because it is “politically incorrect”. Don’t believe this? Then what was the George Zimmerman trial really all about beyond the “stand-your-ground” law? My advice for young black people is to stop listening to asshats like Al Sharpton and start recognizing that MAKING POSITIVE GAINS IN YOUR LIFE AND WORKING HARD IS NOT A “WHITE-ONLY THING”!

    • Luke Visconti

      If you’re tutoring people, please stop. You can’t be doing them any help with that attitude. My experience is exactly opposite yours. Many people on the DiversityInc staff are Black, none of them had a privileged upbringing, all are very successful, all have very high standards for themselves. I’ve been involved with the Rutgers Future Scholars program for six years. The program has a 99 percent success rate. I’ve seen 1,200 people start the program as eighth graders; the oldest are now freshmen/women at Rutgers (and other schools). One is an intern in my office; he’s a young man who could not have had a more challenging childhood.

      I’ve been a trustee of Bennett College for nine years. I’m chair of the foundation board at New Jersey City University, an MSI and an HSI. NJCU boasts almost 100 percent first-generation college students. You see the triumph of mind over circumstance at every commencement. Over the years I’ve met thousands of young people—and older people who grew up under the same conditions the RFS students are living in now. There are some people who are more “street” than others, but the drive to succeed runs deep in the human species and all of the people in all of the programs I’ve been associated with have one thing in common: They’re working very, very hard.

      I will say, however, that the folks who succeed in the challenging environments they are born into have superior strength. Many of the average ones, who would probably be just fine in a white, middle-class upbringing, have their young egos crushed under the wheels of socioeconomic injustice, which can be measured in many, many ways. Where I see weakness is where people think their good fortune is providence—and that’s what I’m smelling in your comment. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

      • Luke:

        I am in the same position as Jason, and urge you to be a little more understanding of what he is saying. I teach in a public high school in a minority-majority jurisdiction. Further, a lot of our students are not native speakers of English.

        Frankly, I think we need to throw eggs and rotten tomatoes at a lot of pop culture figures when they appear in public. Regardless of country or demographic, peer pressure is very real, and few are the kids who are able to resist it. Unhappily, a lot of what is “cool” really is self-destructive.

        Yes, people work very, very hard to succeed. But at what are they trying to be successful? You can’t write a government or corporate report in the language of Huck and im or “street”, so you need to work on your grammar, spelling, diction, and style while you’re in school around people who know how to help you with it. Your chances for success are greater in a trade or profession than in art, music, or sport. And if you’re trying to succeed at being the “Baaad@$$” (which too many of my students have striven to be), well, there isn’t much hope for you.

        I wish I had a green fiver for every student who whines that he doesn’t have money for a pen and a notebook when he’s probably dropped a handsome wad on his dreads, and comes to class with a pair of big, bright headphones to give him music when math or history gets boring (and also, incidentally, to announce to the world that he doesn’t care a rat’s @$$ for stated school policies). We also have too many “progressive” people telling such future non-performers (and jailbirds) that they are “natural leaders”, “your own man”, “marching to your own drummer”, etc. when in fact such kids are really part of a pretty big herd.

        Yes, there’s socioeconomic injustice. Yes there’s racism. I’m not defending these. But let’s encourage our young people of all demographics to work hard to master the skills that our society rewards rather than in being the defiant Baaad@$$. Maybe sticking a few rappers in the pillory and letting passersby pelt them with rotten eggs and tomatoes might do a little more good than all the whining about “racism” and the “system” out there.

        • Luke Visconti

          I’m not sure which “progressive” people you’re talking about because I’ve never heard garbage like that. I have five years’ experience in small steering-group committee meetings with Reverend Jackson for Rainbow/PUSH’s Wall Street Project. I would describe Reverend Jackson as progressive. Every steering-committee meeting was led by Reverend Jackson. I must’ve attended over 30 of them, and I heard him say profound things about the economic system in this country. He was always grounded in reality and addressed problems from the vantage point of achievable solutions. The Wall Street Project is about equitable access to capital. Reverend Jackson would always have students at the annual event so they could learn firsthand what it takes to attract investor revenue from Wall Street banks. The emphasis for the students was on being ready to do business, being prepared by earning a college degree and understanding the responsibilities of an entrepreneur.

