Is DiversityInc (or BLM) to Blame for our Country’s Problems?

A reader comment blames DiversityInc for race baiting.

Luke Visconti is the founder and CEO of DiversityInc. Although the title of his column is meant to be humorous, the issues he addresses and the answers he gives to questions are serious—and based on his 16 years of experience publishing DiversityInc. Click here to send your own question to Luke.


A reader named Julie posted this comment on an article this morning: “Luke, you are the problem with what happened in Dallas last night. People like you that love to race bait and divide Americans are to blame for 5 police officers being shot. You are creating a hostile, angry group of people that want to blame innocent cops”

Here’s my response:

Then is it true that you and all white people “are the problem” for Black people unjustly killed by police?

No, of course not. But, Michael Eric Dyson said it well in a column in today’s New York Times: “The problem is you do not want to know anything different from what you think you know.”

President Obama has it right: “…yesterday I spoke about our need to be concerned as all Americans about racial discrimination in our criminal justice system. I also said our police have an extremely difficult job and the vast majority do their job in outstanding fashion.”

In the broadest possible measurement (including people who are clearly mentally ill — or acting out of self-hate), 93 Americans have been killed by “Islamic Terrorists” in the past 15 years (in this country since 9/11). 136 people were killed by police just this year. No doubt, some died as an outcome of their own actions, like the homicidal maniac last night in Dallas.

However, there will only be only two viable candidates for president in November. Trump has had nothing to say about racial injustice, but has had an awful lot to say about “Muslim terrorism,” including calling for a complete halt of Muslim immigration and insinuating that mass deportation would be a good thing. Hillary, in her typically overcautious and over analyzed manner, finally tweeted “Something is profoundly wrong when so many Americans have reason to believe that our country doesn’t consider them as precious as others because of the color of their skin” on July 7.

My point is that our “national leaders” are out of touch with our very real problems, and have been for years — as we allow ourselves to be manipulated by charlatans. So Julie, “race bait” or justice?

There’s something missing with people who don’t understand “Black Lives Matter” — their empathy, understanding of history, sense of justice, being conscious of the world they live in and common human decency. In many cases, it’s just racism, but not in most.

Our society is at risk as we inexorably move towards “minority-majority” in just 25 years. Something is wrong with people who allow themselves to be manipulated by racists and hatemongers like the so-called religious leaders who don’t see what’s literally written on the wall next to them.

Jerry Falwell, Jr., his wife and trump pose in trump's office last week. From Rev. Falwell's tweet.

Jerry Falwell Jr., his wife and trump pose in trump’s office last week. From Rev. Falwell’s tweet.

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    • Christina Perkins

      I literally came across your website tonight, and all I have to say is I applaud you on speaking truth. It’s sad to say but it looks as though many people can’t handle the truth. I am for facts and evidence and so far, your site has proven that. Thank you.

  • My friend is dead, as far as im concern you and BLM are to blame, he certainly didnt do this, he worked miles away from where any of this happened. You can fan a flame and set an envoronment for things to happen and thats been done. So a big thanks a lot to you and BLM who yells kill cop chants at thier rallys,

    • Your IP address – belongs to the Department of Justice. I found your previous post to be threatening and I am going to take action.

    • Really?
      Take a moment and step away from your blame and ask: would your friend had even been there had not 2 black men been murdered prompting the protest?
      In order for America to move forward, there needs to be a realization that blacks cannot be expected to allow law enforcement to murder them and say nothing. Violence is not the answer even by law enforcement.
      Let’s be clear, there has been so much brutality that there are people who normally would not participate in protest leading the charge.
      I cannot sit by and not do anything when I have been stopped by police and told, “I stopped you because I was concerned about what you were going to do.”
      This happened when an elderly white woman in front of me was driving erratically and holding up traffic. Yes, the white officer looked the other way at her actions and allowed his racial biases to control how he responded. He put EVERYONE IN DANGER obsessing with the black guy behind the white woman.
      So when I hear people blame he protesters, I say, protest more because that is ill placed blame.

