Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III’s Move to Stop States from Legalizing Marijuana Is Racist

The Trump administration and the Trump party continue to demonstrate that racism is their chief value.


Luke Visconti is the founder and CEO of DiversityInc. Although the title of his column is meant to be humorous, the issues he addresses and the answers he gives to questions are serious — and based on his 18 years of experience publishing DiversityInc. Click here to send your own question to Luke.

Yesterday, hate transcended 60 years of the Republican Southern Strategy. The party of states’ rights suddenly became anti-states’ rights. Why?

Black people and white people consume marijuana at roughly the same rate. However, Black people are arrested 2 to 5 times as much as white people for marijuana (some regions arrest at a greater disparity than others). “States’ rights” was the issue before the Civil War and again during the Civil Rights era. Should an individual state have the right to have slavery? Hundreds of thousands of Americans died to make slavery illegal in every state. States’ rights were the reason why Southern states had Jim Crow after it was banned in the rest of the country. More currently, states’ rights were touted as a reason for individual state ID voter requirements that have a proven disparate effect on non-white voters.

Ever since Richard Nixon’s Southern Strategy reversed the roles of the Democratic and Republican Parties (after Democrat Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts), making the Republican Party the party of racism, the Republicans have actively pursued a path of gerrymandering and voter suppression of non-white people to maintain power.

Why is Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III suddenly interested in marijuana? I think it has a lot to do with Republicans fearful of Roy “banned by the mall” Moore’s loss in Alabama. Republicans know, in a nation becoming “minority-majority” in roughly 25 years, they are going out of business unless they resort to lies and dirty tricks.

Keeping marijuana illegal allows Republicans to continue to push Black and Latino people off the voting rolls for “crimes” like possessing individual quantities of marijuana.

The other big move yesterday was Trump canceling his own commission on election fraud. He set it up to find the “millions“ of illegal (Latino) voters that Trump claims voted for Clinton. He’s going to turn it over to the Department of Homeland Security, so they terrorize Americans. The top 13 people listed on the DHS website under leadership are all white. No Blacks, no Latinos, no Asians.

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  • The states will fight this. Cory Gardner (R) in CO has already started that fight.

  • Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

    Top 13 all white, eh? It’s easy to see whose “Homeland” the Geheime Sicherheitsamt is planning to secure.

  • Sessions demonstrates his racism also when he says, “good people don’t use marijuana” because he associates it with minority populations. What is scary is that if marijuana crimes now become federal crimes in states where it is legal – that changes the game also for minor offenders and offenses. It also helps them meet the prison vendor contract incarceration rate – we must not forget that.

  • I think the Administration is also pandering to some in career law enforcement, who want to keep the so-called “War on Drugs,” so that their departments can continue to financially benefit through the misuse of the civil forfeiture laws (that allow them to confiscate — and keep — private property seized in drug cases).

  • If blacks are getting harsher sentences for the same crime that’s an issue to be tackled.
    But that should not determine what is a crime.
    Applying that logic we should legalize robbery and murder so blacks don’t get harsher sentences than whites..

    • There are three problems with our racist “war on drugs”: who gets arrested, what the sentences are – and the fact that it has been a complete failure.

      That there are problems by race on who gets arrested and what the sentences are has been a well documented fact for decades.

      If we had a war on dry aged porterhouse steaks, and it was as successful as the war on drugs, dry aged porterhouse steaks would cost $.25 and be available on every corner.

    • Don Miller, it seems that you read background information on subjects as much as T-rump does. Since so many people are leaving the T-rump administration, you’ll be a shoe-in for any job that doesn’t require research before speaking. Congratulations!

      • Aw, take it easy on Don. Can you imagine the cognitive dissonance of eating at the Limbaugh trough for decades: “state rights!”, “deficit!”, “strong defense!” Only to find out that state rights don’t matter if you’re hunting Black people, the deficit doesn’t matter if billionaires want a tax cut and our $600 billion dollar per year military can’t intimidate a country with 1/1200th of our GDP?

        No amount of chanting USA USA USA or TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP can drown out his inner voice which is chanting I’ve been BAMBOOZLED BAMBOOZLED BAMBOOZLED.

    • using marijuana is not quite in the same league as murder and robbery, IMO

      um, yeah, Democrat is racist, and every Republican is.
      oops, that sounds like blind prejudice..oh, well it is in a good cause

      is the name so important.could go all 1984 and call it the Ministry of Love..(Miniluv) would it change reality..I do not think so

      • Come on snowflake. Just because the republicans had to knuckle under to the Mercers and Kochs and pass the billionaire’s tax cut, and your “stable genius” dear leader increasing his really nutty insistence on a wall (when most undocumented people come in through the airport), but the 35% sheeplike loyalists haven’t waivered, doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t think for ourselves.

  • I’m opposed to the use of any mind-altering, unhealthy drugs, including marijuana and alcohol. As Black people, all too often, the weak-minded, irresponsible losers turn to mind-altering drugs to drown in their sorrows against white racist oppression instead of fighting it in a radical, sane, sober, and cerebral way.

