Enough is Enough

It's time for responsible Republican leaders to publicly disavow this monster.

Luke Visconti is the founder and CEO of DiversityInc. Although the title of his column is meant to be humorous, the issues he addresses and the answers he gives to questions are serious—and based on his 16 years of experience publishing DiversityInc. Click here to send your own question to Luke.

It’s time for responsible Republican leaders to publicly disavow this monster.

Donald TrumpEnough is enough. It’s time that Republican senators, representatives, governors and party leaders stop hiding behind the curtains and get this guy off the stage.

There is no hiding behind the message that was delivered on Tuesday — if Hillary gets to pick the judges, there’s nothing you can do about it, but the “Second Amendment people” may have a solution. Let’s be real — he was saying, “Shoot her, so I have a chance at winning.”

This is not a stretch. Encouraging violence (“I think you’d have riots”), combined with conspiracy theory threats (“that election is going to be rigged”), has been a trump hallmark since the start. It’s how he does business; he’s a thug.

He can still win.

Nobody can be undecided at this point. People may have the common sense to not admit to pollsters that they’re going to vote for trump (or put out a lawn sign) because he is directly offensive to more than half of our country — he’s a draft-dodging, contractor-cheating, violence-inciting, philandering, customer-cheating, disability-mocking, Latino-villainizing, Muslim-smearing, Russian mobster-partnering, Putin-loving, tax return- and medical history-hiding, sexist, racist, religionist mess.

But he can still win. It’s going to boil down to who can get out the vote.

The greater the voter turnout, the better off our country will be. I am specifically worried about Black voter turnout. Black people voted at a higher percentage than white people in the last two elections because of Barack Obama. I’ll be blunt: Hillary has not given Black people a lot of reasons to be motivated to vote for her in the same percentages. She seems to be playing it “safe,” which is a recipe for disaster. If Blacks, Latinos and progressive whites aren’t motivated and stay home, madman trump can win.

I’m asking my editorial team to research organizations that help drive out the vote. Stay tuned.

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  • Charity Dell

    LUKE–I still do not understand how any candidate for presidential office can knowingly
    invite a hostile foreign power to hack GOVERNMENT email servers….and then declare
    he was “just kidding” about it. How do we know that his statement was not some pre-arranged signal to give a criminal gang the “permission” to hack US government internet connections?

    1. Although we are technically not at war with Putin & Co., we know that Russia is currently considered hostile to United States interests. So why was Putin allowed to make that statement and NOT be arrested for–or at least hauled into–a CIA/NSA office for questioning?

    2. I’m Black and I VOTE. Hilary does not have to promise me anything–although I NEED that
    free college tuition thing RIGHT NOW! Hilary actually has:

    A. Graduate level education in a relevant field; and
    B. Years of EXPERIENCE in relevant positions.

    The Dumpy Donmeister has neither qualification and simply spews malice at every rally and press conference he holds. That’s enough reason to get out and vote AGAINST His
    Malibu Barbie Blond Ocean Surfer Wave Cranium. Under the wave is sinking sand.

    • Dumpy Donmeister. (Snort) Love it and I’m going to use it, with your permission.
      I’m right there with you. How is this guy not in jail? How can GOP leaders think any of this is OK. I’m actually sick of hearing about his latest hatemongering. But, I know we need to stay on top of it. All I can say is, Vote. Please, all you folks out there that can’t stand this guy, Vote.

      • SHERI T.– Dump on! :-) I can freely share The Dumpy Donmeister with all, just as he freely shares his vapid vituperations with all!

    • I will not vote for Trump. He’s a liar and a cheater.

      However, if you use that same standard for Hillery, then you can’t vote for her either.
      (You can correctly recite many instance of Trump cheating; I can add many instances of Hillery cheating.)

      And as for FREE COLLEGE…… there is no such thing. YOU might not have to pay for it, but somebody will. Why do people think that someone else should pay for their college? I worked full time as a shopping mall security guard (Thankfully, before Paul Blart) while I went to college. I also took out some loans and paid them off after graduating.