    • The problems of systemic, racially-based injustice in the United States did not start with Black Lives Matter or Diversity, Inc. These problems began in the latter 1500’s with the vicious exploitation, displacement and annilhilation of the Indigenous peoples of the Caribbean and the New World by the European “colonial expansion.” As the English, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Spanish competed to “claim the land” for their respective crowns, they created the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade; a trade that was not outlawed until 1888 in Brazil. All the societies and governments of the New World were and are run by
      Euro-descended people who for the most part, still disenfranchise millions of African and
      Indigenous peoples in their countries.

      This hideous trade created a slave class to support agriculture–and these human beings
      dumped here in the New World were, and still are, ruthlessly exploited to support agriculture and the service sector. African, Indigenous and Latino-descended peoples are STILL disenfranchised, despite all the American propaganda about “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” And that “disenfranchisement package” to which all peoples
      of color are born in the New World includes THE RIGHT TO BE ASSAULTED AND

      I am one of those people who has been pulled over for little or no reason, and as others have pointed out, my gender, age, education, personality and even the cross around my neck do not protect me from hostile law enforcement personnel who assume I must be
      guilty of something because I do not possess blond hair, blue eyes and alabaster skin.
      All the victims of racially-motivated police homicide died simply because they did not choose their parents carefully enough. The “wrong genetic package” in the United States
      can and does insure that you will be victimized at some point by the powers that be. This process of victimization, violence and systemic disenfranchisement against people of color has continued unabated over the centuries, and has only been ameliorated as the victims organized to demand social change and their full legal rights.

      If innocent, law-abiding Black citizens were not being systematically assassinated by
      corrupt, racist police officers, there would be no need for movements and/or protest marches.

  • Very good response. And to say that you and Diversity Inc is to blame is asinine. Please continue to post. This is an equal opportunity diversity newsletter and I appreciate you and this staff tremendously. Thanks for all the news you share.

  • Yes, great response Luke. She sounded young, and although she has a valid point it is just not valid in this case (I don’t believe). Because if what she said is true then why did we have these same problems before smart technology, before television, before written media (paper) were invented? Racial problems existed before she was born. If what she said is true why has racism existed within races as well as between races? We cannot face or fight or do anything about what we don’t know about, what we don’t see. I am glad that police persons are getting or do have body cams. The police are not always wrong; individuals are not always wrong, and definitely not all of the time. I am sure if someone had attacked a member of her family or her she would want that all over the news so the person could be caught as soon as possible.

  • It makes me incredibly sad and heartbroken to know that there are people who look like they might be African American, infiltrating our community and causing extreme and evil violence. Yes, there are young African Americans killing one another over silly things like lack of respect, when they themselves don’t understand what respect is. Yes, there are dysfunctional families in the African American community, due in large part to lack of knowledge. Yes, we have a great many issues stemming from the institution of slavery in this country. However, what is happening now is a ‘horse of a different color’, so to speak. Ferguson, Baltimore and now Dallas had infiltrators. Unfortunately many African Americans are clueless when it comes to people using us for their own evil purposes. The music industry, the prison industrial complex, terrorists, the strong Black woman narrative, the over-sexed male predator — they’re all tactics designed to turn us against one another and keep us ignorant and distracted from what’s really happening. African American people need to pray for wisdom, wake up and see the real enemies in their lives. The enemy is NOT law enforcement. There are disparities in the justice system to be sure, but most police officers take on that difficult job to work for the interests of ALL people, not just a select few. They are brave individuals who put their lives at risk every single day. They have spouses and children who love them. Their lives matter. I pray for the families and loved ones of all the individuals whose lives have been taken due to senseless violence over the past few days. I pray for the safety and protection of our law enforcement officers each and every day and I hope those of you reading this will do the same. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man (or woman) availeth much. It takes so little to be kind. Evil actions expend a great deal of energy. Why bother with the latter? But hey, it’s just my opinion. God bless you all.