    Keeping marijuana illegal is how white racist oppressors keep the [PRIVATIZED] PRISON PIPELINE filled to the brim with Blacks and Latinos. The 21st Century prison plantation system relies on black and brown labor for private industries that need their products produced by black and brown hands. Like racist vagrancy laws in the past, the higher number of marijuana arrests by racist KKKOPS guarantee the plantation slave master called a WARDEN that he’ll exceed his slave quota.

    One Black female crack addict in Atlanta was arrested for just having DRUG PARAPHERNALIA (no crack, just a pipe)!! This is how KKKOPS (including BlacKKK Uncle Toms and Omarosa Aunt Jemimas) uphold racism and white supremacy in the CRIMINAL JUST US system.

    With so many sellouts of all colors in mind (i.e., Mitch McConnell’s “banana” wife, Ben Carson, the Oreo, and Anna Navarro, the coconut/apple), having all white males in Homeland makes no difference. They could throw in a few of the above sellouts, including white female talking dummies like Sarah Huckabilly and imPalin, and they would just PARROT and DEFEND whatever their white male boss says.

    As a Black woman in racist, violent AmeriKKKa, Homeland Security is just another 21st Century plantation overseer and KKK watchDOG that doesn’t make me feel safer.

  • The veiled white “good people” Sessions is talking about POP PILLS and abuse heroin. As a 60+ Black woman who has never tried marijuana or any drugs, racist Sessions wouldn’t consider me a “good person;” in his racist mind, only WHITE people are good.

    He’s named after either two Southern Confederate racist plantation owners (who were also savage, abusive, adulterous, child molesting perverts): Jefferson Davis or Thomas Jefferson. All those fancy names for someone who looks like one of the Keebler elves.

    I would recommend that all the marijuana-smoking LOSERS relocate to the two states where LOSERS, BRAIN-DEAD DUMMIES, HILLBILLIES, and DELIVERANCE CLONES reign: COLORADO and WASHINGTON STATE. TumbleWeed and Rain Crud are backdrops to these two PRIMITIVE, CAVE-DWELLER enclaves.

    • If you go to Seattle, WA, an overpriced small town, be sure to bring a tent and sleeping bag to join thousands [some are non-drug users displaced by economic racism in housing and employment] living in “Tent Cities.”

      Billionaires like Gates, Paul Allen, Bezos Schultz of bad-tasting FourBucks Coffee aren’t doing a damned thing for local people living like dogs and lighting up like Xmas trees. Seattle wants to be San Francisco so badly that it only achieved, not its sophistication or international “flavor,” but its massive homeless population.

      If you’re an uneducated, poor, white racist marijuana-heroin smoking loser with an entitlement mentality [i.e., tRump supporter], you’ll fit in well in Washington or Colorado. If you’re a non-drug using, college-educated Black with a Ph.D, M.D. or J.D., the low-class, backwards, 1920’s virulent, white racism will swallow and spit you out [Caveat: Unless you’re a Clarence ThomAss sellout with a white wife; you’ll get the honorary Royal Sambo treatment].

  • Dorcas LeBarge

    I love the fact tjat Rep Jones hired a black staffer. Snd Sessions has to go along with trumpy boy.

  • The executive branch should not make the laws. That is what the legislative branch is for (see the checks and balances between the 3 coequal branches of government).

    What Sessions did was to rescind the order where Obama overextended his influence. If the states want marijuana legal then they should bring it up and pass it in the legislative branch where it belongs.

  • Fran Washington

    On Republican racism…
    The White House is truly the White House. 95% of who resides in it is “white”. And this is America, America again. I am all out!

    • And almost all men. Most of whom were adults when phones had dials and electric typewriters were few fangled. I’ll bet that old sour puss Wilbur Ross has a Goldwater pin on an old blazer in the back of one of his closets. Maybe a Wallace pin too. Trump has an invite in an old tuxedo pocket from the first Playboy club opening. The racist sexist geezer administration.

  • Since it’s Jeff Sessions we’re talking about here, you can reuse the format of the headline repeatedly. That is, take “Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III’s Move to…[insert the action at issue]…Is Racist.” Sessions is an established racist, so just about any initiative he undertakes is going to — likewise — be racist. In this case, it’s also a ridiculous waste of taxpayer-funded resources. What’s the realistic likelihood of obtaining Federal Court convictions from a local jury in a jurisdiction in which the majority has voted to legalize marijuana? Slim to none, I would suggest. Meanwhile, there are Chinese smugglers, drug companies, pill mill doctors, etc., that the DOJ could be prosecuting — in order to address the opioid epidemic — yet all we hear is the chirping of crickets.

  • For me, it’s not racists. I’ve been around too many Potheads/Stoners. I am totally against legalizing it.

  • vincent lavarello

    Luke’s ‘opinion’ piece of fluff here doesn’t represent the thinking of most republicans, and Sessions is not trampling on peoples rights to marijuana.

    • You’re right, I don’t represent the thinking of most Republicans. And the point of my column isn’t about access to marijuana, anyone who wants it can get it. It about racist law enforcement and this racist administration.

      That Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is a racist isn’t news either.

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