Luke Visconti, CEO: Killing Ben Carson’s character

Why Ben Carson is going to pay for his success

Luke Visconti is the founder and CEO of DiversityInc. Although the title of his column is meant to be humorous, the issues he addresses and the answers he gives to questions are serious — and based on his 17 years of experience publishing DiversityInc. Click here to send your own question to Luke.

Ben CarsonThere is an ongoing campaign to destroy Ben Carson’s character by parsing through the details of his autobiography. It’s practically impossible to verify his childhood claims, but it was easily verifiable to know that he was never accepted into West Point. You can’t tell me that the billionaires who float the Republican Party didn’t vet his accomplishments prior to him becoming the front-runner in the current presidential primary race.

I think, rather, that Ben Carson fit the storyline that justified slavery and persists to this day as an excuse to call our president a Kenyan, Muslim non-citizen “liar.” It’s a storyline that makes it possible to run two presidential campaigns with the center theme of “taking our country back.” It’s the same storyline that a group of white men use to masquerade as non-racists as they continue to flex the muscle of the racist Southern Strategy.

This storyline, as old as our country, is the fable of the savage African beast who must be rescued by the white man’s ways. Slavery was better than living in Africa! Mike Brown and Tamir Rice had it coming sooner or later! Manifest destiny!

Only in the case of Dr. Carson, much like Herman Cain before him, the self-righteous white parable allows the Black man to go only so far before he is brought down by the innate flaws that bwanna’s religion cannot cure. Recall that Herman Cain was brought down by allegations of womanizing, ala Justice Clarence Thomas.

Dr. Carson was useful to the billionaires for a while, moving up from “savage” poverty and a violent temperament to becoming a brilliant neurosurgeon. Gaining approval by parroting NRA gibberish about Jewish people being able to prevent the holocaust and beat the Nazi army if they only had private weapons. Positioned to be the front-runner, for a short period of time — after the Trump campaign of  “he said what we’re all thinking” burned out amidst mewing declarations of “I really, really love Mexicans.”

Now it’s Dr. Carson’s turn in the barrel to be humiliated and castigated in front of a national audience. He tried his best to become what bigots in my childhood days used to say, “a credit to your race.”

Here’s the essential lesson: You cannot petition the favor of people who “want to take our country back.”


  • As one who frequently broke ground as the first female and first African-American I truly appreciate this article. For those who were capable of seeing me as “human” as they are rather than as “other” I was a person. For those who needed Black people to be “other” for their comfort, I was “that”. “That” being everything you said above and whatever else they had already decided. Oh yes, I was frequently told how surprisingly articulate I was. What will it take for people in this country to be human with each other rather than judgmental? Thanks for all you do Luke, and for this.

  • A Regular Reader

    I don’t see the GOP machine putting words in his mouth to the effect
    of Joseph built the pyramids, when they were built before Joseph was
    born. However, I did say earlier that he was going to be treated like
    Herman Cain. They agreed to be the fall guy, so why care. They can
    choose to run or not for the republican party.
    Now for my question: What political/ business qualifications does
    Carson espouse to be able to run the country? What positions has he
    held as a party member throughout his career?

    • None, he is completely unqualified to be president. I said the same thing in another article and a white male reader responded: how was Obama qualified to be president? I pointed out that President Obama was a constitutional scholar at Harvard Law, was elected to the Illinois legislature and the United States Senate. Roughly the same legislative experience that Abraham Lincoln had. But seven years later, with unemployment down several percentage points to full employment, no inflation, wound down wars and past the subprime crisis – the worst theft in the history of the United States — this president is still seen as unqualified due to the incessant brainwashing by the immigrant billionaire Murdoch and the dog whistle politics of the tea party.

    • RE killing Carson’s character and putting words in his mouth, pls see DI’s Karen D’onofrio article, of 15 October, ’15:

      “Carson: No Holocaust if Jews had Guns”

      Seems to me that many self-righteous white liberals allow the black conservative man to go only so far before attempting to bring him down by the trumping up half-truths, doing their best to put foolish words in his mouth and ridicule him for things he never said.

      • Nobody is putting words in his mouth but him. His views are total foolishness and we’ve already been over this:

        From CNN:

        Blitzer: So, just clarify, if there had been no gun control laws in Europe at that time would 6 million Jews have been slaughtered?
        Carson: I think the likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed.
        Blitzer: Because they had a powerful military machine, as you know, the Nazis.
        Carson: I understand that. I’m telling you that there is a reason that these dictatorial people take the guns first.

        • Brent McDonald

          “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to permit the conquered Eastern peoples to have arms. History teaches that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so.”

          — Adolph Hitler, April 11 1942.

          • You’re in trouble when you have to use a quote from Hitler because it starts with the assumption that what he said has a grain of truth. Kind of like Trump.

          • Brent McDonald

            Good one! lol
            But a quote is just that. The opinion of the one being quoted. I think you are assuming that I agree with it or think that it is true. I used it because this individual’s opinion, at the time, did matter because of his position of power and the subsequent pain and suffering that our world’s history has had to endure because of it. My point was that we as a human race do not want someone like this to come into any position of power again, and the history of ‘why’ he did it is important to consider and study for our future world leaders to deter.

            Should Carson have used it? Does it fit America today?
            No Way. Not even close.
            I’m not sure why he wants to make foolish comparisons to the Holocaust and slavery. They are such reminders to all of us of hate and intolerance. It promotes separation especially since his message seems to be one of rising above racism and that ‘We the People’ are bigger and better than that.

          • Brent McDonald

            Fool? I don’t know if I’d would go that far.
            Used very poor judgment maybe.
            The candidates’ lives obviously become open books for everyone to scrutinize. I commend candidates for what they subject themselves through. The process must be exhausting.
            Do you think the media goes overboard with ‘bait’ questions?

  • No matter what type of platform, whether it be local Municipal Government, Mayor, State Legislators, Military personnel at the Pentagon, even in the field of Entertainment and Film Production, if you can’t run with the big dogs, then stay on the porch. Your integrity will be in question by the world and right or wrong, the man or woman who becomes seated in a position of power will have far too many critics to number. Real winners are people who have suffered defeat and loss, and still have a remarkable kindness and fortitude to navigate above the commonality that prevades society.

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