    • Charity Dell

      In many urban, rural, suburban and ex-urban communities, law enforcement IS THE ENEMY and they will continue to be “the enemy” if they do not stop assassinating people of color FOR LITTLE REASON OR NO REASON.

      You are right that many other forces infiltrate the Black community, but none of these
      issues excuses the systemic genocide of innocent, law-abiding citizens of color by law enforcement personnel whose salaries are paid by the American public.

      Until law enforcement stops committing these acts of assassination of law-abiding
      citizens–whose only crime is the DNA they have inherited–we cannot expect victimized
      communities to ‘support our good police” and “rally round our law enforcement.”

  • To the individual who blames this site and BLM…praying that your eyes are opened up to Truth. Please understand that what is happening in America today is a result of fear and hate for absolutely no reason at all. God made us all different for a unique reason yet we all bleed the same red blood? Ummm. My condolences to you at the loss of your friend and to all who’s loved ones have been killed senselessly for just being who they are. A black man just trying to live and a police officer just trying to do his job. It’s time to look within oneself to make sure that we are not “breeding” the same hatred and fear and instead love one another the way God loves us. God Bless you!!❤️

  • Luke, thanks for your willingness to bring all of the injustices to light…. they have always been there, thank God for Apple Iphones.

  • Why do officers murder with no remorse…no accountability…no penalties? Why do corrections officers run prisons like plantations? Why have more lynchings happened in closed American courtrooms than all open fields combined? Why does our government always tend to side with “the law”, regardless of blatant aggression, escalation and immoral/illegal action or behavior? The answer: BCOS they can. The Blue Code Of Silence is the most dangerous cancer ravaging communities today. You’ll often hear the reprimand of “no snitching” for the urban population but isn’t that same philosophy at the core of our issues right now? As I’ve said before, thank God for cellphone/dashboard cameras and live streaming because we’ve been yelling “fire” for a very long time but many chose to ignore the flames. Welp, the devil is in the details and facts tend to sting like a swarm of agitated bees. Luke, people blame others when they have no answers, solutions or constructive insight to bring to the table. Thank you for your platform and continued awareness; please continue to shine such an eloquent light on injustice everywhere; be not discouraged.

    • I’m with you. I truly dislike seeing that thin blue line symbol. We’re either all behind it, or those behind it are not to be trusted.

  • I would ask that you please not use photographs like the one you’ve used for articles like this. I can see using it if this was the first time we all heard about a particular incident but this story is not about a particular incident. I recognize that you were likely trying to make a point about a man being murdered, but he is a man who deserves dignity in death as well as life. He is not and should not be a “poster” for all that is wrong in this country or about this issue.

    IMHO we are all contributing to the demeaning of Black lives and people if we continue to think that using pictures of these victims is ok to make a point. At the least we’re contributing to the desensitizing of ourselves to the horrors of these murders.

    • Charity Dell

      Although these pictures are upsetting and heartwrenching, it is necessary to ACCURATELY
      HAVE BEEN TELLING SINCE THE LATTER 1500’s! These horrible, graphic pictures
      and live-streamed videos remind the nation and the world that systemic violence against law-abiding American citizens happens daily.

      My mother was a civil rights leader in the 1960’s; she repeatedly told me that without the relentless glare of the press and broadcast media, African-Americans could not have accomplished all they did. Without exposure of these horrific images to the general public and the international press, the United States government would have continued to cover up what atrocities were being committed against human beings of African descent in this country.

      Since the 20th century, all social activists in various countries have depended upon the
      power of these sad, jarring, horrific images of human suffering through atrocities and genocides to not only expose the evils governments still attempt to “sweep under the rug”, but to MOVE CARING HUMANS TO PRESS FOR SOCIAL CHANGE AND THE ELIMINATION OF SYSTEMIC FORMS OF OPPRESSION AND DISENFRANCHISEMENT.
      While I do weep at the senseless loss of life, I applaud the courage of those whose
      relentless cell phones and streaming technologies continue to TELL THE STORY OF