      If college is of value, then why shouldn’t the person buying the commodity PAY for it?

      Do you want other people to pay for your car? Your house? Your food? Your clothes?
      What makes college different?

        • Dr. D. Bernard

          Exactly, Luke. Companies do it as well with training and professional development initiatives. When you look at the amounts spent on running jails, for example, wouldn’t investment in education be a better approach? Jails will always be there, but the percentage of people that are in jails because of environmental circumstances is staggering. Invest educationally in our youth makes more sense. Free PK-12 is not enough anymore. A two-year investment in our youth beyond high school will not mean that everyone will attend two-year community colleges. Others will still choose to go to other schools (private, four-year, other types).

      • Dr. D. Bernard

        Dan- Think about a two-year investment beyond high school in our youth will serve as a baseline to the attainment of all those others things you mentioned.

  • Carol Mortimer

    Good for you, Luke! It is encouraging to see growing numbers of reporters and others who are going on record as being appalled by Trump’s vitriol – folks such as yourself, Dan Rather, Rachel Maddow, and others who are coming forward to address these issues pointedly. There is a point at which one should be an impartial reporter, but there is a point at which you must say THIS VIOLATES THE BOUNDARIES OF SOCIETY.

    Yesterday, Trump blamed Obama and Hillary Clinton for founding ISIS. This is not just amusing and outrageous rhetoric. This is a dangerous assault on our freedoms and Constitution.

    I do not know if Trump is mentally unstable, exhibiting signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s, or is just a flat-out racist / misogynistic / xenophobic / etc jerk. But many of his followers are clearly unhinged. He should be arrested and charged with treason (inviting Russia to hack US political email servers), inciting violence, threatening the lives of public officials and their families (the Second Amendment comment), fraud, and a host of other crimes. This man should be in jail, not on the news every day, inciting still more violence and hatred.

    How has the Republican party devolved so badly?

    My wife has a button I have come to love: DEMOCRATS. WE’RE NOT PERFECT, BUT THEY’RE NUTS.

    Thank you for your integrity. – Carol

    • It is also in line with trump’s racist birther nonsence, which he kept up longer than any other prominent Republican.

      The latest comments harken back to the claims that the president is Muslim.

      trump is basically saying that a Black man who is elected president must have something deviously wrong with him.

      The true father of ISIS is George W. Bush who overthrew Saddam Hussein’s government and unleashed the rival factions.

      • Dr. D. Bernard

        At last check this AM, Trump is now saying (Tweeting) that he was being sarcastic with his latest claim that President Obama and Secretary Clinton are founders of ISIS. I love the response from the White House….”SERIOUSLY?”

  • Nadida Amatullah-Matin

    The Republican candidate is an example of white privilege at its best, or worst. If the Democratic Nominee would have spoken a tenth of what has come out of this fool’s mouth, she would have been ostracized. The Republican Party and those persons that have supported this nut are willing to watch an entire country go up in flames because they are angry! GIVE ME A BREAK! They have found a candidate that has no problem expressing his racism, ignorance and bigotry on the national stage. This is not the time to simply vote because of party loyalty; especially for an individual who is loyal to no one.

    I am a proud Black, Muslim woman; who I support in this election is not a secret. People need to vote like they were voting for our current President! The alternative is just too scary to imagine. Just as important, folk need to vote in their local elections as well. Those in Washington need to be sent home, for good!

  • Dr. D. Bernard

    Hi Luke,
    I have been wondering the same thing. Where are the “Rock the Vote” movements, for example, from the last elections? There is a large population of eligible voters that are likely not even registered. This national election is looking like a local election…low voter turnout because some people feel that they are not represented.

    He can win people…if enough of his supporters show up at the polls, HE COULD WIN, while some people decide to just stay home. We need to make Hilary Clinton our next president, not because of historical significance, but because she is the most qualified candidate.


