The Capital of Shithole Country Is in Florida

The president knows exactly how to feed his base. That’s why you don’t hear Republicans complaining or even criticizing. Meanwhile, the old white man billionaire administration and its agenda keeps rolling along.

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Luke Visconti is the founder and CEO of DiversityInc. Although the title of his column is meant to be humorous, the issues he addresses and the answers he gives to questions are serious — and based on his 18 years of experience publishing DiversityInc. Click here to send your own question to Luke.

Trump knows exactly what he’s doing. After being told by the Mercers that he had to fire Bannon, he had to prove to his base that he is indeed the real king of Shithole Country.

He did that by giving his base a little of the “he’s saying what we’re all thinking” magic, a phrase I often heard from white people during the campaign (admit it, white people, you heard it too).

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The President of the United States said, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

But you know what? He’s right! Not about the people emigrating, about the shithole country within our own borders.

We are already infested with millions of people in states that chronically drag down our economy. States that dramatically lag — and have for 100 years — in national averages for per capita GDP, healthcare, and education, and exceed national averages on opiate prescriptions, poverty and social security disability recipients (Alabama is #1, Mississippi is #5). States that take more federal money than they give. Laggard states are where the core of Trump’s 35 percent support base lives. People who welcome and reward overt appeals to racism. People who enable the white billionaire’s agenda.

So go burn a cross. Worship in a hate-filled tax exempt “church.” Tell your little joke about mud people. Fly the flag of your defeated nation over your statehouse. Erect statues of defeated generals and war criminals like Bedford Forrest. Cheer your president. But I don’t want to pay for it with my taxes anymore.

We have to stop talking about “unconscious bias” and start acknowledging chronic and overt bias, bigotry and sexism. The things that got the president elected. We need to stop “sensitivity training” and start firing people! Fire them now. Reason? You violate our values! You’re offensive! And you drag down productivity.

We all owe Trump a debt of gratitude. There’s no point in pretending there are good people on both sides. Trump has proven the futility of trying to accommodate the citizens of the shithole country within our own borders. We have to live with them, I suppose, but no more welfare and white affirmative action!

Don’t work for companies that tolerate shithole people. Divest yourself and your company of them. As you escort them out, don’t resist the urge to say, “Pssst, Mexico isn’t paying for a wall. AMF.”

Finally, we white people need to take ownership of the mess we created. An environment where calling Mexicans rapists wasn’t a career ending event. An environment where the white Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and the white Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are silent on the fitness of this old white man president. We own this, I don’t care who you voted for.

Oh, and by the way, my ancestors came from countries that were considered shitholes when they emigrated.



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  • Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

    Almost all non-indigenous Americans have ancestors who came from places that were considered vile when they left them; that’s mostly why they left them (outside of those descended from actual slaves and captives). Us Micks don’t have to tell the rest of yez how vilely our ancestors were generally treated when they came here, by people whose ancestors had come over a generation or three earlier.

    • Yes, it’s important that you put in the word “almost” – a word that so many white Americans today treat as an arbitrary or minor point. Visibility has been a MAJOR part of the duration, extent and impermeability of change that impacted African peoples as opposed to other cultures, not so visibly identified from miles away. The issue is not about how vile were white leaders, for all of us know only what we know. The issue is, what was the extent and duration and nature of the impact of white designed policies and structures that kept groups so impermeably separate, So permanently that distance was assumed necessary or normal. So, across distance, it was possible for one group, who came to appear glamorous and rich (by taking resources from any country they wanted) to repeatedly mock or menace the other group, while also keeping them isolated from normal patterns of economic growth and developent – that blaming those people for the systems that white leaders put in place while assumed those systems were proven to be fair and democratic – – –

    • ORANGE MIKE–Excuse my ethnocultural ignorance,
      but please define a “mick.” What does THAT refer to?

      • Also, the word “Patty wagon” (police wagon) was a racial slur against the constantly “drunken” and disorderly Irish who were so regularly arrested, they named the police wagon after them. St. Patrick (“Patty”) was considered the patron saint of the Irish. Racist AmeriKKKa has attacked every ethnic group, but Blacks ALWAYS get the WORST treatment in every decade. Later, the “micks” and Jews were able to use their white skin privilege to blend in with other white racists and became the same oppressors that oppressed them and Blacks. How soon do people forget their oppression when self-aggrandizement and preservation kicks in. The newly-arrived white immigrant “micks” were still ABOVE the Blacks in status who arrived over 300 years earlier.

  • Greg Thrasher


    Thanks for your passion here it is something I rarely observe in many Americans of all hues when we confront our racial issues .