  • This is not social — it’s unsocial — media. No matter what you say or whom you blame, there is a real problem in OUR COUNTRY amongst OUR PEOPLE. Reading these comments honestly saddens me. STOP the blame game — it accomplishes NOTHING. Do we want to be right or do we want to fix this? It doesn’t matter whether you were killed at the hands of a police officer (racist or overenthusiastic) or an overzealous, impaired or misguided citizen – somebody died and the living are left to mourn. How can we — Black, White, Latino, LGBT, Asian, Muslim — ALL OF US — work together to solve this problem? What are we perpetuating for our children? They’re watching us!! Knock off the blame game and work as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Then, you’ll really have something to talk about.

    • This article isn’t about blaming. You ask “How can we — Black, White, Latino, LGBT, Asian, Muslim — ALL OF US — work together to solve this problem?” Knowledge. Understanding. Read and understand the dynamics here. Drop the denial. It isn’t pleasant to contemplate the past and present injustices but unity cannot be established without justice.

  • My biggest concern is to treat every shooting or person involved as all having the same m.o. Every incident that involves a shooting is different – I won’t blame the police or the passenger without getting more details and a reason to not rush to judgement about who did or said what. These “comments” on the events of this week comes from a white female attorney who worked as an assistant attorney general for many years: [IMHO, the root of police violence and abuse of authority is an American culture that tolerates and often celebrates violence, encourages citizens to carry and use firearms, and that categorizes individuals as “good guy” or “bad guy” based on stereotypes rather than individual conduct. Police are “good guys” who are above the law and not subject to the vagaries of violent emotions that lead to violent actions. Anyone stopped by the police for any reason is a “bad guy” who deserves immediate execution at the hands of police (or any “good guy with a gun”). Police officers are human and subject to the full range of human emotions and behaviors, including blind rage when disobeyed, fear, hubris, bunker mentality, and abuse of power. I submit that the killing or maiming of unarmed citizens by police has its source in the same dark emotions that lead to road rage, domestic violence and murder. But instead of taking extra precautions against the abuse of power by police our society, in effect, has sanctioned them to kill because they do a dangerous job and people feel safer believing that there is someone in authority with the power to vanquish the “bad guys.”]

  • What I don’t understand is why the hate lovers bother reading the eloquent, enlightening articles that Diversity Inc. shares. They obviously have no intention of learning from or reflecting on the content. They would rather criticize and blame than look at themselves and the real issues that are discussed here.

    Thank you Luke, for all you and your staff do. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into the fact finding you engage in for every article and response you put out.

  • Luke thanks for your comments and sharing real stories. Too many caucasians want to keep their head buried in the sand as they did centuries ago when Andrew Johnson was president. He did everything in his power to derail Reconstruction and providing helping for the freed slaves. He kept the thought of white supremacy and compared us to devils that deserved nothing – no land, no schooling and definitely no voting rights. The KKK was very active keeping the South in white only deserve anything and they killed undeterred by any laws as the police do today while they lie and are protected by their codes of silence. 250 years was enough, we have paid enough for the stupidity of an inferior white, caucasian race of people who do not understand that they owe us for their abuse, hatred and falsehoods. Then a few days ago the KKK was passing out notices in Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA and then a Black man was hanged in the park and of course the police wanted to say it was a suicide. Right!, but that case has been referred to the Justice Department, which was the right thing to do when your police force just wants to write it off as suicide especially in the present of the KKK, a hate group.

  • Has anyone ever noticed how Luke just gets angry and defensive at anyone that disagrees with him? He loves to threaten and post IP addresses. What a joke of a man he is. He just wants people to agree with him and tell him how great he is. Pathetic.

    • I do that when I feel threatened so the police will have a place to start if something should happen to me. I don’t receive death threats as often anymore, but most knuckle draggers know that even their IP hidey holes aren’t so anonymous anymore. I have successfully taken legal action. Further, I don’t operate a place for racists and neo Nazis to drop their scat. you can disagree with me – politely and without threats.

      How are things in Morrow, GA?