    • I keep hearing — “qualifications to be president”. What are those qualifications — as required by our constitution?

      Does Hillary have those qualifications?
      Does Trump have those qualifications?

      • Dr. D. Bernard

        Well Jim, I think you may be writing to Trump and Clinton’s ELIGIBILITY to be POTUS (thankfully this time we do not have to revisit the waste of time of the 2008 presidential elections when President Obama’s place of birth was questioned); whereas, QUALIFICATIONS relates to qualities or accomplishments that make someone suitable for a particular job. Certainly the errors in handling of emails (the only thing Repubs have hung on to for weeks) is minimal compared to the daily imperatives to clean up Trump’s disasters. At least, Secretary Clinton admitted her error in handling the emails. What was the last thing Trump admitted to since he decided to punish his own party with his intentional missteps? NEVER. What does Trump really bring to the table? In Trump’s mind (and I use this term carefully), he needs only be ELIGIBLE for the office of POTUS and does not need to be QUALIFIED to do the job. He simply needs to get in office and will tweet out insults, wrong data, and make life-changing decisions about the American people at home and abroad and simply wait for someone to clean them up fast enough so that he can move on to the next disaster. Will there always be enough time to clean them up, however? What is the potential impact to Americans here and abroad of Mr. Trump’s reckless behaviorS?

  • No doubt Trump is a nut case and that come from an always voting Repub. However Hillary is a nut case in her own right. Asking us to vote for one of them is like asking do you want gonorrhea or syphilis.

    However painting us gun owners with the broad brush you do is irresponsible and narrow minded. Every study on crime and or firearms proves time and time again, that 99.99% of American gun owners do not commit crimes or use our firearms in any dangerous or improper way.

      • I think it’s the difference between stage four pancreatic cancer and Ebola. Yes, Hillary is the “better” choice, which isn’t saying much, but neither are morally fit for the office. I wish Johnson/Weld would get more play.

    • Dr. D. Bernard

      Paul, I always appreciate the use of percentages do elucidate concepts, but 99.99%, is that accurate? I would agree that not everyone who owns a gun commits crimes. The changes proposed by President Obama and now Secretary Clinton is a revisit of how Americans acquire guns. Why such a stance by gun owners and NRA that the policies need revisiting? Is there a worry that some questionable gun owners may be exposed as perhaps not quite ready to be carrying guns? Has the events of recent years not convinced the NRA that it is not about taking guns away but about saving lives. If there is nothing to worry about, then why the push back on a common sense approach?

      • No Dr. D, I underestimated…by a lot….its more like 99.9999% of gun owners are good law abiding citizens on a daily basis. Much more law abiding, than say, automobile owners. Cars kill many more people than guns and nobody is talking about regulating cars.

          • Dr. D. Bernard

            Great article, Luke.
            Problem analyzed and possible solutions offered. I am still waiting to hear a similar approach from Trump. We are not on a reality show, people.

            On a daily basis Trump offers comments that are misleading to scare the American people into NOT really realizing that he has no idea what he is talking about…a smoke and mirrors approach, if you will. The concerns by Americans cannot be addressed by Trump because he would need to first understand the American population in all its multicultural beauty…the history of how we have become these United States.

        • Dr. D. Bernard

          Paul, when offering figures, of importance is providing the source from which it derives. I drive the importance of citing and referencing, especially figures, with my students to give credence to statements made. I eat, sleep and breath in APA 6th edition :)

      • Stephen J. Barden

        Dr. D. Bernard:

        As a gun owner and a lawyer I have several objections to former Secretary Rodham-Clinton’s gun regulations:

        1. The background checks are performed by the FBI which times up valuable time, energy and resources that could better be used by the agency primarily responsible for domestic security to combat terrorism, investigate major crimes, find kidnapping victims, etc.
        2. There has been, to my knowledge, no credible cost benefit analysis of those regulations.
        3. The overwhelming majority of gun owners do not commit crimes with guns.
        4. The current Administration has not enforced the current guns laws universally and has a history of selectively enforcing the law in a prejudicial matter, for example in the increased frequency of denials, investigation and audits of conservative and “Tea Party” 501(c)(3) organizations by the IRS.