          I’m currently and member of the Corporate and Philanthropy Council of HACU. The council helps to connect corporations with HACU interns. Dr. Flores focused the students on academic preparation. There are students at every event who mix with the corporate attendees. The students are prepared to speak business, and are counseled on correct dress. You will not see more impressive students at Princeton; the difference is that all our students are poor—and Latino.

          In short, I am extremely “progressive.” I put my time and money where my mouth is: I’ve donated more than $1 million since 2006 and I have a combined 26 years of board experience in higher education. I have four paid interns in my office, two of whom are graduates of the Rutgers Future Scholars Program. I make myself personally involved with every student program that I donate to. At every diversity event we have students attend; I even charter the bus to take them to the event.

          With that experience, I can tell you that you are wrong. In my experience, students are very adept at knowing when someone treats them with respect and when someone treats them as if they’re not worthy of respect. Students may not punch you in the mouth, but they might tell you they don’t have money for a pen and paper because they just want to make fun of you. I suggest you refocus yourself from what you think “progressives” think and start worrying about what you think, and what you do. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

          • Luke, the teacher who talks about rap/ gangsta/hip hop culture brings up some fair points to consider and your reply really doesn’t address any of them. You reject any arguments contrary to your point of view out of hand. I read many of your replies and your attitude is consistent…if you’re not with me your an uneducated racist. That’s a weak default position that shows you’re totally closed to critical thought.

            Ok, so your committed to helping under served minority groups, you make that clear repeatedly but not everything regarding this issue is about you and how you feel. It strikes me as extremely naive to think that because you have a few kids that come to events and are ambitious that they represent the majority. It’s also extremely naive to believe that modern pop culture doesn’t have a huge influence on young people, all young people, black, white, asian… whatever they may be, they’re extremely susceptible to the draw of pop culture. Unless you haven’t been paying attention for the last 20 or more years I find any argument you’re unaware that hip-hop culture hardly promotes education and hard work a bit tough to swallow. You seem to accept no idea other than institutional racism and white societies concious or subconcious efforts to keep blacks down as the only viable cause for all the issues they face. This position suggests you’re just as ignorant and intollerant as the people you condemn as racists. I think black leaders like Bill Cosby are frankly more realistic, they place responsibility at the feet of black culture, black families and black leadership for their failure in this country. BTW, I use black instead of African American because I had a friend in college, Ronnie-Lee, from Tobago who hated being called African American, so I asked her what she wanted to be called and she said “you’re white and I’m black, my family is not American or African, I’m from Tobago. Just call me black.” My feeling is that anyone who doesn’t use African American is clearly a staunch racist in your narrow book of right and wrong.

          • Luke Visconti

            A “few,” no. A few thousand. Rutgers Future Scholars has/is serving 1,400 students. I’ve seen roughly 10,000 “minority” students graduate while attending NJCU commencements. The only reason our country lets these children fail is that other people make money from it—and the Koch brothers leverage hatred to drive their anti-labor and anti-regulation policies by building a constituency based on racism. It’s been done before—the John Birch Society, founded by Papa Koch, for example. The “teacher” spoke in generalities and stereotypes. I speak about programs and statistics. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

          • Luke, you are what the black race doesn’t need an excuse to be “ghetto” I have myself seen this kind of behavior from the black students in class. I grew up in the projects, my mother was on welfare, and I do not know who my father is. but that doesn’t stop me from having a 3.8 GPA I’m not saying everyone can and should do this I’m just saying we have the same opportunities as any white person. we are in charge of our own future not anybody else. Oh and by the way I am a black woman that will be getting my bachelors in criminal justice in December. if I fail it will not be because of the “white man” it will be because of me.