  • What if I told you that per violent crime committed, black people are shot at a disproportionately lower rate than white people.

    Because it’s true.

      • look up the number of homicides committed by african americans (13%) of the us population vs the number for white people according to the FBI crime stats database. FYI the FBI only separates races by african american and everyone else. after you’ve done that look up the number of people shot and killed by the police by race in all of last year. then do the math.

        I’ll wait…

        • Here’s a link to the fbi crime statistics page on their site, you’ll see they track all races.

          You’ll note that Black people are 28.4% of arrests despite being 13% of our population. As the Missouri crime statistics released after Ferguson typify, Black people are targeted by cops despite a lower percentage of contraband found during stops.

          Logic tells you that there isn’t enough money in the Black community to support our nation’s drug trade – it’s white on white crime that is the nation’s emergency. But racism is a good screen to keep beating up, shooting and incarcerating Black people far in excess of what is just. I’ve got jury duty coming up in September, I’m looking forward to it.

          Further, I don’t think fbi numbers are credible. Last I counted, the top 17 people at the fbi are white and they refuse to track police shootings despite being under a court order. Their headquarters remains named after a horrible bigot and notorious thug.

          No more posts from you for awhile, Art.

          • you didn’t look up how many people were shot by the police based on race.
            so i’ll do it for you.
            Scroll down to where it has the violent crime totals. African americans commit 37.7% of violent crime.

            This article states that there were 1502 fatal police shootings, the race of the victim was known in only 1120 cases, the victim was black in 382 cases or 34% Facts matter, the narrative that racist police kill innocent black people all the time is simply false. obviously the baton rouge victim and the Minnesota man did not deserve to die.

            here’s an article from the New York Times that is quite interesting, notice I use respectable albeit liberal sources.

          • The Times walked back that column, because the research is bogus

            The Harvard professor studied ten police departments – there are over 12,000 police departments. He’s the new darling of the Murdoch media people and works with one of the Freakonomics racists.

            Plus, you are looking at incomplete data sets in every case. As noted in the fbi’s footnotes, their data includes departments that do not submit race in their stats. Because the federal government does not hold state aid up when crime stats are incomplete, the worst offenders can omit or miscategorize race data at will.

            You’ll need to broaden your aperture to get to the truth, or just post to places that agree with your preconceived notions.

          • i disagree with your statement that its white on white crime that is the nations emergency. Have you heard of a large Midwestern city named Chicago? Do you not consider their numbers of black on black crime to be a national emergency? Why is the BLM movement not protesting those crimes?

          • For the same reason the NRA doesn’t comment on pandemic white on white shootings – even though 84% of crimes committed on white people are by white criminals.

            By the way, the Black criminals in Chicago are using the latest gun hardware – purchased by straw purchasers in a very limited number of gun shops and then resold to criminals. This is mostly white crime as well. It would be a simple matter to trace serial numbers back to the last legal purchase and take action. If manufacturers were held responsible for their purchase chain, a lot of crime would end almost immediately.

            It would also be a simple matter to include forensic tags in gunpowder, bullets and shell casings. Law enforcement could then track ammunition sales to their last legal point – and arrest the white criminals facilitating all the mayhem.

            Illegal gun sales is a billion-dollar and almost 100% white industry. Where are the protests? Why doesn’t FOX do something? What about the man who’s cornered the ignorant white vote, trump?

            What about you? You’re so concerned, commenting here, why aren’t you in Chicago protesting?

    • “What if I told you that per violent crime committed…”

      What the hell does this even mean in the context of a discussion about police killings?

      What is it’s relevance to measuring the proportion of the total number of people killed by cops, by race?


  • Good points I can see both sides. This is a highly emotional time. There have been some wrongful police killings and they should be looked at. But I also have a lot of friends that are police that do not do things like we have been seeing and never would. I can appreciate a differing point that spelled this whole thread. Luke you put out good information and I encourage you to keep it coming. Not everyone will agree and that’s what this forum is for. I think to go after the poster in this case is not a good idea. Just let it go and continue your good work. If this person indeed lost a friend I’m sure emotions where high. Just like the innocent black people that have been killed, those officers have family and loved ones that feel strongly also.