        While it is not necessarily former Secretary Rodham-Clinton’s position, Diane Feinstein (D) has publicly expressed in a television interview that if she could she would take all guns from all private persons living in the United States.


        • The video of Sen. Feinstein is edited to make it appear that she wants to confiscate all guns, she was referring to assault weapons. As a Master rated rifleman, I see no reason for any citizen to own more than a five round magazine and no more than three of those.

  • Frank McCloskey


    Thank you for everything you are doing. You have been a warrior whose voice and influence is needed more than ever. I personally see this as a “break through or breaking point” for the continuation of our existence. And no, I am not being over dramatic.

    Love and miss you Luke.


  • Agreed Trump can still win but highly unlikely. His entire campaign has been rooted in ” I’m not politics as usual, I’m different (and terrific and fantastic!)”. The nonsensical outbursts, veiled threats, personal attacks and continuous bloviation have a short shelf life and appeal to a very specific demographic. As the media and the voters themselves get past the show and start asking how is he going to accomplish anything, he will continue to become more and more irrelevant and the fool that he is. You are right, the critical demographic is the Black and Latino vote. Trump is polling near 0 in every state with those groups. But it has to be enough to offset the uneducated, white male demo that he has developed and they typically don’t vote. The size of that group is basically unknown. And this time around we may come to appreciate why the popular vote is not necessarily the panacea the Dems once thought it would be. I’m far from a Hillary fan, in fact I’d say it’s more of a choice between a terminal illness and a slightly debilitating illness, but there is no way in hell this country survives a week with this clown.

    • Our problem is that Hillary is a weak candidate. There is a perceptible odor of privilege about her. Explanations are too cute by half. Emails, donations, denials, bad moves – trail her like blue smoke from the tailpipe of an old jalopy. I’m sorry, but what in the hell was Weiner doing at that convention, running around in red pants? Yeah, I know he’s still married to Huma, but couldn’t she have grabbed him by his blackberry and put him on the same slow boat to China that Melenia must have disappeared on? She’s the only candidate that could get stuck with the “crooked” nickname by a guy who is a serial cheat, liar and fraud.

      Instead of resurrecting the Black, Latino, progressive white coalition that got the president elected twice, she opted to go after white moderate republicans who will NEVER vote for her.

      She has the potential to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

      I suspect Mike Bloomberg would blow her and trump out of the water.

      • Dr. D. Bernard

        Interesting, Luke. I agree that Mike Bloomberg would be a great Independent choice. He did after all change political parties to run for Mayor of NYC. Goodness, election day cannot get here fast enough. I am looking forward to Trump free days! Although she is not as strong a candidate, I am with her…mostly definitely never with the joker.

  • I’m currently taking a Research PSYC course and had to review this site for the top 50 Companies picked for Diversity and Multiculturalism for 2015. I’m shocked at the president of this site posting such a remark politically, however, I respect his right to do so. I personally don’t like either candidate, but politically support: Prolife, the Death Penalty, the 2nd Amendment, and support for people who are able to and willing to work to receive education, healthcare, and jobs. For those who are able and unwilling, those are the deplorables’ I believe that are following Hillary, in spite of her calling them Donalds’ supporters, though hardly the voting force.
    Because Hillary supports many things opposite of what I do, I have already voted for Trump. I don’t like a lot of things people say and most things people do. But what they stand for politically matters. I trust that God will prevail, (yes I’m a Christian), and whoever takes office, God will still be in control. I know there are haters out there, but please, doesn’t that make you less diverse? Less multicultural? More a person of judgement and not one of acceptance? You don’t have to like 1 candidate or the other, but you do have to vote your beliefs in the Office of President and our Democracy. I appreciate the articles from this site that present facts and allow the reader to come to their own conclusions.

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