    • Michelle LaValley

      I am generationally mixed raced of African descent. My family moved north from the south in the 1930s. All my family came from farms and developed professions. When we left the Midwest to the Northeast, a friend of the family tried to introduce me to other black children. The differences in our backgrounds was a culture shock to me. I was ridiculed for my speech, my mannerisms, and accused of being an “oreo cookie”. Took me a while to know what that meant. These kids were smart. In spite of their treatment towards me I perceived the intelligence but they were all so angry! I was lucky I had the parents I had. All this is to say attitude plays into how ability is used. These kids were products of urban living for generations and reflect the despair of their parents. They weren’t being taught to think and the examples of behavior are all knee jerk reactive. Add in the all time favorite “misery loves company” and you get packs of garden variety underacheivers. This happens across the board under similar social circumstances but the powers that be want to believe its exclusive to blacks.
      I have a lot of relatives; we could be our own country and we are all, at least, of high average intelligence. I’ve experienced all kinds of people and spoken to individuals of all subsets with obvious high intellegence right down to mystery levels as in how do they function at all so these scientific conclusions definitely stand for some serious scrutiny. I just can’t buy it, they defy logic.

  • Luke, i’m a black guy, (I really am) in the American south. I respect everyone’s opinion and you’re entitled to yours but you left the comments open so I’m entitled to mine.

    I was treated very harshly by others blacks since I was 7. I never understood how anyone can be so impulsive and spontaneous and aggressive and I felt like there was something wrong with me because I wasn’t. I never hung around other blacks because I didn’t have anything in common with them and the school I went to was mostly white. There worse I was treated the further I retreated towards my white friends or mostly alone. All 12 years of school was the same believe it or not. College was only a step above. Blacks were/are like a collective group where no one can get in or out. I had issues in college I almost committed suicide but that’s another story.

    I don’t understand why crabs in a barrel mentality is so prevalent in the black community. I don’t understand why I’m so scrutinized even if i’m just a stranger. I don’t know why upper middle class kids acted very identical. I’m tired of people telling me that I’m wrong for noticing these things. I’m tired of having my intelligence tested. I’m tired of the over-reaching pendulum of political correctness in the opposite direction because it further divides and nothing gets done. I understand a truly honest topic about race will step on toes so maybe America’s not ready now. I don’t think anybody’s better than anyone I really don’t but I’m not going to lie and say everybody’s exactly the same I”m not going to do it because it’s not true and don’t say it’s just me I wouldn’t be here if it was. I don’t have anything against my own race but I had to say something. Sorry. I had to move out in the middle of no where to escape the drama of the city and everythings peaceful and the people are friendly. I came to the realization I may never get better and so the black race as a whole in a positive light I really did try but the trauma is too deep. I don’t like white racists I stay away from them but I never did have any friends it doesn’t matter. That’s just the way things are. I don’t have any answers. I don’t know why blacks form gangs and have collective mentalitly you’re either with us or against us I’m tired of it and it’s just not poor communites and I’m tired of being told my entire 38 years of observations are wrong. I know I have issues but it’s not all my fault. Don’t take this the wrong way but some things on this site seem like excuses are being made for us. I shouldn’t say that but that’s how I feel. I think each and every human should be respected but I don’t know what to do collectively I hate collectivism. I didn’t mean to rant I have SO much to say I’ve been through so much because of other blacks. I love my mom and brother and cousins but blacks as a whole I’ll pass. Until I get better I just stay away from large groups of blacks. If you want to contact me directly you can email me.


    • Luke Visconti

      You’re describing the effects of centuries of trauma inflicted on a group of people brought here in chains, a people that can be readily identified by the color of their skin—who cannot Anglicize themselves like the Southern Europeans and/or Jewish immigrants of 100 years ago could.

      I (and, by extension, this publication) don’t make excuses for people, but I demand they be given opportunity equitably—and the only measurement of success I consider is outcome; measuring intentions is as effective as trying to measure fantasy. I feel this way because I believe that people are created equally and, therefore, it’s logical that talent is distributed equally. At the end of the day, the discrimination we can measure in our society, the wasted opportunity, can be described in dollar terms. For example, what would happen if education outcome were equal? How much more taxes would be paid by people working at maximum productivity? Discrimination can also be described in moral terms—but for the sake of keeping this a business discussion, let’s stick to dollars.

      As far as your personal experience, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that you may have post-traumatic stress disorder—you don’t have to be a combat soldier to have it. You should speak to a counselor. There are things you can’t change, but framing them properly in your mind will free you to pursue your interests. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

      • Thank you Luke for your gentle objective answer I wasn’t expecting that and I feel bad for the post now I do. Yes it’s exactly pts but I won’t go into detail now.

        Keep making a difference in the way you know how.