      • I read both, It was angry yes, but was there a threat in there? No. He/she blamed the rhetoric of the two entities as a organization not you personally. I’m a long time subscriber of yours so don’t get me wrong but I disagree. You going after this poster makes it look like you just don’t like that he/she disagreed with you. This is diversity Inc so whole j don’t agree with the poster not even a little bit, I do like to hear what the other side is thinking. Basically he/she said thanks a lot and accused you of being part of the problem but there was no direct threat to do you any harm personally and no legal avenue you take will find otherwise. So I hate to disagree but the personal threat that rises to the level of personal harm just isn’t there.

        • If you point to me personally, I take it as a direct threat. Mark Chapman was not dangerous until he shot John Lennon in the gut.

          My name, photo, address and other details are out in public, I’m an open book. People vent here thinking they can get away with rediculous behavior they’d never dare try in person. They can’t.

          • Had I not read it for myself i might agree with you. But the post displayed no direct threat but to say your rhetoric in part was to blame, which as I said I disagree with. Otherwise there is no threat to do you harm in that post. Another poster said you often do that to posters and if that’s true I’m disappointed cause I have been reading and enjoying this page a long time. I hate to think if I get angry and say that I feel you are to blame for something true or not true you would threaten to take legal action that’s not cool at all. It’s your site but I feel people should feel free to disagree with you even in anger as long as they don’t threaten you directly and that’s not what the poster did.

          • We disagree, this is directly from his other post – misspelling and punctuation copied intact: “Diversity Ic you arent any better you fan the flames every day. I hold you both accountable.”

            I ignored the first post, but when he posted the second, I became alarmed- anybody with a modicum of knowledge knows that IP addresses are tracked by every website. Not knowing that (or even worse, ignoring it), plus the angry tone, childish spelling and grammar makes him a threat. He posted from a DOJ server!

            I’ve had a stalker committed, dealt with being targeted by the National Aliance, received numerous death threats (including one from a guy who used his corporate email address) and have been doing this for almost 20 years. I’m a master ranked rifleman and earned an expert pistol medal with a .45 while in the Navy – but I travel on business leaving a family and an office full of people. You don’t hug a porcupine if you know it’s a porcupine.

            I am a porcupine. Leave me be and you won’t get hurt.

  • Yea again I read the entire post in context not just that one part. Now a days ip addresses can be cloned so it may seem it came from a place it didn’t. I can understand you being cautious if you have had issues before no doubt. I’m just saying in this cases the person blames you not threatens you, even if they locate the person he didn’t cross that line enough for legal action. I work in that field so I would know. Not sure what you expect will happen but, Bravo for carrying a weapon I believe in protection as it relates to direct threats for sure.

    • And to be clear, I only wanted him to go away. He did. I’m not the kind of person to go after a dude who hasn’t crossed a line.

      Have a good day.

      • You too. I appreciate what you do. I have a question for you though. This thing has gotton out of hand on both sides and now along with all the unlawful police shootings you have people shooting police now. No doubt folks are frustrated from what’s been going on. What would you suggest to bring both sides to the table?

  • Art. The article you mentioned in a comment above from the Washington Post mentions the # of people fatally shot by police and how many of them were African-American as you mentioned in your comment. The article then says consideration for the percentages of population must be figured in. It concludes after doing this the African-American male is 2.5 times more likely to be fatally shot by police. You might want to read the article again. I’ve heard the argument the # should be compared with the # of African-Americans arrested, not the population. but there is no indication that the number of African-American men fatally shot by police correlates with the crime rate in a given area. But why do we need to repeat these discussions endlessly? Why do we historically repeatedly deny the claims of a large group of citizens who are emphatically stating there is a big human rights problem? It’s now increasingly substantiated on video. It’s historically consistent. What is the big blockage here? What is implied to our countrymen and to the world when people react to human rights abuses with such vehement denial?

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