  • No country deserves to be called a “shithole.” However, the reality is that people — normally — immigrate in order to seek a new, and better, life for themselves and their families. Therefore, it’s not surprising that people in many countries want to come to America. People in Norway — disclaimer, I’m half-Norwegian — and other Scandinavian countries are less likely to want to immigrate to Trump’s America, though, which they may, currently, regard as a “shithole.” After all, Norwegians enjoy a higher standard of living than Americans, have a better healthcare system and longer life expectancies, live in more socially-conscious societies, score higher on upward mobility and happiness indexes, etc.

  • David Andersen

    Luke you are on it today! It’s like we get a punch in the face every day when we see the President’s tweets or comments. It’s even worse that his groupies can get away with what they say and do on a daily basis. At what point do we stop tolerating it and clean up the mess that WE have made? Thank you for always “saying what we were thinking”!

    When you live on the Porcelain Throne all day and half the night,*
    and you fail to READ or EDUCATE yourself in any way, then
    you literally THINK, EXCRETE and TWEET hazardous WASTE, all day, EVERY day.

    *My apologies to those who suffer IBS and real medical disorders.

    The Good Book states: “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7)
    Case closed.

  • Mau Mau Rising

    Let’s start with an apology to Native People and those of the enslaved Diaspora.

  • I agree with the need to express outrage for continued blame, and course rallying of like minded people to mock and blame those they judged a long time ago. I want action of firing people – oops, no, that’s not my style or choice.

    I think HUGE consequences are satisfying but not helpful, as many mistakes are made along the way. I think fines need to be applied, often, immediately, amid outrage. Demand money paid, or times of absence from jobs, like 6 months to 2 years – small punishments, often and swift. The goal is to speak up, put meaning and teeth behind protests, not control instantly, for instant control is a rough tool that does harm without seeing it until later. SO, I digress by saying first that I do advocate small, frequent punishments and conversations.

    Meanwhile – we need to address huge complexity: poor people, Black or white – did not design welfare!

    Black people asked for help, consideration of the impact of being shut out from participation, deliberately and effectively for hundreds of years – they do not demand “welfare” that’s the system white politcs and educators designed. Black people demand help, respect, further study of history from their perspective, accompanied by solutions that evolve and work with their strengths and systems, to bring understanding, relief from chronic,, unrelenting scorn so easy to spread around the world because of their visible difference.

    White poor people also did not design welfare – white women found themselves caught in crossroads, between expectations, from being taught to always support their men, to a world where problems caused by their men and by the lure of machines of all kinds, has advanced the pace of growth so much, that normal life, slow paced life required for nuturing and care – were just left out, left behind, when collossal institutions took over all the functions of care, education, etc.

    Politics as usual need rich study and bigger punishments are not what will help, for 60 years is not a long time in the scheme of history, not long that we are learning new information about each other, and we are sorting through questions that concern how we all, with different upbringing, expectations, training, customs, memories, histories and values outside of church – can work together and respect what others give, and even notice the values that come from a slower life.

  • I’ve seen certain countries referred to as “shitholes” many times on social media by pimply faced, virgin losers who live in their mommies’ basement and can’t get any female to have sex with them except their left hands.

    So I know exactly where he got the terminology. Does trump hangout on white supremists’ websites? Methinks so.

    A couple of years ago, two African students were accepted into 20+ of the top ivy league colleges. The girl beat the boy by two, being accepted into all of them. I’m talking Dartmouth, Princeton, Yale, MIT, et al.

    Trump can’t read.

  • We have a president whose ignorance suggests that he has a sh*thole mouth that’s plagued with diarrhea. His supporters also came from what were considered SH countries leading Cervantes to quip [paraphrased] that America takes in all the riff-raff of Spain. Even the people of Ireland, Wales and Australia are still treated like SH people by the British. Australia and the US, including Georgia started out as penal or debtor colonies for all of its SH riff-raff.

    tRump is president of a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah country where poking in someone’s SH’s is the NORM, but is NOT NORMAL and UNNATURAL in so-called African SH countries.

    These Africans and Haitians leave so-called SH countries to come to a SLAVE-HOLE AmeriKKKa full of tRump white RACISTS. He’d like little Norwegian women/girls so that he could practice his pedophilic p***y-grabbing techniques. tRump, Sessions and Bannon are great mascots for their white racist SH, slave-driving country:AmeriKKKa.


      Now you know the REAL reason The Trumpty Dump didn’t go to London is:

      A. The mayor of London–Sadiq Khan– is NOT “white”.
      B. The Queen does not want to be grabbed.
      C. The protestors would be in the millions.

      All of the above!

  • Thank you Luke. I was in tears when I heard this vile man call the beautiful continent of Africa what he did. Indeed, he is the sh$%#hole. In my UU congregation we are organizing to fight this mentality. This man and the people who support him are collective “trolls”. Divisive and hate-filled. They take no responsibility for what the US government has contributed negatively to make countries in Central America and Africa lag behind economically. Supporting dictators for one. Let’s go get’em in the elections and in the grassroots organizing! Let’s bring them to their knees…..

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