        • Luke Visconti

          Give yourself the grace of accepting the stress you’ve been through and the damage that stress has done. It’s the key to finding your path forward. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

      • Why are you, a white man, telling him how he should feel? I grew up in a city roughly 50 percent black population. My experience amongst the vast majority of black people that I knew was the same. You cannot tell anyone that their observations are wrong. Stereotypes, while not 100% all encompassing, did not come from nowhere. If your experience has not been the same, good for you. Especially if you grew up in an upperclass suburban “white” area then, yes, the relatively few black people you know did not meet this stereotype. I, however, have plenty of experience with black people that do and do not. You cannot tell anyone that his/her observations are wrong. More than half of all violent crime in the US is committed by black people. I am well aware, as are most people, that mlthe vast majority of black people are neither violent nor criminals, but most violent crime is committed by people whoever just so happen to be black. This is from the FBI database. I wish you would stop trying to tell people they are wrong. If I see a group of black youths dressed in stereotypical “thuggish” type clothing coming at me, I will continue to thin it is trouble as most elderly black people surveyed say they would do as well and would not show the same prejudice towards white youths. This is because a lot of the time it is, look no further than the evening news to see this. I would rather be alive and well than my wife and I be beaten or worse. You can tr to make friends with them if you want, but people like Raymond and me no better.

  • The title is misleading…most whites who believe there is an intelligence gap between the two races think the AVERAGE white person is smarter than the AVERAGE black person. However, no white person who thinks logically and objectively would deny that there are SOME blacks who are smarter than most other blacks AND most whites. The smartest black people will of course be smarter than the average white people. If it is true that there is an intelligence gap, that doesn’t change the fact that we should allow the smartest blacks to succeed, thrive, and be treated as equals. In fact, even the dumbest blacks should be treated as equal citizens with equal rights, because ALL humans should be treated as equal citizens with equal rights, no matter WHAT.

    • I agree, there are exceptional minds of all colors. But, anyone who doesn’t believe the averages discriminate hasn’t been to school in the south.

  • I learned never to argue or discuss anything of importance with a white person because they will always discount your conclusion. Most, I’d say 95% of whites are supremacist and of that number 90% don’t even know it.

  • Wow I never knew this and I am white, well at least I look white.
    I have never had another white person, or light skinned person tell me this.
    In nursing school we had several black classmates and no one ever talked about or acted like they thought these classmates were not as smart as them.
    One of my good friends and study partners was black. His grades, like mine, did not seem to depend on his skin color but on how much he studied. In fact the students with the worst grades were not black, but they were young and more interested in partying than in learning.

  • santipa earth

    Blacks in African huts are shown to have the ability to over achieve in math and science when given the opportunity to learn. Charter schools with black students have tested HIGHER than white students and other races in public and private schools. What am I saying? Blacks can be high achievers when given the opportunity. Am I saying blacks have higher intelligence than whites when given equal opportunity to learn? No, I am saying black students try harder when they are given equal opportunity, thus they received higher test scores than white students.

      • What’s so funny? Im African and i score the top on most exams at the college level. Im a biochemistry major and it’s disgusting when one group of people are so insecure about themselves that they have to try to bring other races down. Most African people i know come here and excel way above the average.

  • Luke Visconti, please just stop. Stop preaching and declaring everyone who presents information to you as a white supremicist. Are you trying to be Al Sharpton? You are propagating a mindset within blacks that all whites look down on them which is false.

    Do you acknowledge that evolution exists? Evolution is not something that happened over millions of year and just stopped. All people are not intellectually equal, it’s unfortunate yes, but it’s true, it’s nature. To the people who attribute the differences to struggles of the past or different environments, these studies address an individual’s capacity for knowledge/information, not their desire or anything else. Can you find me a doctor or nuclear physicist with an IQ of 85? No. So when you analyze this data with regards to race, there have been gaps. Does that mean people should be treated differently or not giving opportunities, no, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s true.

  • This explains the fact that white people, and even sometimes black people, always look surprised and sometimes blatantly do a double-take or flat-out call me a liar, when I tell them I went to M.I.T, Yale and law school (and this is usually before I mention starting my language learning with Latin in high school). I did get one idiot in Rhode Island outright ask me, “how did you get into Yale, I thought you had to be smart to get into Yale?” That one made me rethink wanting to take a summer at Brown to get away from New Haven for a while, because at least in Connecticut people weren’t that uncouth about it.

    I’m Native American, but with dark skin like most Central and South American tribes anyway, but in the States and Canada since people think Native Americans are supposed to be “white” looking I get treated like “black” instantaneously and people sometimes even challenge THAT about me. I’m getting so tired of the way people treat me when they first meet me that I actually WANT a job closed-captioning for the deaf instead of being an ASL interpreter so that I won’t have to be SEEN and thus insulted upon first sight, this way, by people. In my 42 misspent years of living, this is getting on my LAST nerve and it has actually been getting worse and worse over the last 20 years or so; it’s as if the subsequent generations have been being raised more and more racist and more and more uncouth about it.

    Suffice it to say I had the educational opportunities, at least as a child, because I was raised in the suburbs in college-prep academic environments just like all my Asian-American and white neighbours around me. But when people see me, I guess I “look” like something that “must” have come out of quite the OPPOSITE environment no matter where I go and who I talk to – I guess that’s why I want to take my Secondary Mathematics teaching license and work with the Blind and the Deaf because both those groups of people are minus one of the senses that “normal” people use to be RACIST pigs. It is not the way I dress, talk, walk, carry myself or anything real. Just the shade of my skin. Period. An infinite mountain of assumptions in a nanosecond. Period. End of story. AmeriKKKa (and Canada, too) is getting more racist as time goes by instead of less.

  • Luke, is diversity a good suggestion or should it be enforced. Why are blacks so accepting of criminal behavior from black citizens.

    • Luke Visconti

      You’re right, acceptance of criminal behavior is a huge problem. Eighty-five percent of crimes committed against white people are by other white people. This is an enormous problem, and I think we should do something about white people who are so quick to point fingers at other people for their problems. Another thing to keep in mind is that 90 percent of crime committed against Black people is by other Black people. So when you think about it, the 15 percent of white people’s crimes that are committed against nonwhite people is a much larger problem than the 10 percent of Black people’s crimes committed against non-Black people. In other words, we have a white-criminal crisis in our nation. Since the entire criminal-justice system has this ass backward by imprisoning mostly nonwhite people, the problem is actually much larger than statistics make it appear to be. White people tend to get away with their crimes by getting lower sentences and more lenient treatment by judges.

      There’s also the case of crime that the criminal-justice system seems to give a wink and a nod to. For example, the subprime crisis was committed by companies that almost without exception were led by white people who had overwhelmingly white employees. Although billions of dollars were paid in fines to settle potential lawsuits, not a single one of these white perpetrators has been put in prison. So although the statistics say that white people commit most of the inter- and intraracial crimes, we are just seeing the tip of the criminal iceberg.

      Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

  • G. Edmond Ferris

    Good for you, Mr. Visconti!!! You should write a “snappy comeback book!” LOL
    People who are being treated fairly simply assume EVERYONE IS. Minorities aren’t asking for SPECIAL treatment, we just want THE SAME treatment – it’s that simple. When a co-worker of mine stated “we all have the same opportunities in life” I told him that’s not a true statement for ANYONE. Most people don’t have the same opportunites of a Kennedy or Rockefeller per se. The opportunity is OUT THERE, but everyone doesn’t have funds or access to it. My husband is Caucasian the easiest example I came up with to explain this to him was how we are all followed in the store. I told him that it has happened to ALMOST EVERY black person. I said, “We didn’t all get together and say, ‘let’s all say we get followed in the store’ – it REALLY HAPPENS!. We have trouble catching a cab. If we use slang, people think we’re stupid. We have to be twice as smart in general. People touch our hair without asking and ask innapropriate questions like it’s nothing. My husband is Caucasian and his grandson is biracial. I told him that someone better explain to his grandson how to act if the police stop him. I was lucky enough to go to Rye High School but spent a lot of time being called nigger by classmates. So yes, I had a good opportunity, but I had the added annoyance of having my race constantly pointed out while I was just trying to get an education like everyone else. I read once that white people think that things are GREAT for blacks now & we have nothing to complain about (I guess because we can ride in the front of the bus and vote). But they also said that they would NEVER trade places with us and be black for a while!!!!! So which is it?! She asked rhetorically.

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